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THE 100 (CW) - Human Trials!

the 100 bellamy clarke raven octavia

Season 2 Episode 5

"Human Trials"

While Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders, Jasper agrees to participate in a risky experiment, and Finn's search for Clarke takes a violent turn...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


Clarke is dragged into camp and Byrne demands to know how many were with her. They haul her into medical. Abby comes out and sees her being brought in. She recognizes her daughter immediately and tells Byrne it’s her daughter. She runs to Clarke and holds her face. She’s in shock but recognizes her mom. Abby tends to her wounds and Clarke says she saw their ship crash but Abby says she’s fine. Byrne apologizes to Abby. Clarke tells her she’s been at Mt Weather.

Clarke says they have to get their people out and away from the mountain men. She asks who else made it and Abby says Finn and Bellamy made it. She thought they were did and starts to cry and tells her mom she thought she was dead too. Abby comforts her. Over at Mt Weather, Jasper comes to see Dante who tells him he heard he’s been going to medical every day to see Clarke. Dante tells Jasper that Clarke ran away because she wouldn’t believe was safe there.

Jasper says Clarke wouldn’t just abandon them and asks if they’re looking for her. Dante says he can’t risk people looking for her if she doesn’t want to be her. He tells Jasper he can go look for her if he wants and then can come back or can stay without looking. He tells him it’s his home now and to just let him know what he decides. Jasper goes to think. In the woods, Kane plants a tree and one of the soldiers tells him the prisoner is refusing water.

He goes down to talk to the guy. He says if he dies, he won’t be able to help him stop the killing. Kane says there is a better way. The guy gives in and drinks from the canteen. Kane apologizes for keeping his hands bound and he speaks in his language and tells Kane to untie him. He says he can’t. Kane says it’s a tactic and tells his guys either way, the prisoner will take them to the camp whether it’s too make peace or try to kill them.

Clarke wakes to find her mom sleeping by her cot. She’s surprised to see the chancellor’s pin on her. Abby says Thelonius died and Kane went to find the Grounders. Clarke says the Grounders didn’t have them. She tells her mom they have to move against Mt Weather now but Abby wants her to rest. Clarke tells her she doesn’t need rest but needs to save her friends. Byrne comes in and says they see movement in the woods and don’t think it’s Grounders.

Raven gives Clarke a hug and she sees her wounded leg but Raven says she’s dealing with it. Bellamy and Octavia show up with Mel. Abby rushes over and asks Mel where the others are but she says there were no other survivors. Abby tells them to take Mel to medical. Clarke runs to hug Bellamy. Octavia says she never thought she’d see that and Bellamy laughs. She also hugs Octavia and tells her she’s glad she’s okay.

Bellamy asks about the others and she asks about Finn. He says Finn is out looking for her.

Finn and Murphy count a little less than 30 at the camp but say they don’t look like warriors. Finn says they’ll go in after dark to see if their people are there. Murphy says they may all be dead already and Finn gets angry. He asks how much ammo they have and Murphy tells Finn he liked him better as a peace maker.

At Mt Weather, we see Lincoln is strapped to table and a doctor tells him he’s a fine specimen and he can see why Tsing chose him. This must be the mysterious project Clarke heard about when she was making her escape. He injects Lincoln in the neck and he goes limp. The doc says the first dose is the worst as Lincoln starts hurting.

Abby, Byrne and the others look over a map of Mt Weather and they decide that since the kids aren’t in immediate danger of harm, they need to investigate. They agree to send out for Kane but Clarke also wants to find Finn and Murphy. She says they need to stop them before they make things worse with the Grounders. Clarke chews her out and says they killed their best chance at peace by killing Anya.

Abby says she’s sorry but the decision has been made. Bellamy blows up and says now that Clarke is home, she doesn’t care that Finn and Murphy are risking their lives when they went to get Clarke. Bellamy says he and Clarke can go get them but Abby refuses to consider it. Abby is called down to medical urgently and Clarke tells her to go. Abby tells Byrne the camp is on lock down.

She goes and Clarke steps close to Bellamy and says they’ll need guns. Raven gets them for her and then Octavia shows up to help. Octavia says Finn and Murphy are headed to Lincoln’s village and she knows how to get there. The kids put on packs and then Raven shows them the fence is electrified still. She radios Wick to shut down the fence. He does and they step through cautiously.

Jasper tells Monty that Clarke faked to get into medical then left them. Monty says they have to go after her but Jasper doesn’t want to go. Maya tells Jasper it’s not safe and he tells her not to worry, that he’s a coward. She says he’s not and is smart but tells him he can’t make Clarke come back. Jasper hears an alarm and Maya says there must be a containment breach that’s leaking radiation.

She starts to blister and burn and Jasper and Monty call for help while her skin looks like it’s burning off of her.

Maya is in medical and they evaluate her condition and discuss that the standard treatment isn’t working. Jasper asks what else they can try and Tsing says it’s unorthodox. She says they have the ability to filter radiation out. She says if they can circulate Maya’s blood through his system, it could help her.

Jasper considers it and Monty says not to do it but then Jasper says he’s in. Octavia sleeps by the fire and Bellamy watches her and Clarke who then wakes up. Bellamy tells her the last time he saw her, she was closing the drop ship door. He tells her it had to be done. She sits up and asks if he got any sleep. He says he can sleep after they find Finn. He tells her Finn has changed after all that happened and tells her how Finn executed the Grounder without blinking.

Clarke says it doesn’t sound like Finn and he agrees. He says he shouldn’t have let him take Murphy and the guns and go but she says it had to be done. Bellamy says when they found no one was there at the drop ship, they assumed it was the Grounders. She said no one could have known about the mountain men. Bellamy asks how long til chocolate cake is traded for draining your blood and she says she doesn’t know.

