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The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Zal Bin Hasaan"

"Zal Bin Hasaan"

Samar's tragic past erupts during the search for the next Blacklister. Christine Lahti and David Strathairn guest star.

Red wants a meeting. With whom, no one knows, except his debtor Gallego, who refuses to be Red's go-between… until Red promises to deliver Blacklister and international terrorist Zal Bin Hasaan, who's currently holding several Israeli military software engineers hostage. Since Hasaan is also responsible for the Peshin bombing that killed Samar's brother Shahin, Red calls the FBI, and in turn, Samar calls Mossad to bring in Agent Levi Shur, her former lover. In a complex operation, the FBI retrieves the hostages, and Samar is stunned to find her brother among them. The only problem? Shahin is really Hasaan, and the hostage operation is a Trojan horse meant to snare top Mossad agents. After setting off a bomb and shooting Levi, Shahin takes his own sister hostage. Luckily, Red shows up to free Samar, explaining he can grant Shahin death with a purpose - the purchase of Liz's freedom. Devastated, Samar surrenders her brother to Red, who uses him to secure Gallego's services.

Aram discovers that The Director has tapped Liz's phone and sent Solomon to Wing Yee to intercept her during a proposed meeting with Tom. While Tom promises Liz that he has a plan to make her life normal again at another location, Ressler intercepts Solomon, who waits alone at Wing Yee. When Hitchin learns The Director has ignored her directive to play nice with the FBI, she boots him out of the post office. Delighted, Ressler visits Cooper to share the good news, but becomes instantly enraged to find Tom there, having stowed Karakurt in the garage. After punching the daylights out of Tom, Ressler returns to the office to find Samar in a state of near shock. Since the present moment is all Samar can count on, she and Ressler indulge in the passion of the here and now.

The Blacklist

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