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THE AMERICANS Recap: The Center wants to recruit Paige! (FX)


Season 2 Episode 13


No one is safe as Philip and Elizabeth evacuate their children while trying to complete the mission. Stan holds Nina's future in his hands...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Previously on 'The Americans': Elizabeth worried about getting Jared aware from Larrick, who found Kate and killed her when she refused to give up any information on Elizabeth and Philip's whereabouts. The Soviets were working on getting access to Echo, a computer program needed to run the Stealth program. Stan was doing his part to obtain it to save Nina. Philip and Elizabeth set out to get the special paint used on Stealth planes.

'Echo': Philip and Elizabeth send Fred into a plant where residue from the paint is on the floors and the shoes they give him will pick up what they need in seconds.

Back at Stan's house, there's a long silence before his wife asks what's going on with him. She says she knows him and there's something going on, but he says she might not know him as well as she thinks.

While they wait for Fred, Philip and Elizabeth talk about Paige and what they're going to do with her. Elizabeth talks about how much she had to take on at 14, caring for her sick mother while going to school. Philip tells her that must have been hard, then shares a story of getting jumped by gangs in his hometown. He decided to end it, but before he can finish they hear police dispatch traffic on the scanner about a man being shot at the plant. Fred calls and says he got the samples and dropped the shoes where they told him to. He says he wasn't followed but was shot and there's a lot of blood. He collapses. Philip and Elizabeth head for the dumpster where they told Fred to drop the shoes.

Meanwhile, Paige is protesting nuclear weapons outside a military base in Pennsylvania.

Philip gets the shoes from the dumpster. They hear scanner tariff about the police finding Fred in a phone booth, where he's "bleeding bad" and the cops ask for the coroner to come because "he's gone."

Paige, meanwhile, watches as her pastor is handcuffed and taken away by the police at the protest.

Stan is checking with the Department of Defense to make sure the Soviets can't get to Echo. He's told there are three floppy disks in the world, each kept in a highly secure safe, "like this one," the official says. He pulls a disk from the safe and hands it to Stan, who asks what exactly is on the disk. The man says, "Code." Stan takes a look at a computer screen scrolling through a series of numbers and symbols.

Paige tells her parents that the protest was "amazing," and that they were peaceful, but the police came in and "didn't care." She tells them that Pastor Tim got arrested after chaining himself to the gate. Paige seems excited by the idea of civil disobedience, saying it's the whole point of the church and how Jesus was "willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good -- and that inspires me."

At home, Stan removes his tie clip and a device that was taped to his chest.

Philip and Elizabeth talk again about Paige, with Philip being annoyed with the idea of "non-violent resistance." They talk about "real heroes," and Philip says "someone sacrificed himself today," referring to Fred. Philip heads over to Martha's place.

There, Martha brings up children again and Philip tells her, "I am who I am." He says he doesn't see himself having children, and doesn't see that changing. He says he's sorry and that he's worried about her and whether she'll be happy with him without children. She says she doesn't know. He goes to get a corkscrew and finds a gun in one of the kitchen drawers. She says some guys from work are going to take her to the gun range. The phone rings and Martha says it's his "sister." Elizabeth tells Philip about "Uncle Drew" having run off.

Philip rushes home and Elizabeth tells him The Center has lost track of Larrick and he's gone AWOL. They rush to get out of their house.

They roust the kids out of bed and say they're going on a trip.

Stan meets Arkady in the middle of the night and is handed instructions on where to leave the Echo information. Arkady asks Stan where they should tell Nina to go once they have Echo. Stan says, "Tell her to meet me where we first met." Arkady gives Stan a tip: "Don't tell her 'I love you' so much; a Russian woman doesn't like that. She won't respect you."

Philip and Elizabeth are driving upstate and settle into a motel with the kids, who are asleep.

At FBI headquarters the next morning, Stan is calls into Gaad;s office, but he just sees visions of Vlad, who he killed, and his wife having sex with another man. He's dreaming.

In the morning, Elizabeth gets to the cabin where Jared is being held. She meets him outside and explains that's what she really looks like. She assures him they're "almost there." We see that Larrick is watching from behind a nearby tree.

Again at FBI headquarters, this time for real, Gaad calls Stan into his office, where he's hanging a portrait of Ronald Reagan. Stan tells Gaad that Sandra moved out and he doesn't know what to do next.

Philip goes out from the motel, leaving the kids here, to get some breakfast. He pretends to give directions to some tourists, but it's clear he's setting up a pick up for Jared. Philip goes back to his car and Larrick sneaks up behind him, keeping him still at gunpoint.

