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Telenovela - Season 1

Telenovela (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Split Personalities"

"Split Personalities"

When Mimi's ex-husband, Martin, returns and says he wants her back, Ana organizes a girls' night to keep Mimi away from him.

Mimi's (Diana Maria Riva) ex-husband is released from prison early and pays his ex-wife a surprise visit on set, revealing that he's no longer the wimpy nerd that was put away, but a muscly, tattooed hunk. On top of it, Martin wants to get back together and be a family again. But while Mimi is swayed, Ana (Eva Longoria) is not so easily convinced. Determined to keep Mimi from reuniting with Martin, who made her miserable during their marriage, she throws a girls' night with Roxie (Jadyn Douglas) and Isabela (Alex Meneses).

Despite Ana's best attempts, Mimi ends up sleeping with Martin. Ana is not pleased, but the girls have a bigger problem - Isabela is missing. Ana, Roxie and Mimi retrace their steps until they arrive at the home of the stripper they hired, who tells them Isabela was picked up by a man with flowers. The girls are shocked Isabela is having an affair - until they learn she isn't. When Isabela stops by Ana's apartment to pick up her purse, she brings her family with her, and her husband explains he sent flowers along with the Uber driver.

Isabela's perfect family gives Ana the ammo she needs to convince Mimi that Martin is bad news. Ana brings Isabela's family to dinner at the same restaurant Martin is taking Mimi. There, Ana points out that if even a "devil woman" like Isabela can find true happiness, so can Mimi. And when Mimi sees Martin ordering without her again and drinking milk with dinner - ticks she can't stand - she finally agrees.

Telenovela - Season 1

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