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Season 2 Episode 3

"The Walk In"

Philip and Elizabeth complete their next mission – but not without complications – and Philip's fears about Elizabeth's readiness for action deepen. Stan tracks the KGB walk in which leads to much praise at work and a deepening of his attachment to, and dependence on, Nina. Meanwhile, Paige snoops into her mother’s family background and Oleg begins to scrutinize Nina’s secret operation...

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Previously on 'The Americans': Elizabeth was shot during an operation and was away for a while getting treatment. While she was gone, Paige started snooping through her things and the spy parents are worried about how much their daughter is checking on them. Elizabeth and Philip caught up with another spy couple, Emmett and Leanne, and after Philip helped Emmett with a simple drop, he found the couple and their daughter dead in their hotel room. Emmett's agent, Fred, who Philip had been staking out, asks Philip if he got the settings from a plant where "the propellers" are being ground. Meanwhile, a man named Bruce Dameran showed up at the Soviet embassy and the FBI is already aware of his visit. Stan is now following Dameran.

'The Walk In': We begin in Silver Springs, Md., in 1966, where Elizabeth and Leanne are sitting on a bench in a park talking about starting their families, with Elizabeth saying she wasn't sure whether she wanted kids. They were waiting for a man, and followed him when he arrived.

Back in the '80s: Philip tells Elizabeth they have to drive to Newport News as soon as she's dressed. Elizabeth worries about the kids and Philip says The Center is going to "put someone on them" to watch them.

Elizabeth has a mother-daughter moment with Paige, giving her lip gloss tips before she leaves for school.

Stan gets home and finds his wife Sandra getting ready to leave for a self-help seminar. She gets annoyed when he tells her to "have fun," and corrects him to say it's work on herself. She leaves.

Paige walks Henry to the bus and tells him she's skipping school and going shopping with some friends in Georgetown. Henry says he'll be fine and won't tell.

Washington, D.C., 1967: Elizabeth gets home and tells Philip that a source said Gen. Westmoreland is going to ask for 100,000 more troops. She tells Philip she already made a drop about the information with another spy. They talk about some Pentagon plans and Elizabeth says, "This war, they're killing everyone -- they're never going to stop." Philip agrees. Elizabeth tells him, "I'm ready," and starts taking her clothes off. He asks if she's sure and she replies, "You'll make a good father."

Back in the '80s: Elizabeth tells Philip she made some calls and learned that Emmett and Leanne's son is living with a family friend. She wonders who's going to take their kids if something happens to them. They stop at a vending machine and pick up some badges that were stashed behind it.

Stan and Gaad compare notes on Dameran, wondering why a Vietnam War veteran with a decent desk job in the Department of Agriculture would go to the KGB.

In Newport News, Philip and Elizabeth get into the plant.

Paige strikes up a conversation with a girl about her age on the bus. She tells the girl that her parents seem pretty secretive. The girl gives Paige her phone number. We see that Paige is actually in Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth is prying open crates, trying to get to the grinder they want to find the settings for. A worker at the plant finds her and she, with crowbar in hand, intimidates him into giving her some information. The grinder was moved the day before, but under some pressure the man, Derek, tells her the blades the machine grinds are still int he dry dock. He takes her there. On the way, he shows her pictures of his three boys, saying, "they expect me home for supper." She tells him she can't see any reason why he'd miss it, and they keep walking.

Derek leads Elizabeth to a propeller that has some classified plans taped to it. Philip arrives and, while Elizabeth pulls Derek aside, Philip cuts the plans off the propeller.

Paige rings the bell at a house and, with no response, goes inside looking for her Aunt Helen.

At the plant, Philip rapidly takes pictures of the plans while Elizabeth stands with Derek. After Philip is done, Derek pleads with Elizabeth not to hurt him. She asks to see his kids' pictures again, taking the one of the youngest son, Danny, and leaving.

Inside the house, Paige's Aunt Helen appears from upstairs and seems slightly disoriented. She thinks Paige's name is Shelley, and doesn't understand when Paige corrects her and explains she's Elizabeth's daughter.

