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The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Sir Crispin Crandall"

"Sir Crispin Crandall"

Liz and Red seek The Director's most trusted advisor, who's gone missing. Fisher Stevens, David Strathairn and Harris Yulin guest star.

Red is intent on finding econometrician Andras Halmi, The Director's most trusted advisor, who's gone missing. It seems several of the world's greatest minds have disappeared in matched male/female pairs over the last six months, so Red calls the FBI. Can Ressler find Halmi without alerting The Director? He can't, because The Director has already demanded a full briefing on all cases related to Liz and Red, prompting Aram to tap his phone. The Director learns Halmi is being held by wacky billionaire Sir Crispin Crandall, who operates a sophisticated cryogenic lab from a jet that never lands in preparation for the sixth extinction. When the FBI embargoes Crandall's fuel tanker, forcing him to land, Red steps in, so The Director sends Solomon to intercept him. But Solomon just misses Red, who shoots Crandall and saws off with Halmi's frozen thumbs, which he uses to bypass a biometric lock on a particular safe deposit box at Banque Canadienne du Nord. Late that night, Red calls The Director. It's time to exonerate Liz. Oh - and Red now has possession of The Director's golden parachute, the millions he's stolen from government coffers…

Meanwhile, Tom's plan to find Karakurt is going great, much to Cooper's chagrin, since it means Asher's life is on the line, too. Last week's gangster murder means Karakurt's dangerous brother-in-law Volkens is on Tom's trail, and indeed, he abducts both Tom and Asher. When they wake up, they're chained together, thrown into the ring of an underground club and ordered to fight to the death. Tom refuses to fight, but only one man can survive. So when the ringmaster throws Asher a knife, Tom makes quick work of it. His victory ultimately yields an audience with Karakurt and his cronies, where Tom calmly announces his intentions. He's gonna wipe out all of Karakurt's men, then drag the Russian operative back to D.C. to clear Liz's name...
The Blacklist - Season 3

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