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TEN: No plans for a fourth channel

Under financial duress, TEN’s CEO Paul Anderson has confirmed the broadcaster has no current plans for a fourth multichannel at the moment.

“I think the question for us is how do we maximise the profitability of the three channels together. We get that a fourth channel adds a little bit to your network share, but it comes at a cost. You have to programme nearly 9000 hours of content across the year,” he told Mediaweek.

“So no plans on that front for the moment.”

However TEN will monetise more of its content through the launch of tendaily a new online portal to host short form and news content, in September.

“One example is we have thousands of recipes from MasterChef that really don’t have a home on tenplay. So tendaily will be short form, video rich, we’ll be able to use a lot of our talent on there, we’ll have a home for our news and it will also help us serve the purpose of serving content across different dayparts than tenplay, which is generally a nighttime catch-up service.”

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