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Season 1 Episode 8

"Deadline Brooklyn"

Cat and Leo must fend off the zombie apocalypse when they learn of a chemical bomb set to detonate in Brooklyn...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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With each passing case, it's becoming clear that Leo is an indispensable asset to not just Cat, but the entire Brooklyn police department. This week's episode really hammered home that point when Cat, Capt. Baker and Esposito had Leo to thank for saving the city from a catastrophe.

The Case of the Elusive Egg

Leo's incorporation into the Brooklyn P.D. is not without its problems, however, like putting a strain on his relationship with his son Nico. At the start of the episode, Leo is penning Nico an email about the day's events. Flashing back, we see Leo pull up outside a building with Cat, Capt. Baker and Esposito. While Leo waits in the cab, the three storm the building's roof where a florist carrying a bouquet suddenly holds out an egg and makes his way to the side of the roof. With guns aimed at him and a helicopter hovering above, the man drops the egg as Cat, Baker and Esposito look on in terror. But like clockwork, Leo's expert driving beats the egg's fall to the ground, and he reaches out and catches it just before it lands.

What's in the egg? Leo brings us to the beginning of the story, which finds him and Cat retrieving a dead body from a dumpster. Cat is about to check the man's pulse, but Leo cautions the body doesn't look right. The man suddenly comes to life and races off. Leo says he doesn't do zombies, but he chases after him in his cab anyway when the man commandeers a passerby's jeep. With Leo and Cat blocks away, the man's car is struck at an intersection. Cat and Leo question him at the scene, where he mumbles vague references to a courier, a cup of fire, Rambo and two birds taking flight. But most disturbingly, the man warns Cat that, at 6:45 p.m., "We're all going to die."

At the precinct, the man is quarantined, and Leo's anxiety about a zombie apocalypse grows. Consulting a board on which she's written down everything the man said, Cat interprets the 6:45 p.m. deadline as a bomb. At the same time, Leo spots an officer reading the Fort Greene Courier and finds the words "The eggs have been switched. Two birds have taken flight." - more words uttered by the man at the crash site - on the paper's back page.

The team is interrupted by Rhys' unexpected arrival. Cat hasn't returned his calls or texts, so he decides to catch her at work. What Rhys actually gets is a confrontation with Leo, who takes Rhys to task for his anti-French sentiment. But Monica brings an end to their bickering when she breaks the news that the quarantined man has been poisoned with a toxin that is causing his cells to die prematurely.

Baker places the city on a terror alert and learns more about the infected man. His name is James Prall, and he previously served in Afghanistan. When he came home, he joined the militant religious group God's Army, whom the FBI and Homeland Security have classified as a terrorist group. Cat and Leo visit James' mother to learn more about him. She says her son returned home angry about what the U.S. had done overseas and broke off contact with his family. She provides Cat and Leo with the last known address she has for him.

Expecting the worst, Cat and Esposito scope out James' apartment outfitted in SWAT gear. They overhear a man threatening someone and bust through a door to find James' roommate playing video games. He says he last saw James the day before but that he never returned home. When Cat and Esposito lower their guards, the roommate climbs out the window... and right into Leo's cab.

Under questioning, the roommate - real name Robert Cochrane - quotes The Bible and foretells of people becoming walking corpses. Enter FBI agents Swann and Gregg, who reveal James was an undercover agent. The day he was found, James was supposed to be meeting Swann. "Two birds in flight" was code for two of the co-conspirators behind the bomb plot having gone missing.

Back in the bullpen, Rhys, who has been confined to the precinct following Monica's warning, suggests that "cup of fire" might refer to a place instead of a bomb. Leo recalls a restaurant with such a logo in its window located in an Iranian neighborhood. He and Cat head to check it out while Esposito visits the dumpster where James was found, looking for witnesses. He lucks out when he encounters a young boy who filmed James' body being dropped off.

At the restaurant, Leo and Cat discover its owners fighting. Tamina, who is Persian and Zoroastrian, has planned a secret wedding to her French Jewish boyfriend, Remy, against the wishes of her brother, Arash, who wants her to accept an arranged marriage. When Arash gets physical, Cat orders him out. Suspecting he may return, Leo and Cat wait outside the restaurant in Leo's cab and, as expected, see Arash come back with a group of friends. Inside, they find him holding Tamina at knifepoint. Cat threatens to shoot Arash, but it's Leo's tales of prison life that finally get Arash to drop the knife.

At the precinct, Esposito's video reveals that the men who deposited James' body into the dumpster are French. Cat and Leo pay a visit to Brooklyn's French neighborhood and learn the two in the video are cousins of Remy's father. After being interrogated, the cousins admit they planned to stop Remy and Tamina's wedding by disfiguring Tamina with a toxin. But when Robert, James' roommate who provided the toxin, began speaking of a bomb, the pair fled. Their disappearance is what prompted James' declaration about two birds in flight. The cousins found James poisoned at Robert's apartment and were bringing him to the hospital when they mistook him for dead, prompting them to leave his body in a dumpster.

When Cat questions the cousins about an egg, Remy informs Cat that a Zoroastrian wedding tradition features the bride smashing a ceremonial egg. Realizing that the toxin is in the egg, Cat, Leo, Baker and Esposito race over to the couple's wedding site... and we find ourselves at the start of the episode again.

Following Leo's unbelievable save, the cabbie is expecting to end the day with Cat, but instead, finds himself alone when she and Rhys head out together. In the end, Leo decides to keep the story from Nico, too, and says he missed their Skype session because he was busy with fares.

Has spending so much time with Cat caused Leo to fall for her? Will he continue to put his life in danger just to be around her? We'll be watching next week to see what comes next following this surprising development.


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