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The Blacklist


The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 16

"Mako Tanida"

The next target on the Blacklist is one of Red’s  past associates, crime lord Mako Tanida. After Tanida escapes from prison he is out for revenge. Elsewhere, Tom confronts Jolene after interfering with his mission...

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The episode opens in Hokkaido, Japan. A prisoner escapes from a prison. Later, he threatens an FBI agent, Agent Remo, in Tokyo. To save his family, Remo stabs himself with a knife, making it look like a ritual suicide. Remo was part of a task force that was hunting Red. Agent Ressler attends Remo's funeral. One of his agent friends tells him that Remo's death has Red's footprint all over it. Audrey is attending the funeral, as well.

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Meanwhile, Tom enters his house to find Jolene in the living room, with Liz. She has come to Liz, asking for her help to find a house in the neighborhood. Liz is unaware that these two have met after the baby-shower party. Tom is not too happy to see Jolene at his house. Later, Tom meets Jolene outside his work-place-cum-secret-hideout. He tells her that she is not his handler, and questions why she came to his house. She talks about Berlin having doubts. Tom mentions that he was picked despite there being many candidates. He has done everything that they asked for and he married, as well. For two years, he has not heard anything. Jolene says that they tried to contact him four months, ago.  Tom says that he had to go dark because Red sent a psycho to his house. Tom says that Red and Liz's have crossed paths during their key moments in the past 20 years. Also, he believes that Red was funneling money to Liz through her, now deceased, adoptive father. Tom reveals to Jolene that he was sitting next to Red in the hospital, and that he could have put a bullet in his head. Jolene reminds him that, that is not his mission.  The Cowboy clicks their pictures when they come out of the hideout.

The Blacklist

The Cowboy shows the photos to Red. Now that Red has seen how her game has played out, he asks the Cowboy to bring him the girl.
The Blacklist
Agent Ressler comes to Liz to ask about Red. He gets to know that Red is also looking for him. Red reveals to Agent Ressler that his former associate, Mako Tanida, has escaped from the prison, and he must have killed his agent friend. Agent Ressler guesses that Tanida may have double crossed Red and he wants his head in a box. Red informs Agent Ressler that he is more worried about his scalp, as Tanida has just started.The BlacklistTanida kills another agent while the FBI team is trying to find information on him. The team finds that when Tanida was arrested and sent to the prison, his brother took over the flourishing crime business and handled it from the outside. Agent Ressler fears that Tanida will hurt Audrey. He, however, is unable to save her. Tanida and his men intercept the car in which Agent Ressler is taking Audrey away to a safe place. They spray bullets on the car. Agent Ressler gets out of the car and tackles Tanida and his men. Audrey also comes out of the car and a bullet hits her. She dies in Agent Ressler's arms.

Agent Ressler wants to do something. Cooper asks him not to compromise himself and grieve. The boss gives his word that they will track Tanida down and make sure that he gets his due. Agent Ressler, however, is not resting till he finds Tanida. He meets Red to find Tanida's location. Red tells him to turn back and go home, as it is profoundly easier than what Agent Ressler is contemplating. Agent Ressler does not want to turn back. Red gives him the address of a house that has an underground hospital. Agent Ressler takes the help of former agent, Bobby Janica, to raid the underground hospital.

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The Cowboy follows Jolene to take her to Red, while Tom is right behind him. The Cowboy turns around to tackle Tom, but he fails to do so. Tom over-powers the Cowboy and pins him down. The Cowboy finds himself tied-up in a chair in the secret hideout. Jolene is present, as well. Tom asks Jolene to call up Liz and tell her that she and her fiancé have decided to move to another city. The Cowboy warns Jolene not to make that call, as Tom will kill her and him after she makes that call.  Jolene does not listen and makes the call. After the call, Tom kills Jolene and the Cowboy.

The Blacklist The Blacklist

Liz meets Red so that she can stop Agent Ressler from committing a cold-blooded murder. She finds out from Red that Tanida's brother is dead. At the post-office, Liz and the FBI discover that Bobby Janica is running the crime business in the name of Tanida's brother.

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Agent Ressler and Bobby have caught Tanida and are taking him in a car. Tanida accuses them of killing his brother. Bobby does not let him reveal the full details. Fearing that Agent Ressler will find out the truth, Bobby shoots Tanida. Agent Ressler tries to stop him from firing more bullets at Tanida. In this scuffle, the car loses control and Agent Ressler passes out for a little while. When he opens his eyes, he sees Bobby running away.

The Blacklist

He gets out of the car and runs after Bobby and soon points a gun at him. Bobby reveals that he jumped in the crime world seeing criminals making millions of dollars. Agent Ressler blames him for the death of Audrey and the two agents. He tells Bobby that because of Red, Audrey came back in his life and he got to spend three months with her, and because of Bobby he lost her.

The Blacklist The Blacklist

Agent Ressler gives Bobby the seppuku knife and tell him to do the honourable thing. Liz and the FBI team reach the spot. Bobby asks Agent Ressler to kill him, as he does not want to go to prison. Liz tells Agent Ressler not to do that. The latter empties his gun but does not kill Bobby. Bobby picks-up the knife and kills himself. Agent Ressler does not find the body of Tanida in the car.

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At his apartment, Agent Ressler breaks-down seeing Audrey's belongings and a pregnancy test. He receives a box from Red, with a note. Tanida's head is in the box. The note says that there is nothing that can take away the pain, but eventually one finds a way to live with that, and there will be nightmares. It will be first thing one will think about and then it becomes the second thing.

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Tom buries the bodies of Jolene and the Cowboy. Later, he is shown under the shower, trying to wash-off the blood on his hands. Liz joins him in the shower and they kiss. Red finds out that the Cowboy has disappeared.

The Blacklist

Dembe tells Red that Cowboy and Jolene have disappeared. He nods and then Dembe leaves. Red is alone watching a ballet performance. The professional dancers disappear and he only sees a little girl performing. In his hand is an event card of Swan Lake performance, dated March 22, 1987.



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The Blacklist

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

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