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The Amazing Race Canada Season 3 Episode 5

The Amazing Race Canada (CTV) "The Face Off"

The teams headed to one of Québec’s hidden gems, the Magdalen Islands, where they fought to stay afloat in the first ever Face Off challenge.

After Hamilton and Michaelia were eliminated in Halifax, N.S., the remaining eight teams headed to Les Isles-De-La-Madeleine, Que. (the Magdalen Islands), with Dujean and Leilani the first to depart. 

After landing on Cap aux Meules Island, teams had to pack a truck with the items they’d need for that leg of the Race.

They found out a Double U-turn was ahead. 

Gino and Jesse were the first to finish packing their truck and headed to the next Roadblock, where one racer had to re-create a sandcastle around their partner, who would be buried up to their neck in sand.

Gino buried Jesse, Cynthia buried Brian, Neil buried Kristin, Ope buried Simi, Dujean buried Leilani, Matt buried Nick and Brent buried Sean. 

Gino and Jesse finished the challenge first and headed to the picturesque harbor of Monument aux Pêcheurs to search for their next clue.

Nic and Sabrina were the last team to arrive at the sandcastle challenge and Sabrina got to work burying Nic. 

Nick started to feel cold under the sand and Kristin started shivering as well. She told her dad she didn’t know if she could do it much longer and asked him if they should take a penalty. He said he wanted to keep going. 

Brian and Cynthia were next to get it.

Gino and Jesse were the first to get to the Face Off. For the first time ever, teams would compete head to head in a game of kayak hockey and no one could move forward until they successfully won the challenge. The final team to arrive would have to wait out a pre-determined time penalty before they could continue on the Race.

Gino and Jesse were there first but had to wait for another team to arrive. 

Simi and Ope got the sandcastle next. 

Brian and Cynthia arrived at kayak hockey, with Gino and Jesse winning the Face Off. 

For the next Detour teams had to choose between Ride It – mastering the equestrian art of Dressage by mounting a horse and navigating an obstacle course in a combined time of eight minutes or less, or Pull It – head to a family farm, roll a 75 lb. bale of hay from the pasture into the barn, milk a cow by hand and fill a 1L bottle of milk each.

Nick and Matt completed the sandcastle challenge next, followed by Brent and Sean, and Dujean and Leilani. Kristin continued to be in pain as Neil tried to finish his sandcastle. 

The next Face Off was between Brian and Cynthia and Simi and Ope, with Brian and Cynthia taking the victory.

Simi and Ope took on Nick and Matt next, with Nick and Matt coming out on top as Simi and Ope struggled to stay on their kayaks. Simi was really exhausted and started crying in the water. 

Meanwhile at the farm, Gino and Jesse were the first to roll the bale of hay into the barn, followed by Brian and Cynthia. 

The brothers attempted to milk a cow but had trouble getting the milk out. 

Simi and Ope next took on Brent and Sean at the Face Off, with Brent and Sean winning the challenge. Dujean and Leilani were Simi and Ope’s next challengers, with Dujean and Leilani winning the match.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Nic and Sabrina and Neil and Kristin continued to work on their sandcastles. Neil and Kristin finally got it but Kristin was in so much pain from her muscles cramping up she was taken away in an ambulance to the hospital. 

Nick and Matt arrived at the farm while Gino and Jesse finished the milking challenge and made their way to L’escalier de la Pointe aux Meules where they would find the Double U-turn board. Brian and Cynthia completed the challenge shortly after.

At the beach, Nic and Sabrina were the only team to still be working on their sandcastle. 

Dujean and Leilani arrived at the equestrian challenge. Leilani went to horse camp when she was younger and thought it would be easy but her horse ended up being feistier than she anticipated and she failed on her first attempt.

At the farm, Brent and Sean rolled a bale of hay, while Nick and Matt continued to work on milking a cow. 

At the Face Off, Simi and Ope started to get really cold waiting for the next team to arrive so they took a four-hour penalty. 

Nic and Sabrina finally completed the sandcastles.

Kristin was checked out of the hospital and even though her muscles were really cramped, she was able to continue with the help of crutches. At the Face Off, they decided to take a penalty. She teared up when she found out the next challenge was an equestrian one because she grew up riding and loves horses. They decided to at least try.

Gino and Jesse had trouble finding the next location and Brian and Cynthia arrived first. But the married couple decided not to use the U-turn. They then headed to Pointe Old-Harry on Grosse-Ile to search for the next Pit Stop. Gino and Jesse arrived at the U-turn board next and U-turned Brent and Sean so they would be forced to use their Express Pass.

At the farm, Nick and Matt and Brent and Sean both finished the milking challenge as Nic and Sabrina arrived at the Face Off. But since Simi and Ope and Neil and Kristin had both taken the four-hour time penalty there was no one to face off against so they were able to continue on to the next Detour. 

Simi and Ope arrived at the farm.

Brian and Cynthia got lost on the way to the Pit Stop, meaning Gino and Jesse made it to the Pit Stop in first place. Brian and Cynthia arrived in second. 

Nick and Matt chose not to U-turn anyone and Brent and Sean found out they were U-turned. They chose to U-turn Nic and Sabrina in order to save their Express Pass.

Dujean and Leilani passed the equestrian challenge as Brent and Sean arrived. 

Nick and Matt got to the Pit Stop next in third.

Nic and Sabrina, currently in last, arrived at the milking challenge as Simi tried to figure out how to milk a cow. 
Kristin started to have second thoughts at the equestrian Detour as the pain in her legs was so intense. But she decided to try.

Brent and Sean completed the equestrian challenge and headed to the Pit Stop. Kristin pushed through her pain and was able to complete the challenge. 

Simi and Ope completed the milking challenge, as did Nic and Sabrina. Nic and Sabrina found out Brent and Sean U-turned them. 

Dujean and Leilani arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth, followed by Brent and Sean in fifth. Neil and Kristin made it in sixth but had to wait out a four-hour penalty. Simi and Ope arrived next in seventh but also had a four-hour penalty to wait out.

Nic and Sabrina arrived at the equestrian challenge but were told it wasn’t safe for the horses to complete the course in the dark so they had to wait for a pre-determined amount of time before they could receive their next clue. They arrived at the Pit Stop in last place but Jon told them since two other teams failed to complete the Face Off, they were actually in sixth place.

Jon then called the last two teams over to check them in, telling Neil and Kristin they were seventh and Simi and Ope they were last. However, it was a Keep on Racing leg and no one was eliminated. The racers found out they had to make their way to Sudbury, Ont., as the other racers were already on their way.

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