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Season 4 Episode 10


Scott and Kira fight to protect Satomi's pack from assassins. Stiles and Malia discover the origins of The Dead Pool...[button color="white" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Brett, the lacrosse player that was giving Liam a hard time, is seen being hunted beside his sister. As an arrow flies through the air, Kira slices it before it strikes him. She saves the day and tells them to make a run for it.

Scott grabs his motorcycle helmet and tells Liam that Kira found Brett — and that these assassins might be different, stronger, than the others. Liam says that he might not be like Scott and his friends — i.e. willing to risk his life for everything.

Meanwhile, Stiles is in the hospital after his run-in with Brunski. Meredith is in the station being question; however, she’s not being cooperative and seems to be speaking in gibberish. Lydia is there and wonders if she’s even competent enough to be charged with anything/ Sheriff S says that if she was capable of organizing a dead pool, capable of opening up the Hale vault, and capable of organizing transactions between skilled assassins, then . . . yes, she’s competent enough.

Sheriff S worries that the money transfers are now automatic, which means that, even if Meredith is the Benefactor and contained, that the hits could still be going out.

Kira and Scott rendezvous at Deacon’s animal clinic. Satomi’s pack is there seeking shelter.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent is on the hunt. He arrives at some warehouse growing plants and discovers something yellow growing in the center of the room.

Lydia slept at the station. She wonders if the interrogators got anything out of her. She says that she’s not going home until Meredith talks. She wants Sheriff S to let her try speaking with her.

In the hospital, Stiles wanted Melissa to get her a tape player so he could listen to one of the mysterious tapes. She shows up in his hospital room. No tape player but Malia is there looking for Stiles.

Malia gets nervous and goes to leave but when she goes to open the door . . . it’s locked. They make up and begin to kiss.

Chris opens up a safe and locks up the yellow plant/flower, which he handls very delicately and with care.

Scott brings Satomi’s pack to Chris’s warehouse. They show him the arrow that nearly killed Brett, and Chris says that they are probably hunters — but if they are hunting for money, then they aren’t true hunters.

Stiles and Malia start listening to the tape. Lorraine is heard speaking, and she says that there’s something she needs to do…Stiles realizes that maybe Lorraine never returned to Eichen House prior to her death and that maybe it’d be advantageous to figure out where it is she went.

Lydia talks with Meredith. Lydia goes all detective mode on Meredith and says that she knows she wouldn’t have gotten herself caught if she didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to help in some way. Meredith says she does want to talk but that she’ll only speak with one person: Peter Hale.

Malia and Stiles listen to Lorraine’s recording over and over and over again. Malia hears something subtle and realizes that it’s the record player in the lake house. They realize that perhaps Lorraine predicted all those deaths on the dead pool years ago and, maybe, there was something in the lake house that could turn things around for the better. Malia and Stiles head there.

Meanwhile, Scott, alongside Braeden and Derek, try to protect Satomi’s pack. Brett says that what if this is all for nought and that nothing can be stopped. Derek says that this might be a logical fear but that tonight they will make one thing perfectly clear: That whoever messes with them will be put on another list — their list. THEIR hit list.

Peter shows up at the station to talk with Meredith. He dismisses the idea that she could be behind all of this and is apprehensive to go in an speak with her.

Peter asks her where his money is. She stares at him. She touches his face. he grabs her hand and sets it on the table. “The burns. They’re all . . . gone.”

Lydia says from behind the mirror glass. “Oh my god, they have met before.”

Chris speaks with Satomi. He says that he remembers meeting her awhile back.

Back in the precinct, Peter gets all angry and says that they’ve never met before. Meredith says, “But you said it had to be kept secret.”

Peter throws the table and Parrish to the side and lunges for Meredith’s throat.

Next, we’re taken back to Argent’s warehouse. The assassins have arrived and unleash fire.

Next, we see that Peter isn’t necessarily trying to kill Meredith; rather, he’s using his talons to withdraw her memories. We see Meredith being tested on. She’s taken to the hospital. Turns out that Meredith was taken to the same hospital as Peter; they were in the same hospital room.

After the fire, Peter ended up in a coma. BUT Meredith could hear everything — everything he was thinking, as her hearing is on another level.

She picked up all the information about the fire and about how he would exact revenge on everything and everyone. He said that he would work to eliminate all the weak supernaturals from the list.

Peter finishes up the memory draw and pulls away. Sheriff S draws his gun on Peter. “It was your idea and you don’t even remember,” says Lydia.

Malia and Stiles visit the lake house and listen to the record player. They turn off the player. But Malia admits she can still hear it. She hears something.

Stiles notices that there’s a cord going into the wall. He pulls on it, pulls on it harder. He rips the cord from the wall and, after pulling away the plaster, locates a bunch of electronic machines/transmitters. Stiles identifies this as “The Deadpool.”

Meanwhile, the gang takes on the assassins.

Peter tries to play dumb, say that he was out of his mind.

Lydia is trying to figure out who’s really to blame. Sheriff S points the gun at Peter, and Lydia says that he needs to let him go. They let Peter go, as they don’t really have anything they can charge him with, and Meredith screams, “NOOOO. It’s not finished.”

Scott is taking some damage.

Stiles shows Lydia the vintage computer and asks what it’s all about. She notices the carpet and how there’s no longer a wine stain there. She puts pieces together: The ashes weren’t ashes, the record player wasn’t a record player — and maybe the wine wasn’t just wine.

She tells Stiles to locate the wine bottle, as maybe there’s something about the wine that can help them — they find the bottle and locate a key that fits into the computer behind the wall.

Stiles turns the key.

Meanwhile, back in the warehouse, all the assassins receive a note on their phones: ALL CONTRACTS TERMINATED.

Kira asks if it’s all over. Scott nods.

Lydia speaks with Meredith. Meredith reveals that she was mainly trying to draw out Peter — but, unfortunately, she was sort of responsible for so many deaths in the process. Lydia says that not all monsters do monstrous things.

“Like who?” Meredith asks.

“Like Scott,” Lydia says.

Meredith touches Lydia’s face and says, “Like you.” After touching her cheeks, Meredith says, “What have I done?”

Peter speaks with Kate. He says he’s rattled. Kate says everything so far as gone exactly according to plan.

Peter reveals that he wants to kill Scott McCall.

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