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Teen Wolf: Another Argent Returns and the Pack Goes to Hell in the Trailer for Season 5B (VIDEO)

The full trailer for the second half of Teen Wolf's fifth season, which moves to a new night and time in January, promises that Scott McCall's pack—or what's left of it after the events of the show's dramatic fall finale—is going to hell and back. Which is funny because I'm pretty sure Beacon Hills is actually hell. At the very least it sits on a hellmouth. That place is a playground for all kinds of hellish creatures, and to combat them this season, the show is welcoming back a slew of familiar faces, including Deucalion, Papa Argent, and even Gerard "MOUNTAIN ASH" Argent (easily the least likable of the Argents).

The full trailer also offers a glimpse at Kira's return, some new enemies, and more shadiness from Theo, as well as Scott and Stiles' attempt to rescue Lydia from Eichen House. Take a look:

Did the show just confirm that Papa Stilinski is gonna make it through his injuries? Does that mean I can finally release this breath that I've been holding since the finale?

Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, January 5 at 9pm on MTV.

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