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THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) - Billy Bob Thornton as Dr. Lorvis!


Season 8 Episode 7

"The Misinterpretation Agitation"

The guys try to help Penny out of an awkward work dilemma. Meanwhile, Amy and Bernadette argue over whether or not female scientists should play up their sexuality...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


It had been a while since we knew what Amy (Mayim Bialik) was up to. The monkeys were gone, and now she was studying one-celled organisms to find the neurochemicals that would lead to shame. According to Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), they're shamed by the same thing everyone else is: getting out of a car with no underwear. Which led to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) announcing she was going to be featured in a magazine article about the 50 sexiest female scientists in California. Penny thought it was awesome, but Amy was actually quite offended. She wanted to know what kind of message would that send to be known for her looks instead of her scientific accomplishments? (PENNY: I think the message is 'check out the rack on that scientist'.) Amy wasn't persuaded, and Bernadette wanted to know what was wrong with being known as both smart and pretty? Penny didn't think it was a big deal because she flirted a little to close a sale with a physician in her new job. (PENNY: Laugh at their jokes, touch their arm, maybe crank up the A/C in the car beforehand to wake up the girls.) Amy thought that was fine for sales, but women were having enough difficulty being taken seriously in science as it was. Bernadette was psyched about the article but now she was feeling guilt.

PENNY: I think you should do what you want. I think if fashion magazines had more scientists in them, I would have become a theoretical physicist. (getting a drink from the refrigerator) Stop smirking at each other!

Well, Penny was about to find out what happened when you flirted with the wrong guy. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) let in someone downstairs with a bouquet of roses (Billy Bob Thornton). Mistaking him for a delivery person, Sheldon kept a conversation going up the stairs about how having stuff delivered meant he could avoid more human contact. However, the man was a doctor. A urologist, to be specific, and he tracked down where Penny lived because he thought they had a "moment" while she was on a sales call at his office. And that tracking her down and showing up unannounced would impress her. Sheldon was a bit surprised when he knocked on Penny's door, but he was more concerned with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) not getting him enough peanut sauce for his dinner. Oh, and BTW, there was a man with flowers knocking on Penny's door. Leonard goes out there to talk to him. Apparently, Penny winked at him, held his arm for two WHOLE Mississippis (which he demonstrated on Leonard), and she wasn't wearing her engagement ring. All of which was quite the surprise to Leonard. And quite the delight to Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Realizing Penny's flirting was just to close a sale, Dr. Lorvis was quite depressed.

DR. LORVIS: It's just like the cute girl at the pet store all over again. She touched my arm for five Mississippis and I bought a $2,000 iguana habitat. Which she was always too busy to come over and see.

He asked Leonard to give her the flowers, saying he was a lucky man. Although the card with something "unnecessarily graphic" in it didn't need to be forwarded on. Sheldon decided that he couldn't let Dr. Lorvis leave depressed and invited him for a hot beverage.

LEONARD: He tried to score with Penny.

SHELDON: So have these two and they're having dinner with us!

Meanwhile, Bernadette's magazine article was canceled. She was upset but she figured it was probably for the best for them to focus on her achievments instead of staring at her Amy was doing right then. She figured it wasn't that important, which Amy saw as the green light to admit she torpedoed the article by sending an angry email saying they wouldn't do a photo spread on sexy male scientists.

BERNADETTE: (fuming) Because no one would want to see Neil Degrasse Tyson in a wet t-shirt bending over a Porsche! (Chuck Lorre apparently would, going by his vanity card at the end.)

Bernadette was pissed and said Amy got jealous and took away a chance for her to get publicity, but Amy wouldn't back down, saying it was bad publicity. Bernadette said she didn't have the right to decide that for her, and Amy thought she did because this sort of thing affected all female scientists.

BERNADETTE: And I don't think you like people expressing their sexuality because no one wants you to express yours!

Bernadette apologized for going over the line, but Amy wasn't having it and walked out.

