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The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Vehm"

"The Vehm"

As Liz grapples with the complex emotional landscape of her pregnancy, the FBI chases a vigilante group resurrected from the Middle Ages.

After the ritualistic murder of birthday party clown William Dowd, Red (James Spader) suspects the Vehm, a vigilante group that operated during the Middle Ages and may have been resurrected to continue killing sinners. Red's former associate, Edward Weston, was also murdered and found with burn marks similar to Dowd's. So the Vehm likely used the same medieval weapon to kill both men - but what sins were they punishing?

The task force tracks down Dowd's daughter, who reveals her father was a pedophile. At the same time, the Vehm kill their next sinner, a psychiatrist whom they accuse of child abuse as well. While the task force figures out the pedophilia connection, Red argues that the explanation doesn't fit; Weston wasn't a pedophile. After the team apprehends Vehm leader Harlan Holt, they determine that the group's assignments come from falsified case files - someone is feeding the group falsified information to promote his or her own agenda. Red follows his instincts to his colleague Gerald Sullivan, whom he suspects is controlling the Vehm. But it turns out Sullivan is on the run from the person who really is: Cardinal Richards. Red confronts the cardinal and accuses him of telling the Vehm they're killing pedophiles when they're actually targeting money launderers whose business the cardinal covets for his own gain. Red reveals the truth to the Vehm, who murder their cardinal, and justice is served.

Meanwhile, Red is out to protect newly pregnant Liz (Megan Boone), giving her a gun, hunting down her assailant (from Episode 311) and reminding her that their fight isn't over - and a baby will make things harder. Liz tells Tom (Ryan Eggold) she wants to surrender their baby for adoption; she doesn't want to bring a child into her world. He objects and wants to move their family-to-be to Boston, where he's already lined up a teaching job. But Red sabotages the job opportunity, telling Liz she needs to stay within his protection. While Red installs a security room in the apartment next to Liz's, she fills out adoption forms, determined to make the right choice for her baby.

The Blacklist

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