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The Biggest Loser - Season 16

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

The Biggest Loser - Season 16

"The Knockout"

Week 2 is about more than just losing weight - it's about dealing with the core emotional issues that have led the contestants to this point...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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The Biggest Loser - Season 16


It's Week 2 at the ranch and this week is all about knocking out the competition, excuses and the core emotional issues that have led the contestants to this point. Jessie, Jen and Dolvett aren't just reshaping their teams' bodies; they're reshaping the way the contestants see themselves and deal with their personal issues.

Jessie starts off by focusing on proper nutrition, which is a vital component to weight loss. He teaches the Blue Team how to make a Waldorf salad, and over their healthy meal, bonds with the contestants by opening up about missing his wife and young son back in Toronto.

Meanwhile, the White Team pushes themselves to the limit, but Jen is worried about Matt, who lacks his teammates' level of motivation. She sits him down to get to the bottom of why he keeps making excuses, and learns he is afraid that if he doesn't make lifestyle changes, he'll lose his longtime girlfriend.

On the other side of the gym, Blake can't catch her breath and starts having an anxiety attack. Dolvett sees her struggling and tries to get her to open up, but she refuses to reveal her demons on camera. Hiding behind her infectious smile, Blake laughs off his concern. Frustrated, Dolvett explains that if she doesn't talk through her problems, she'll never keep the weight off. He then kicks her out of the gym, saying, "If you're not willing to let me in, I can't train you."

The confrontation makes Dolvett realize that if he expects his team to confide in him, he has to open up to them as well. After he divulges how he was raised in an abusive family and never felt good enough, Blake feels safe enough to tell him her story.

This week's challenge focuses on overcoming the excuses that led to the contestants' weight gain. The teams must knock down four walls labeled "food," "work," "responsibilities" and "fear," and carry a punching bag through an obstacle course to win. The winning team is guaranteed use of the gym that week, while the losing teams may be out of luck. It's a close race between the White Team and the Red Team, but in the end, the White Team pulls off the victory. The White Team must then decide which team to knock out of the gym, and they choose the Red Team, explaining they see them as their biggest competition. This infuriates the Blue Team, but they choose to use it as motivation to work harder and prove they're there to win.

Without use of the gym, the Red Team must work even harder to lose weight this week. Dolvett gets creative, putting them through their toughest session yet by having them move furniture around in the house.

The contestants also meet with Dr. H this week to discuss their current health reports. He shows them computer-generated images of what they will look like if they continue gaining or losing weight. The forecasts are upsetting, but Rob takes it the hardest when Dr. H brings over the wheelchair Rob will be confined to if he doesn't make serious lifestyle changes. Rob explodes and storms out of the office in a rage, screaming that he already knows he'll be dead in five years if he doesn't shape up.

At the Last Chance Workout, Rob breaks down again, frustrated that he can't complete the workout. "I just want to look in the mirror and not hate myself," he sobs to Dolvett. But Dolvett assures Rob he's not alone, and the team finishes their workout feeling proud of themselves for all their hard work - even without a gym.

Over at Comeback Canyon, it's time for the second weigh-in. This time it's Vanessa the former WNBA center taking on Andrea, the high school cheerleader. Andrea sees herself as David to Vanessa's Goliath, and perhaps she is, considering she defeats Vanessa by losing 6 pounds, 2.61% of her body weight. While Vanessa loses a solid 5 pounds, her 1.42% weight loss isn't enough to keep her at Comeback Canyon for another week.

Back at the ranch, it's time to see who will face off against Andrea next week. The Red Team is up first and has lost a collective 52 pounds (2.67%). Despite a rough week, Rob managed to lose 12 pounds, but doesn't see it as a victory. Dolvett does, however, and announces he'll celebrate for the both of them.

The White Team is up next, and beats the Red Team by losing 57 pounds, 2.89% of their total body weight. But in the second underdog victory of the day, the Blue Team comes out on top by losing 44 pounds (2.90%). Jessie and his team are overjoyed that they proved the White Team wrong, and are relieved to not have to face elimination two weeks in a row.

The Red Team is sent to the elimination room, where they choose to send home Emmy, based on the fact that she lost the lowest percentage of weight this week. Emmy is sent packing but is in for a surprise when she meets Bob and learns her journey is not over yet.

The Biggest Loser - Season 16

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