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THE AMERICANS Recap: Nina's on the run!!! (FX)


Season 2 Episode 11


Elizabeth makes a shocking discovery about Kate. Philip pursues a contact for information about Stealth. Stan continues his pursuit of the illegals...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Previously on 'The Americans': Stan started chasing down details on Emmett and Leanne's murder, and approached their some Jared to ask him questions. Larrick returned to the United States trying to track down Philip and Ezliabeth, and he managed to track down Kate's phone line.

'Stealth': We open on Baklanov, laying in bed with a naked woman. He seems to be getting back to work. Vasili is encouraged by this and tells him so. Baklanov says he doesn't want to talk about food because he misses his family. He starts running Vasili through the details of how he can get a soviet model of the Stealth jet to work, but says he needs Echo, a program that will help them assess whether it's working.

Paige comes into the kitchen while Elizabeth is making dinner and wants to know why she can't go to the church summer camp. Elizabeth says it's not the right thing for her to do, and supports this only by saying, "Because I'm your mother."

In their bedroom, Philip tells Elizabeth that the FBI knows about Emmett and Leanne, that they worked for the KGB and that Stan paid Jared a visit. He's signaled The Center but hasn't heard back. Elizabeth says she's going to visit Jared. Philip tells her not to, but she says she wants to know what happened from him. She feels bad that she never gave him Leanne's letter, despite her promise.

At the FBI office, Stan tells Gaad about how Emmett and Leanne assumed identities of people who died at age 4 or at birth. Gaad wonders how many "illegals" there are in the D.C. area, and assumes not more than a dozen.

Nina, Oleg and Arkady discuss Stan and her relationship with him. They tell her they need details on Stealth now, and that Stan has clearance in the program. Arkady tells Nina that with Stan's home life in shambles and the fact that he's in love with her, she needs to act.

Elizabeth stops by to see Jared, who tells her about the FBI agent's visit about his parents' murders. She asks what the agent wanted to know and Jared says he showed Jared two drawings of people and some photos, and whether he'd seen them. Jared said he didn't know who they were. He tells Elizabeth, "I'm not stupid. I don't know what's going on, but I want to know what's going on."

Fred tells Philip about an odd $100 million line item on some aeronautics reports that seemed to be unaccounted for. He tells Philip about a guy named John Skeevers who might know. He got a divorce and cancer, then started making claims about how Lockheed poisoned hi, "so they invited him to leave," Fred says.

Elizabeth follows Jared for a moment before noticing that Kate had met Jared at a pizza place.

Phillip goes to a pharmacy and starts up a conversation with Skeevers, saying he was in Vietnam and starting to talk about conspiracy theories. Skeevers says he's been poisoned, but the doctors claim it's not connected to his cancer. When Skeevers gets up, Phillip picks his pocket, then doesn't have cash to pay for his medicine. Philip steps up and pays the nearly $300 in cash. Skeevers thanks him and walks away.

In the office, Oleg brings Nina a gift. It's a Young Pioneer pin with Lenin's face on it, the same one she had as a little girl. She puts it on her lapel.

In the kitchen at the house, Paige is still not talking to Phillip. She says she doesn't want to talk to him and calls herself "a prisoner" in her own house. Elizabeth calls and tells Philip that Jared seems OK, but they seem worried the drawings were them. She's worried about the way Jared looked at her, then she mentions that he met with Kate.

That night, Kate gets home and seems to get an odd sense. She locks herself in the bathroom for a moment, grabbing a gun and taking all the toilet paper off the roll. But when she comes out, Larrick overpowers her -- partly by punching her -- and pins her down on the floor.

Philip pops in on Stan at his house and tells him that Henry would like to interview him for a "my hero" project for school. They chat a bit and Stan offers Philip a beer.

Oleg comes to Arkady's office and Arkady says he thinks Nina seems less than enthusiastic about the plan to get Stealth info from Stan. He tells her that if she fails, she will be sent back to Moscow to stand trial for treason after having given Stan classified information. Oleg seems surprised by this, and Arkady confirms that Nina told him about it all herself. Arkady says he's fond of Nina, and adds that he knows Oleg is, too. Arkady says he can't tells Nina about the consequences.

Elizabeth is worried because she can't reach George, the phone messenger. Phillip says he thinks they should let Paige do the church summer camp, but Elizabeth doesn't want her to get indoctrinated. Phillip says he doesn't want to "crush her spirit." But Elizabeth insists she won't let it happen.

Larrick has Kate hanging by her wrists from the ceiling in her apartment while he tells her the KGB ruined his life. He's sitting at a table with her radio and checking her notebook for transmissions. He asks her when her next transmission is happening, but she says nothing.

Stan is home alone, looking at a commendation Gaad had given him earlier, when Sandra walks in.

"Please don't ask me anything you don't want to know," she says. She says she doesn't want sympathy, or to place blame, saying it's pointless. Stan agrees and asks if they're "done." She says she doesn't know, and doesn't know "how you're supposed to know." She says she feels better about herself. Stan says he's glad.

Larrick continues writing down notes. He tells her the most recent message she received: That the Russians are having trouble getting to their answering service. He tells her it's not her that he wants, but "the scumbags who killed my friends." He asks her where they are. He asks again where they are and she spits in his face. He grabs her by the head and breaks her neck.

Oleeg finds Nina in the office and tells her that Arkady told him what she did. She assures him she won't tells anyone about their relationship and that his reputation is safe. He says he's not worried about himself, and tells her about being shipped off to Moscow if she doesn't get the info. She cries a bit.

Philip shows up at Skeevers' home and says he found his wallet at the clinic and brought soup. Philip asks if he can come in and Skeevers opens the door. Ted sits with Skeevers and says he can help him with money. He asks him for information about RAM (radar absorbent material). Philip hands Skeevers a stack of cash and Skeevers says RAM didn't work because it was too heavy. He says the paint used on the planes to avoid radar also "killed the bats."

Philip gets home and tells Elizabeth about the paint. She tells him she hasn't heard from Kate. Paige comes down and tells her parents that she wants to go to a nuclear protest at a nearby military base. Elizabeth says OK. After Paige leaves, she tells Philip they need to check on Kate.

Henry is interviewing Stan about his job as an FBI agent. When Henry asks Stan what it's like to be a hero, Stan says, "I'm not a hero, Henry."

Philip and Elizabeth quietly and methodically walk into Kate's apartment. Finding nothing amiss, they go into the bathroom and Elizabeth spots the toilet paper roll. She tears open the cardboard and sees a numbered code written on the inside.

Nina meets with Stan and tells him that Arkady knows she's been providing him with information. She cries and says she can't go back because they're going to send her to Moscow. He assures her he'll find a way out for both of them and that nothing will come between them.

Elizabeth tells Philip she's realizes that Paige is like her -- she wants to make a difference in the world, she's just looking in the wrong place. Philip deciphers Kate's code. It says, "Get Jared out."

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