As Dr. Lorvis enjoyed his tea (and Leonard got a hot beverage from him as well because he was upset), it turned out the guys may have a bigger crush on him than he has on Penny. He liked the Star Trek mugs they had and he actually met Gene Roddenberry. Actually, he performed a vasectomy on Gene. (HOWARD: Wow, he really went where no man has gone before.) Dr. Lorvis was the doctor to the stars...urinary tracts. He had James Cameron's kidney stone on his keychain, and he got an actual Terminator robot as a thank-you (not a fake). He even got a tribble from William Shatner (or an old toupee, it's hard to tell) for fixing his bladder infection. He said the guys could visit his house in Sherman Oaks and see his collectibles. He had quite a lot because he thought it was a good way to meet women. But since that didn't work, he asked Leonard how he was able to get Penny. Leonard tried to play it cool and say he was just being himself, but Sheldon narc'ed on him and told Dr. Lorvis.

SHELDON: I'll tell you how he did it: relentless, implacable badgering! In urology terms, he was a biological staph infection and she was a urethra that could not shake him.

Leonard didn't think he was an infection, and Howard said he should have defended Penny and say she was not a urethra. Didn't matter, because that's when Penny stopped by and was surprised to see Dr. Lorvis. She apologized for leading him on.

DR. LORVIS: (a tiny bit obsessed) You touched my arm for two Mississippis.

PENNY: THAT'S why you were mumbling Mississippi.

Leonard and Penny talked in the hallway, and Penny admitted she hid her engagement ring and flirted with doctors to get sales, and Dr. Lorvis was her biggest customer. Penny was more curious as to why he was in their apartment and thought him just showing up was weird. Leonard had to send him on his way because Penny wasn't permitted by company policy to interact with customers outside of work. But actually that was taken care of. They were going to see Dr. Lorvis' memorabilia collection. Suddenly that 'you owe me one' Leonard told Penny rang a bit on the hollow side.

And when they got to Lorvis' house, it REALLY rang hollow. His house looked like a really rich fourteen-year-old lived there. They saw the actual Terminator, a RoboCop, movie posters on the wall, scores of old-school video game machines, and yes, the iguana was still around, happy in its little home. BTW, Dr. Lorvis still lived with his mother, and Howard couldn't believe the guy didn't know when to cut the apron strings.

DR. LORVIS: Welcome to my fortress of solitude. This is where I go to get away from...all my other solitude.

Leonard found Donkey Kong, his favorite game as a kid, and not because it's the story of a cute blonde being chased by an oddly-shaped man like Sheldon thought. Dr. Lorvis noticed the guys teased Leonard about his relationship with Penny, which Lorvis took to believe maybe he still had a shot with her. So he left the guys behind to play videogames...not that they had any other choice because he locked them in (nice job playing Asteroid music to add some drama)...and went back to the apartment with a new set of roses for Penny. Only he ran into Amy in the lobby first, who was swept up by his stories of unbridled romance as they walked up the stairs (never hearing they're for Penny, natch). He hoped Penny wanted what he wanted: unconditional love.

AMY: Well, I hope you get it. (puts her hand on his shoulder)

DR. LORVIS: (reconsidering quickly) One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

By the time they got to Penny's apartment, Amy had a boquet of roses and a dilemma. But Dr. Lorvis thought they both wanted the same thing and they had two wonderful Mississippis. He thought he should just be friends with the other woman...and went to tell Penny that, much to Amy's shock. Penny said what he was doing was creepy. (DR. LORVIS: You sound just like Sigourney Weaver when I followed her into the restroom.) Then both of them were shocked when they realized he left the guys behind at his place and the door sticks. But they could un-stick it. All they needed was the key.

PENNY: (grabbing Dr. Lorvis by the shoulder) We are going to go over there right now and you're going to let them out!

DR. LORVIS: (dreamily) Three Mississippi, four Mississippi...


Just one tiny problem with the plan; the guys didn't want to leave. Leonard was having the game of his life on Donkey Kong. But on the good side, the ladies (including Bernadette, whom Dr. Lorvis also figured he had a shot with) could see Tobey Maguire's prostate songogram. Thankfully, Spider-Man had nothing to worry about.

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