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Teen Wolf: Watch Papa Argent's Badass Return in the First Trailer for Season 5B (VIDEO)

It feels like just yesterday Teen Wolf wrapped up the first half of Season 5 and now the powers that be are already gifting us with a dark and dangerous look at the first trailer for Season 5B, which will presumably pick up immediately where the finale left off. I mean, I'm not complaining (you know the old saying, don't look a gift wolf in the mouth), I just didn't realize that I apparently had the power to wish things into existence. (I also wish for a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Dylan O'Brien to get a haircut, and Isaac Lahey to return to Beacon Hills. I'll report back on whether any of these wishes come true.)

Anyway, the trailer wasn't the only thing MTV revealed today at New York Comic-Con (you can watch the full panel here); inside this nice little trailer-shaped present was another smaller gift in the form of a premiere date! That's right, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and everyone else—including a perfectly-bearded and badass Papa Argent—will return to kick more Dread Doctor butt on Tuesday, January 5 at 9pm.

Now that I've stalled as long as I can, let's get to the trailer!

Wait, was that Deucalion? And are we seriously supposed to believe Scott would team up with Theo now? And don't you dare even pretend that Papa Stilinski won't survive his wounds. Don't you dare, Jeff Davis. Don't you freaking test me. I have the power to wish things into existence, so I might also have the power to wish people out of it.

Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, January 5 at 9pm on MTV.

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