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THE 100 (CW) - Reapercussions!


Season 2 Episode 3


When Clarke discovers a horrifying project being carried out in Mount Weather's medical ward, she joins forces with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Kane issues an order to have Abby brutally punished after she confesses to a crime...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


We see there are maybe 100 of the cages with Grounders locked up all around the large cylinder shaped room. Clarke tells Anya she’s going to get her out. She breaks a lock and opens the gate and pulls her out. A doctor is coming and Clarke shoves her back in and hides in the cage with her. The doctor grabs a bag of blood from a cabinet then comes over to see what’s got the prisoners so riled up.

She’s almost on top of them and Clarke is worried she’ll see the lock on the floor but a Grounder grabs for the doctor and she leaves in a panic. Clarke opens the door and pulls Anya out of the cage toward the exit. She pulls her outside and they look for an escape. They end up locked in a room and an alarm sounds.

A shaft opens below them and they tumble down a chute into a pit of dead looking Grounder bodies. Clarke grabs her hand and pulls her up. Clarke then finds some clothes and tells Anya to get dressed but she says she can’t leave them behind. Clarke says they can find help and come back and tells her the people there are well armed. Anya says there is no “we” and then they hear Reapers.

Clarke takes her and pushes her up into a bin and they lie still. The Reapers come close with their torches but pass them by and then a body is tossed in with them and then a couple of more. Then the cart starts moving up some rails and then out into the sunlight. Looks like they’re taking their food to go.

At the main site, Byrne reports to Kane that the kids must have left about six hours ago. Kane tells her they are not sending out a search team and putting more lives at risk. He says he just wants to know who helped them. He sends for Abby and asks if she helped them. She stares at him. He tells her she was like this on the ark – doing what she wants. She says she was right then and is right now.

He says as chancellor, he can’t tolerate this and she tells him he was never elected. She walks away. Murphy, Bellamy and the others are in the woods and Murphy asks to have his cuffs off so he can defend himself. Bellamy says no but Finn unlocks him. Octavia tells Indra she wants to help fight the Reapers and says Lincoln taught her but Indra tells her men to kill her.

Octavia runs off and they fire arrows at her. She runs as fast as she can and then hides. They run past her. Maya takes Jasper to show him a surprise. He says he hates surprises and she tells him to open. He sees a huge room of paintings and artwork and she shows him her favorite. He asks why they keep it all locked up then says it’s pretty cool.

He leans in to kiss her but then a noise disturbs them and they run off. Maya says it’s okay. Monty comes up and tells him Clarke is nowhere and he’s worried she’s in trouble. Jasper says whatever she’s up to, she can handle it – she’s Clarke. She’s in the cart of bodies being wheeled along and pulled up the mine shaft by a Reaper. At the top, they unload the bodies.

When they take one of the nearly dead, they hear a metal sound and then screaming as they finish off the guy. Clarke tells her they have to go but Anya pauses to break the neck of the guy left alive in with them to spare him. Murphy, Bellamy and the guys make it to the prison camp but they see only Grounders. Finn notices they have some stuff from their drop ship. They see a one eyed guy with Clarke’s watch around his neck. They decide she wouldn’t give it up with out a fight.

Bellamy takes Finn and tells the others what to do in case it goes south and they move out. They clack some rocks and get one eyes’ attention. He creeps back closer to where Murphy sits tapping the rocks. When he gets there, Murphy has moved on.

Bellamy whacks the guy in the head and they take Clarke’s watch. They decide to take him somewhere quiet to extract some information. Finn says he knows just the place and they cart the Grounder off with them. Kane talks to Byrne about Abby. He says she confessed to giving the boys guns and letting them go. He tells her to supervise Abby and keep her confined to quarters.

Byrne reminds him that her offenses are felonies that call for shock lashing. She tells him that punishing her appropriately will be a lesson to the others. Kane says they have a chance to start over down here but she says they can’t afford to lose control.

A patrol comes back with a Grounder prisoner and Kane and the guards have to fight the group off to keep the guy safe. There’s a gun shot and Abby tells them to take the wounded man into surgery and Kane says to take the Grounder inside. Byrne escorts him in. Octavia watches the villagers and stalks them as they hunt the Reapers.

Monty eats waffles and listens to classical music. Jasper comes to sit and Monty says he still can’t find Clarke and he doesn’t think she slept in her bed last night. Jasper says Maya may be able to snoop around and find out if Clarke is in trouble. Monty says Clarke doesn’t trust these people but Jasper says they can trust Maya – or at least he thinks they can – and reminds him they have no other choice.

Clarke and Anya are lost in the tunnels and Clarke explains that the mountain people are using them for their blood to heal their own. Anya tells her to go her own way but Clarke says they need to stick together. Anya tells her she can help her get back to her people and knows where the traps are. Clarke says their best hope is together but then Anya is gone. Clarke gives up on her and runs the other way.