Paige wakes up and realizes her parents have been gone for a while. Annoyed that Henry keeps asking her things, she suggests to him that he go for a hike. Paige then turns and says it's "totally weird" that they were woken up in the middle of the night, dragged to a random motel and left alone. She says she can't wait to go to college and be done with her parents.

Elizabeth collects firewood with Jared and talks to him about his parents. She tells him about his parents believing in something greater than themselves. During their talk, Jared reveals that he met with Kate "a bunch" of times. Elizabeth hears something, and Larrick emerged with a gun pointed at them both. He orders them to walk.

Stan walks alone over a cold river and looks down at it ominously.

Larrick, meanwhile, walks Elizabeth and Jared back toward the cabin, where the woman who'd been watching Jared is dead, shot in the head. Larrick tells Elizabeth they forced him to do all of this after killing his "brothers." She says that wasn't supposed to happen. He hands her cuffs and tells her to put them on. He opens the trunk of his car and Philip in there, handcuffed. He says he's going to turn them both in. That's when Jared pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots once at Larrick, hitting him in the shoulder and Larrick's gun goes flying after he, too, gets one shot off. Elizabeth, with her hands cuffed behind her back, does and shoves Larrick with her legs while Philip struggles to get out of the trunk. Jared, meanwhile, is bleeding badly from his neck. Elizabeth kicks Larrick toward the trunk and, with Larrick arched backward over Philip, Philip manages to stick a gun into Larrick's back and shoot three times.

Elizabeth turns her attention to Jared. She gets the keys from Larrick's pocket uncuffs herself and hands them to Philip to free himself.

As he's dying, Jared frantically tells Elizabeth and Philip that they have to tell Moscow that he saved them, and they have to tell Kate (who he doesn't know is dead). He goes on to explain that he had long been working with Kate. He says he promised Kate they would "be together" and that they loved each other. He says they were going to work together and his parents didn't understand. He was the one who killed his parents, who "didn't love" him, in that hotel. He regrets having killed his sister, who he says "didn't deserve" to die but would have gone to the police. He cleaned up and went to the pool to protect his cover. He begs them again to tell Kate how he saved them.

Stan is still walking through a park now, into a tunnel where he sits on a bench and slips something in between its slats.

Henry flies a kite while Philip, Elizabeth and Paige sit on a bench in the suddenly peaceful area in upstate New York.

A man comes to the bench and retrieves the device Stan dropped.

We next see Nina in her office and Arkady knocks on the door. He hands her a slip of paper, saying, "This is what he left." She opens the paper, which reads, "Tell Nina I'm sorry." She drops it as Arkady leaves the office.

Philip and Elizabeth drive home, with Elizabeth taking a moment to look at her kids sleeping in the back seat. When they're home, Paige sarcastically says it was a great trip. The kids go upstairs and Philip and Elizabeth say nothing before hugging each other.

At the Soviet embassy, Nina is escorted out, walking by Oleg's desk as he looks down. He follows after her and watches from above as she's escorted down the stairs. She stops and looks back up at him for a moment. Arkady watches his exchange and seems to feel something, but says and does nothing.

Philip and Elizabeth walk in a park and meet Claudia. She says Jared's situation was tragic and says he was part of a program to introduce second-generation illegals. Emmett and Leanne didn't want Jared to be part of it, but Kate was sent anyway to contact Jared. Claudia tells them The Center wants Paige next. Philip says that's not an option, but Claudia says that's not up to him. Elizabeth also says Paige's fate is for them to decide, but Claudia reminds them that their daughter belongs to "the cause" and to the world.

Stan watches as Nina is driven out of the embassy. She spots him and looks back out the car window as she's driven away.

We next see Arkady in a bookstore, where Philip, in disguise, stands next to him and browses magazines. He introduces himself as Philip Jennings.

"I am often under surveillance," Arkady says, to which Philip replies that he knows, so Arkady should appreciate what he's about to say.

"If our organization ever gets anywhere near our daughter without our permission, my wife and I are finished," Philip says, putting the magazine down and walking out.

Back at home, Elizabeth is waiting on Philip. She asks him how it went. Philip says he doesn't think they'll go near her. Elizabeth says, "She's our daughter," and Philip says he got that across. Elizabeth tells Philip that Paige "does need something -- she's looking for something in her life. What if this is it?"

Philip is confused, saying, "We swore." He tells Elizabeth, "it would destroy her."

"To be like us?" Elizabeth replies, before calling the kids down for dinner.



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