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TEN puts Prison Break on good behaviour

Several readers have been asking about the revived Prison Break series in Australia.

This premieres in the US on April 4th, six years after it was last seen.

TEN is understood to have the rights to the new series but fans may be in for a wait.

A spokesperson indicated TEN has no current plans for the series, with the network keen to see how the series performs in the US.

Sitting on the show will deny TEN some of the show’s diehard fans, who will not be prepared to wait. At a time when The Biggest Loser: Transformed is dragging down network share Prison Break could give it a small boost, albeit for one night of the week.

But TEN is mindful that it’s not always possible to capture lightning in a bottle, second or third time around. 24: Legacy has done little to excite longtime fans of 24. The X-Files was an uneven revival too. It could even be mulling a sale to Foxtel if the show doesn’t work in the US.

There are no guarantees fast-tracking Prison Break is going to fire, and the US premiere falls just days before Easter ratings begin.

Still, the way numbers are looking at the moment -surely it couldn’t hurt?

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