Indra lays out the plan with her people on how to attack the Reapers but one man complains that it’s a bad plan because they have a boy and a wounded man. She says that Octavia will be their bait and when they stop to feed, they will attack. Octavia comes out of her hiding spot nearby and says she’s not afraid but Indra says she will be.

Clarke runs and runs through the tunnels and then runs into some Reapers. She is surrounded but then there’s a high pitched noise then that sends them all screaming. A man holding the device tells Clarke she needs to come with him. Byrne nabs Abby and tells her she has to come with her after she declares their guy dead from the gunshot wound.

They take her outside and she asks Kane what this is and he says she left him no choice. Byrne says Abby has confessed to helping criminals and trafficking in firearms. She reads off the sentence of 10 lashes and Abby tells Kane he can’t be serious. He is. They strap Abby to two poles and Byrne pulls off her belt. Abby tells Kane they don’t have to do this down here.

He tells Byrne to proceed and she shocks her with the wand again and again. He carries out the full sentence as she screams in pain. The others of the group don’t like to see their doctor treated this way. Abby hands on tight to the restraints and stares him down as Byrne shocks her again. Bellamy and the others have the Grounder down in a hatch and are questioning him.

They ask where the girl was that owned the watch. He says he found it outside the camp. Bellamy asks where they took the people and Finn beats on the guy. Bellamy tells him he’s crossing a line but he doesn’t stop. He pulls a gun and Bellamy tells him to put it down. Finn puts the gun to the guy’s head and counts to three.

The guy caves and says they are east of here in the village where they keep prisoners. He says he can draw them a map but tells them to hurry before their friends outlive their usefulness. They get something for him to draw on and Murphy mocks Bellamy and says he thought he was the crazy one. Byrne and Kane have the Grounder in interrogation. Byrne pulls a gun on the guy and Kane tells her to stand down. At first she doesn’t, but then she backs off. Kane tells her to get some air. She leaves.

He tells the Grounder they can’t keep this up and hope to survive. He sits back down and sighs. He says there must be a better way. The Grounder just looks at him. Octavia lies on the ground as bait when the Reapers approach with their prisoners. They go for her and the villagers attack and so does she. She saves Indra from a Reaper and then pulls their hoods off looking for Lincoln.

He’s not with the others. They untie the prisoners and Octavia cries. Michael looks sad for her. Maya tells Jasper and Monty that Clarke is in the psych ward because she was acting crazy and pulling out her stitches. She says it will be a couple of days before they can see her but Monty goes off to press the issue. She tells Jasper she’s sorry and he says the last time he saw her, he told her he was crazy.

Clarke tells the guard she knows what they’re doing and they tell her that’s why she’s going into the harvest chamber with them. They call into their boss who says they have to get the Outsider as well and then suddenly Anya attacks. They pull the masks off of them and they are burning. They run and are at the downspout of a dam. Clarke says there has to be another way but Anya says there’s not and jumps.

They tell Clarke to drop her weapon and she does but then she turns and takes a running leaps down into the flow of water. She hits hard and looks to be unconscious. Jackson cleans Abby’s wounds as Kane comes in. She sends Jackson out and then asks Kane if it worked and if the group is back in line. She tells him he can lash her a thousand times and she’ll still do what it takes to find the kids.

He says he knows that and has decided to lead a mission to bring them back. He says it will be a diplomatic mission to make contact with the Grounder’s commander and make a peace treaty. Abby says the Grounder could be leading him into a trap but he says he has to try and give them a chance. He tells her that he heard her. She offers to go but he says she’s needed there.

Kane says he knows she’ll take care of the others and set a good example while he’s away. She says if he does this, she’ll be a model citizen. He tells her to be more than that and tells her to be Chancellor and gives her the pin. Later, he and some guards take the Grounder and leave the camp. Clarke lies in the water downstream from the dam. Anya grabs her up and she chokes out some water and comes to.

Clarke sits up unsteadily and thanks Anya. She says they should go back to the drop ship first but Anya cracks her in the head with a rock. She says Clarke killed 300 of their warriors and says she’s taking her back as a prize. Bellamy says they’re leaving and Murphy wants to kill the Grounder because he knows where they are going and can rat them out.

Bellamy says killing them in battle is one thing, but this is an execution but then they hear a shot and see Finn has put a hole in the guy’s head. He tells them they have to get moving. The others follow Finn out and Bellamy finally follows as well. Michael approaches Octavia and she tells him to kill her now if he’s going to. He says she proved herself so they’ll let her live. He helps her up.

He tells her Lincoln was a good man and he considered him a brother. Indra and the others turn to go but she gives Octavia a head nod of respect before she leaves. The Mt Weather people have the Reapers lined up and they decide which to send to harvest and mark one for the Cerberus program. Hmm. More mystery evil in Mt Weather. Wonder what that one is?

- Synopsis is courtesy of Stormy Elizabeth/





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