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The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's Top 13 Bazingas

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) rarely kids on The Big Bang Theory, but when he does, you'll know it by the use of the word "bazinga." His "gotcha" catchphrase of choice has taken on a life of its own since Sheldon first uttered it in Season 2. Here are our favorite bazinga moments from the last six seasons (and no, his spontaneous trip in the season finale was not just one big bazinga).

13. The birth of bazinga — not once, not twice, but three times in one episode!

12. Sheldon is just coitus-ing all of us...

11. ...which is not to be confused with the coitus bazinga.

10. It's true. We never see Sheldon's practical jokes coming.

9. Power-play bazingas show people who's boss.

8. Drunk bazingas work just as well as sober ones.

7. Ah, a rare double bazinga...

6. ...that led to the bada-bazinga (which should really be bada-zinga, if you ask us).

5. The fake-out bazinga is all about timing.

4. Bazingas (or should we say bot-zingas?) are potentially deadly.

3. No bazinga hurts more than the indifferent burn.

2. Revenge is a dish best served with bazinga.

1. Is there anything better than the ball-pit bazinga? (The correct answer is "No.")

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- Joyce Eng/TV Guide

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