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THE 100 Recap: Jaha stays behind (CW)


Season 1 Episode 13

"We Are Grounders: Part 2"

Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Courtesy of Josie Rhodes Cook/Buddy TV

Clarke and the rest of the 100 fight off the Grounders' attack, and those left on the Ark attempt to make their way to Earth.
Tonight's episode of The 100 opens on a scene that takes place not long after the last scene in the previous episode -- Raven is gravely wounded, thanks to Murphy, and a few of the 100 argue about what their next course of action should be.

At first, the plan is to try to make it to the ocean, as Lincoln suggested, before the Grounders arrive. Bellamy isn't a fan of this idea, but eventually goes along with it. As it turns out, that plan doesn't work out anyway, because not long after their departure, one of the group is killed by a hidden Grounder. Their attackers have already arrived
New Plan
Or have they? After the 100 have retreated to camp, Octavia says Lincoln stated scouts would come ahead of the rest of the Grounders, so they might still have time to escape before the real threat arrives. But Clarke ultimately makes the decision for them to stay and fight, and Bellamy orders shooters into position with strict orders to be very careful with their bullets; they have grenades and mines too, but the bullets are their best bet for fighting off their foes.

The new plan of escape ends up involving using the fuel Raven found beneath the drop ship to make it "blast off," launching the small ship and burning anyone and anything nearby the launch site. But she's too injured to do the work involved to make the right wire connections, so Raven has to direct Clarke from the ship level above.
And by too injured, I mean, the girl eventually loses feeling in her legs, and Clarke informs her that the bullet is in her spine and she's bleeding internally. Finn decides to risk his life to get some coagulation medicine in Lincoln's cave, despite Raven's protests, and he leaves the girls to their work and leaves the camp; after all, without Raven, they might not be able to do what they need to for everyone to escape -- she's their last hope.


Outside, the 100 are confused because the Grounders are running around nearby, but not attacking. Bellamy tells them to hold their fire, because someone realizes that the Grounders are trying to make the 100 waste their bullets before they really need them.
Meanwhile, Raven and Clarke have a bit of a heart-to-heart while Raven is directing the other girl, and eventually Clarke finds the correct wire Raven is having her look for -- only for it to be totally fried, and unfortunately, she doesn't know how to splice a wire. It's not exactly a skill everyone possesses, after all.
Luckily, Jasper does have that particular skill, so he's told to get back to the ship from his shooter post outside the camp. And elsewhere, a few Grounders are blasted by one of the mines the 100 hid, and Murphy is punished by the Grounder warrior Tristan for not telling them about those weapons.
Another New Plan
Finn gets to the cave and finds Lincoln there, and the Grounder says he's going with Finn back to the camp. While there, Finn glances at one of Lincoln's drawings, the one he did depicting a reaper, and he gets the idea to lure the Reapers to the attack in order to pit that group against the Grounder attackers. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," and all that.
Back at the camp, Jasper is working on the wire with instructions from Raven when the girl suddenly stops speaking. When they go check on her, Clarke and Jasper find that she's collapsed due to her injury. Great timing, huh?
Hundreds of Grounders are headed for the gate, so they need to launch the ship ASAP. Luckily, Jasper remembers the basics of Raven's instructions to get the right connections in place for launch, and he works diligently to follow them.
And just then, when it looks like the Grounders are about to close in, everyone on the ground looks up -- why? Because the Ark appears to be falling from the sky.
Last Chance
Because even though there's a very good chance they won't make it to Earth, Jaha has engineers on the Ark go forward with the plan to try to sever parts of the ship and launch what they need to towards Earth. Some stations, Sinclair explains, will explode, but those are better odds than doing nothing and having them all die anyway.
But after everyone gathers and prepares for the final attempt at saving those on the Ark, after a prayer is said and a countdown made, when the Ark is meant to launch -- it doesn't. Sinclair determines that someone will have to launch the ship manually and stay behind. 

"Salvation Comes At a Price"

Kane decides to make the sacrifice and stay behind, but just as he's being thanked by his fellow Ark-dwellers (with sort of creepy, almost Christ-like imagery to boot) the section that needs to sever from the rest of the Ark does, and it launches. But how?
Jaha's voice rings out, and he says he's going to see his son again. As it turns out, right after Sinclair made the comment about someone staying behind, their leaders went ahead and decided to be that someone. Their Chancellor has made his choice, and it's sure to result in his death.
Bellamy and Octavia Say Goodbye
On Earth, after the momentary distraction of the Ark, Reapers arrive on the battlefield and start attacking everyone in their sights. Finn returns, having come back with Lincoln, but the Grounder instead is with Bellamy and Octavia in the woods, where Octavia's been shot with a Grounder arrow and can't make it back safely to the camp.
Bellamy tells his sister to go with Lincoln while everyone is paying attention to the battle, and he tells her that, instead of his life ending when she was born, that's instead when it began. It's all very sweet, and we watch them say goodbye as Lincoln carries his lady away from the fighting and presumably towards the ocean.
Hard Choices
Grenades and bullets fly as both the Grounders and Reapers try to get into the camp, and Jasper finally thinks he's figured out the right connection to launch the drop ship. But Bellamy hasn't returned, and Clarke doesn't want to leave without him.
When Bellamy does return, he's attacked by Tristan, and it's only with Finn's quick help that he isn't taken down. But they don't make it back in the drop ship fast enough, and Clarke has to make the painful decision to close the door before they get inside.
Anya, on the other hand, does get in, just as Jasper's first attempt to launch the ship fails. The 100 start to attack her before Clarke orders them to stop. "We are not Grounders!" she declares, and she won't let them kill the Grounder leader after all.
Finally, Jasper is able to create the right current, and the fuel ignites beneath them. A fireball explodes from beneath the ship, destroying anyone still hanging around outside, and several individuals are clearly burned to death as the drop ship attempts a launch. It doesn't actually go anywhere, but it's not really meant to; the point was to destroy as many Grounders in a single blow as possible, and it looks like they've succeeded.
The Arrival
Back on the Ark, Jaha calls via the Earth monitoring station to the stations launched off the Ark, seeking survivors. Abby answers, as her station, Mecha, has safely made it to Earth. Theirs is in fact the only one to answer during the episode, and possibly the only one to have made it through impact.
Jaha asks Abby to tell him about Earth when she steps out of the ship, and her awed words about the air and the trees and the smell bring the Chancellor to tears. Kane comes out of the ship as well, and points out smoke rising in the distance -- could it be from another Ark section that made it through the landing?
And back on the ship, Jaha looks out a window at the Earth he will never get to experience. He drinks away his sorrows, and states, "may we meet again," a customary Ark goodbye statement, and a nice way to end the Ark scenes in this finale episode of The 100.
A New Threat
When Clarke and the others emerge from the ship, there are charred bodies everywhere. Finn and Bellamy may be among them, but there's no way to know for sure yet.
Just after they step out, the group is inundated with smoke bombs, and Anya manages to whisper "Mountain men," before she succumbs to its effects and collapses. In fact, the whole group passes out right on the spot. A bunch of men emerge through the smoke, covered in masks and wielding weird laser gun things that hopefully will be explained next season -- I honestly thought they were light sabers or something when I first saw the lights.
Clarke wakes up in a bright white room, dressed in white and with a needle in her arm. She rips it out and walks around the room, stepping over to the door and looking out a conveniently-placed window in it.
Across the hallway is Monty, also conveniently-placed. But most importantly, there's also a sign in the hallway -- a sign that reads "Mount Weather Quarantine Center."

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