Bellamy says they find Finn and Murphy then go for the others at Mt Weather. Octavia wakes and reminds them they need to find Lincoln too. They agree and pack up to move out. Finn and Murphy sneak into the village and Finn throws a torch into the building with their food supply. The Grounders set off an alert about the fire and the village breaks into chaos. The guys lurk and watch the distraction they’ve created.

They go looking for their people but are caught. Finn takes a hostage and asks for who’s in charge. A man steps forward and says their leader is gone. Finn says they want their people back and the guy says they don’t have them. Finn says they’ll take a look around to verify that.

The mad scientist comes back to see Lincoln with another dose of whatever he’s giving him. He tells Lincoln he knew it would be better and says his body is already craving it. He shoots Lincoln up and he goes limp then starts to seize. He holds up a device that seems to start up some sort of hi-tech electro shock therapy on Lincoln. He times it and says 15 seconds is quite a record.

He calls Lincoln a thoroughbred and says to up the shock treatments and once he learns to fear the tone (that happens before the shock), they can move to phase two. Lincoln is in agony. Back in medical, Jasper is in a table and Monty asks if he’s sure and Jasper says he likes her. Maya begins to have a seizure and Tsing says they have to do this now. Jasper agrees.

Tsing tells him it will sting and puts a shunt into his neck. She starts up a machine and Maya’s blood runs into Jasper, through him and back out. When her blood hits him, he seems fine but his vitals start going wonky. Jasper begins to act high and Tsing says it’s the sedation causing it and it’s normal. Monty says if they’ve never done it, how would she know it’s normal.

She tries to play it off and tells Monty he can go back to his room, but he’s suspicious and sits. Abby comes and confronts Raven with the note Clarke left her. Raven lies and says she didn’t know about it. Abby asks to tell her where they went or she’ll be in trouble. She says she know someone gave them guns. She strikes Raven and the galley goes silent. Abby sits back down and is ashamed.

Abby says Clarke thinks she’s changed because of all this but says she’s just a kid. Raven tells her that Clarke changed the day she sent her down there to die. Kane and the others near some bio-hazard and containment signs. They come to a sign from before that says no weapons beyond this point. Kane drops his weapons but the others say it’s a bad idea. Kane tells the others they are staying back.

He says he’s the only one that has to die if he’s wrong and tells his men to leave. They agree and walk away leaving him with the Grounder. The Grounder speaks up in English and tells him to drop the knife too. Kane cuts his ropes and tosses it down. Kane says this is the first step toward peace. They head into the village. The guy stops and strikes Kane hard enough to send him reeling.

When Kane is down, he kicks him in the head, knocking him out. Kane is shoved into a hole with a grate over the top. He lands hard and groans. They close the grate ad leave him there. He looks around and then hears a noise. Jaha is there in chains and says – so we meet again. Finn and Murphy have the Grounders down on their knees as they search. Finn goes building to building kicking in doors.

One guy goes to make a move, but the temporary leader tells him not to and that they don’t have their people. Finn sees some clothes hung up and Murphy calls out to him. Murphy tells him to answer. The guy goes to make a move again and Murphy yells to him. Finn comes back and holds out a jacket and asks what they’ve done with them. He holds a gun on them and Finn says their clothes are there, so they were there.

Finn accuses them of killing them and he says again Octavia was there but was alone. Murphy says they’re scavengers and could have just found the stuff. Murphy tells him not to do it. Finn is ready to shoot a woman in the head and Murphy pleads with him. He lets her up finally. Octavia, Bellamy and Clarke are headed for the village. Bellamy asks which way and Octavia stops. She’s upset and points to where the Reapers came from. She cries and tells Bellamy she couldn’t save Lincoln. He hugs her.

Lincoln comes to as the guy comes back in and turns on the whining device. Lincoln cringes and the guy says they can now start phase two. They bring in another guy who’s tied up. He shows them the syringe and says there is one dose. He asks who wants it more and lays it on the floor. He sets off the device while the orderlies untie the two prisoners. They lock them in with the syringe and leave. The two begin fighting for their lives.

Lincoln beats the other guy, bashes his skull and then goes for the drug in the syringe. He shoots himself up. The high is immediate. Maya wakes in good shape and Tsing welcomes her back. She says no one has been as sick as her and come back from it. Maya says she feels great and asks how it’s possible. She tells Maya that Jasper saved her life.

The evil scientist comes to get Tsing and Maya tells Jasper she knew he was brave. He sits up and barfs. Tsing tells Dante what she did and says it was an emergency. She says Maya’s recovery is miraculous and Jasper is fine. The bad guy says the orders were to not experiment on the kids. Tsing tells him to go back to the dungeon and his monsters. He says they’re soldiers. Tsing says they need to move ahead with the other 47 but Dante dismisses her.

Dante asks mad science guy about the contamination leak. He tells the Prez that the air filtration system malfunctioned but the containment system worked. He tells his dad (evil guy is Dante’s son!!) that he’s the head of security and will worry about it. He tells his dad to go make his big decision. Dante asks what he would do and his son says he’d use the kids. He tells Dante that their people come first. Dante leaves to go think.

Murphy tells Finn that their clothes don’t mean they were there. They discuss the one eyed man and the villager tells them Delano is a sneak and a thief and sent them there as revenge after they were cast out.  Murphy says they need to go and a man tries to run. Finn shoots him and then the young guy goes for them and Finn shoots him too. Finn snaps and starts to gun down the whole village. Clarke and the others hear and run for them.

He stops shooting when he sees Clarke and Bellamy. They come into the village and Octavia goes to Artigas, the kid Finn shot. Clarke is in absolute shock over his violence as are the other kids. Clarke backs away from him and shakes her head. She’s horrified.

Synopsis is courtesy of Stormy Elizabeth/

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