Stan asks Dameran's boss about him. Dameran's a relatively recent hire, but the man hands Stan Dameran's file. Dameran called in sick that day.

Elizabeth and Philip leave, with Elizabeth saying she has to go somewhere and send Philip back on the train.

Stan goes and snoops around Dameran's desk a bit. Finding nothing, he goes back to Dameran's boss. Stan asks about a World Bank event happening that night at the Jefferson Ballroom in the Marquee Hotel. Many international bigwigs will be there. Stan tells the man to call 911 and tell them to go to the hotel. Stan runs out and goes through the laundromat where Dameran had spent four hours the night before. He goes up fire escapes to the roof and sees Dameran preparing a sniper rifle. Stan calls out to him to put the rifle down. Dameran asks Stan if he knows what the World Bank does to the world. Dameran says he believed what he was told about who the enemy was when he served in the war, but the real enemy is "the men who own everything." He shouts that nobody cares, then points his rifle at Stan, who shoots him in the chest.

Silver Spring, Md., in 1966: Elizabeth and Leanne are washing their hands in a bathroom when Leanne tells Elizabeth that she and Emmett wrote a letter to their son, in case anything happens to them. She asks Elizabeth to give him the letter, which explains who they are, where they came from and what they do. Elizabeth promises to give it to him.

Back in the '80s: Elizabeth walks into Emmett and Leanne's house, which is empty and quiet. She tears up a little while looking at their family pictures on the wall. She goes into a closet and plus out a hidden metal box. Inside, among a few other things, is an envelope. She pulls it out.

Stan and Nina are in bed and she tells him she's glad he's safe. He tells her if it weren't for her Dameran would have killed a lot of people. She smiles and tells him she's proud of him and he tells her, "I love you, Nina."

Philip gets home and finds only Henry there. Philip asks where Paige is and he says she had to stay late at school to try out for some club. The phone rings and Aunt Helen, no longer looking scattered in any way, tells Philip about Paige's visit and says she's on her way home. He thanks her for letting him know and hangs up the phone.

Elizabeth walks up to the house where Emmett and Leanne's son, Jared, is staying. She introduces herself as being from the child advocacy center. The mother talks about how great of a kid Jared is and what a wonderful babysitter he's been for her kids. Elizabeth asks if she can talk to Jared alone.

Paige gets home and gives her dad the story about having stayed at school to try out for the debate club, but he asks her to sit down. He tells her that "lying will not be tolerated." He tells her Aunt Helen called and he called the school. Paige says Aunt Helen is the only family they have. He tells her she's to stay home.

Back at the embassy, Nina is typing up her report on her most recent encounter with Stan, in which he told her he loves her -- which was what Arkady had wanted. Oleg barges in talking about a hockey player and inviting her to come to a game with him. He sees the report she's typing and she pulls it out of the typewriter, refusing to tell him what it's about. He leaves one ticket to the game on her desk, telling her to scalp it if she doesn't want to keep it.

Elizabeth talks to Jared and asks if he's sleeping and comfortable. He says he'll keep going to school because his parents would expect him to. She tells him that healing takes time and will be a process, adding, "especially when there are no answers." He starts crying and tells Elizabeth he feels like he has an ear infection and that his mom didn't want him in the pool. He cries when he wonders aloud whether he could have done anything if he hadn't been at the pool.

Nina gives her report to Arkady, and he says she might be digging herself out of the hole she'd dug.

Paige sits alone in her room and calls her new friend, Kelly, from the bus. She asks Kelly if she wants to hang out.

Elizabeth watches Jared sitting at the dinner table with his new guardians, then gets in her car to leave. She remembers a moment holding Paige as a baby.

Paige, meanwhile, is sneaking out of the house while Philip is in his dark room developing the photos of the propeller settings he'd taken at the plant.

Elizabeth parks her car and smokes a cigarette before pulling out the letter Leanne wanted her to give her son. She steps out of the car and sets the letter on fire, watching it burn into ash.


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