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The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Arioch Cain"

"Arioch Cain"

Red seeks Ressler's help when a dark web bounty is placed on Liz's head. Christine Lahti, Paul Reubens and David Strathairn guest star.

Liz (Megan Boone) is jubilant to learn the president has commissioned an investigation that could clear her name, but Red (James Spader) is desperate to get on the move. It seems mythical vigilante assassin Wendigo has Liz in his sights. Unfortunately, after Red tracks down Wendigo and drops him off a roof, the bullets keep coming, which is when Liz realizes there's a crowd-sourced bounty on her head on the dark web. Red asks the FBI to help keep her safe, and Aram (Amir Arison) tracks down the bounty site's webmaster, who claims they'll need the creator of the original post, Arioch Cain, to delete it once and for all. Meanwhile, Red and Liz wait for Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) in a Manhattan Park. Instead, Mr. Vargas (Paul Reubens) shows up to explain Dembe's dead, then lures the couple to Red's hangar where Solomon (Edi Gathegi) and his men wait in ambush. All seems lost until Dembe struts in, guns blazing. Solomon escapes, and just as Red puts a final bullet in Vargas, Dembe collapses from his own wounds.

According to Aram, the only way to get Liz off the bounty hunter site is to kill her, so Red summons Mr. Kaplan to fake her death. Then Liz and Red follow the money to discover the bounty poster, a young girl who lost her mother in the OREA bombing. Liz promises to find the men who killed her mother and the girl deletes the post. Liz is safe... for now.

Meanwhile, at Asher's engagement party to fiancée Gwen, Tom (Ryan Eggold) learns his new friend is indebted to the tune of $20,000 weekly to Russian mobster Garik Sarkissian. Sensing an opportunity, Tom inserts himself, and all is well until Gwen spies Sarkissian's corpse in the trunk of Tom's car. Things aren't going well for Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), either. After testifying at the presidential investigation hearing presided over by Chairwoman Laurel Hitchin (Christine Lahti), Wright (Adriane Lenox) orders him to share all information regarding Liz and Red with the Director (David Strathairn) henceforth.

The Blacklist

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