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tbbt 714m


Season 7 Episode 14

"The Convention Conundrum"

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj are staring at their laptops. A countdown is taking place, as the four wait for the Comic-Con ticket counter to open. They are a bundle of nerves and a nervous Leonard says he has got butterflies. Penny enters Leonard's apartment and wants to know what is happening. Leonard tries explaining that they are buying comic-con tickets and the whole process is quick. However, he has to cut short his explanation, as Sheldon asks him to keep it in his pants.


The ticket counter finally opens and all the four guys start refreshing their screens. Penny watches them doing that and feels that there wouldn't be enough coffee to make sense of the scene. There is not much time left for the counter to close and the guys are still hitting the refresh button. Leonard succeeds in getting in the queue and all the guys get excited. However, every ticket is sold-out before his number could come. Howard is choking, while Sheldon bursts into tears after telling Howard that it is okay. Not going to the comic-con also means the four guys won't be getting a chance to wear their Hulk costumes. Penny watches the guys act like heart-broken kids and feels that it is really sad.
At the cafeteria, Sheldon tells the other disappointed guys that he has a solution to the comic-con problem. He shares his idea of starting his own convention. Leonard says that Sheldon can buy scalp tickets, with them. Sheldon is not interested in doing something illegal. He warns the guys that if they get caught they will be banned for life from comic-con. Howards tells that they have already found a guy ready to sell the tickets. Sheldon tries convincing them not to deal with scalps, as it might be a sting operation set-up by the comic-con cops. However, the guys are adamant on buying tickets from scalpers, while Sheldon sticks to his plan of starting his own convention. For that, Sheldon needs his panel of celebrities.

Sheldon calls up the office of Robert Downey Jr. He tells the person on the phone that Downey Jr. owes him two hours of his time, as he sat through Iron Man 2. Later, he complains to Leonard that they hung-up on him. Leonard points out to Sheldon that his friend Will Wheaton has also not shown interest in his convention. Sheldon rubbishes that, saying that Wheaton feels he is not such a big celebrity to headline such a big celebrity event.

tbbt 714m

Sheldon later informs the guys that he is approaching James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader. Mr Jones had tweeted that he is going to have dinner at a Sushi restaurant. From an old interview, Sheldon has figured out Mr Jones' location. Leonard warns him not to be creepy and stalk Mr Jones, as he might get in trouble. Sheldon retorts that Leonard and co might get in trouble for buying tickets from the scalper, as there is the danger of getting caught and charged with petty theft.

Penny cannot believe that Leonard spending exorbitant amount of money on scalp tickets. Amy tells Penny that she spent a lot of amount on a small dress. There is a difference, according to Penny, as the scalp ticket would only give Leonard entry to the comic-con, while her small dress is capable of taking her anywhere she wants. Penny, Amy and Bernadette decide to do grown-up kind. They zero-in on an afternoon tea at a hotel.

Howard gets a call from the friendly neighbourhood scalper. He is running late and the trio start wondering if it is safe enough to get tickets from him. The scalper might be a dangerous criminal, planning to rob them off everything, including their skins to make suits. Sheldon stands in front of Mr Jones, starring at him. Mr Jones isn't affected and has a question for Sheldon. He asks Sheldon if he likes Star Wars. "Yes" is the obvious answer and Sheldon also says "yes" when asked if he does not care about Mr Jones' other roles. Mr Jones tells him that he too likes Star Wars. The two bond like long lost friends. They go to an ice-cream parlour and also to an amusement and enjoy a fun-merry-go-round ride. Sheldon and Mr Jones sing at a Karaoke club and finally land-up in a sauna.


Before landing-up at the sauna, Mr Jones takes Sheldon to a house. It is Carrie Fishers' house. Mr Jones rings the bell, telling Sheldon that Ms Fisher is crazy so get ready to run. Both the guys run away and hide. Ms Fisher, however, correctly guesses that it is Mr Jones. She comes out with a baseball, saying "its not funny anymore, James." Mr Jones replies from his hiding, "then why am I laughing."


Leonard, Howard and Raj are becoming increasingly apprehensive about getting tickets from the scalper. Howard pretends that he is not the scared one and is the rough kind of guy. However, he switches-off the lights of Leonard's living room when the scalper knocks. The trio keep quiet, pretending that they are not home.

tbbt 714

At the tea party, the girls find themselves surrounded by mothers and their kids. Someone had mistaken Bernadette as the daughter of Penny. The three girls head to the bar of the hotel. Penny does not feel like a grown-up and Bernadette and Amy feel likewise. Amy cannot feel like a grown-up because she is not in a normal boyfriend-girlfriend kind of relationship. Penny corrects her that having sex has nothing to do with being grown-up. Bernadette agrees, saying if that was the case Penny would have been the oldest. Penny gives her a stern look and asks if that is how she talks to her mother. Amy concludes that acting like mature people is boring and the guys must be having more fun than them.

At the sauna, Mr Jones tells Sheldon that he and his friends can come to comic-con, with him. He promises to take them to his favourite city on the earth, Tijuana. Mr Jones tells Sheldon that he will be taking him there, every night. Mr Jones' continues telling Sheldon his stories, which puts Sheldon to sleep.


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