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TEN, ABC nab timeslot wins on Wednesday

The Bachelor S3 Ep9 Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor continues to perform for TEN, last night with one of its best audiences at 906,000 viewers. It won its timeslot and the demos. TEN’s evening share would have been higher had it been able to hold them after it ended, but was left with Madam Secretary repeats.

But by 8:30 The Weekly with Charlie Pickering drew 702,000 viewers on ABC, lifting to 738,000 for Utopia -both won their timeslots.

The debut of Aquarius had to settle for 428,000 for Seven (well down on Criminal Minds 760,000 last week).

Nine network won the night with 27.1% then Seven 26.15, TEN 20.8%, ABC 19.6% and SBS 6.4%.

Nine News (1.11m / 1.06m) again topped the night for Nine then A Current Affair (971,000), The Hotplate (767,000), Hot Seat (614,000) and The Secret Life of Twins (490,000). The Mysteries of Laura was just 247,000.

Seven News was 922,000 / 864,000 on Seven followed by The Force (792,000), Border Security(770,000), Home and Away (729,000), Million Dollar Minute (445,000) and Aquarius (428,000 / 348,000).

The Bachelor (906,000) did great business for TEN. The Project was 642,000 / 438,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 559,000, Madam Secretary was 380,000 and Elementary was just 131,000.

ABC News scored 848,000 for ABC. Utopia dipped slightly on last week at 738,000, then 7:30(704,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (702,000), How Not to Behave (494,000) andAdam Hills: The Last Leg (434,000).

Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow (257,000) led SBS followed by 24 Hours in Police Custody (174,000), Bosch (164,000) and SBS World News (151,000).

7TWO’s Rosemary and Thyme led multichannels with 247,000.

Sunrise: 356,000
Today: 306,000
ABC News Breakfast: 88,000 / 42,000

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