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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

"Black Widow"

To bait the woman responsible for a string of murdered male escorts, Leo must go undercover - and get undressed...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]
Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Working with Leo has broadened Cat's horizons, but this week, it's Leo who gets the eye-opening experience. To lure out the suspected killer behind a string of murdered male escorts, Leo poses as one in his first undercover operation.

The Case of the Sexy Sting

When Cat and Leo arrive at their latest crime scene, Esposito details a clear-cut suicide. The deceased, Alan, was found shot in his home alongside a note that read, "I'm sorry, this is the only way." But Alan's wife, who is pregnant with twins, paints a portrait of a happy man, saying Alan couldn't wait for the birth of his kids and would never have killed himself. She's also confused by the health club badge found near Alan's body, saying he didn't belong to a gym.

Leo is convinced by Alan's wife's words, but Cat remains unmoved - until Monica confirms it wasn't a suicide. Monica says Alan is the third body in three days whose cause of death suggests an assailant, rather than staged self-harm, was at fault. In addition, all three men possess good looks, are in their 20s and are gifted below the belt.

Esposito's trip to Alan's gym yields the contents of his locker, notably a $9,000 Rolex. Cat and Leo are surprised by how many secrets Alan was keeping from his wife. When they mention the other two bodies, Esposito suggests perhaps all three shared the same secret.

Leo and Cat first investigate victim Chris Wallace, an NYU student. His roommate, Diego, reveals Chris also had a Rolex. Spotting the tux on the back of the dorm door, Leo deduces Chris was an escort. Diego confesses he knew and describes Chris' clients as older, rich women. He doesn't remember the name of the service, however, until after Cat and Leo leave. Diego catches up to them soon after and tells them it was a site called Knights of Love.

At the precinct, Cat finds Chris, Alan and the third victim, Raymond Chen, on the site. Cat, Esposito and Baker surmise from the three men's profiles that their suspected killer has a type. They decide a fake profile is the best way to bait the killer. And who better to serve as their faux escort than a handsome Frenchman?

After wrapping Leo's profile photo shoot, Cat quickly exits... to head to her date with Rhys. Despite somewhat reconciling with Gregg last week, Cat is still keeping her options open. But a passionate makeout with her British beau doesn't lead to anything more when Cat abruptly pulls away. She admits she hasn't been with anyone since Gregg and leaves still feeling flustered.

The next day, Esposito finds that a woman named Jeanette has contacted all three victims and Leo, who is going by the alias Devon. Leo is fitted with a wire for their rendezvous, while Cat, Esposito and Baker listen in from a van nearby. Jeanette picks up Leo and whisks him off to her home - a mansion owned by billionaire defense contractor Walter Vandercoix.

Once inside, Jeanette recognizes Leo is new to the escort business. Cornered, he admits he's a cab driver in need of extra money. Leo opens up to Jeanette about why he became a driver in the first place, seducing her with his honesty. Politely put, it works. The next morning, Jeanette presents Leo with a Rolex, solidifying her as the likely killer. Leo knows he should leave but is persuaded to stay for breakfast.

And that's where things, as Jeanette predicted, get messy. At breakfast, Leo meets Jeanette's husband Bryce, who knows exactly why Leo spent the night. Clifton then walks in, and Jeanette identifies him as her husband's husband. As the situation becomes clear, Walter enters, and Bryce, Jeanette and Clifton all pretend Clifton is only Bryce's tennis instructor. When Walter leaves, Bryce and Clifton mock Jeanette about her escorts, prompting her to storm out.

Leo consoles Jeanette outside and, in doing so, reveals his real name. Jeanette, who is sporting Leo's jacket to stay warm, is outraged and discovers the wire when she throws Leo's jacket off. Leo successfully covers, saying he was safeguarding against rape accusations, but he is escorted off the premises.

At the precinct, Cat, Baker and Esposito are ready to arrest Jeanette, especially after learning her first husband was found dead and she wed Bryce soon after. Leo reminds them Bryce is running for Congress and the killings could be related to that, but no one listens. To keep Leo from contacting Jeanette, Baker orders him to stay at a safe house with Esposito.

Leo uses this time with Esposito to teach him about film, but their bonding is interrupted when Esposito goes searching for a bathroom. (Ronnie is holed up in the nearest one.) Leo takes a call from Cat, who is checking on him, but goes after Esposito after hearing a noise. Leo finds him unconscious and is then attacked from behind. Hearing the commotion, Cat hangs up and races over with Baker. Meanwhile, Ronnie attempts to stop Leo's attacker but gets knocked out, as well. The sound of approaching sirens causes the attacker to flee.

Ronnie, who served three tours in Iraq, identifies the assailant as ex-military. Cat suspects Walter Vandercroix, who has a reputation for hiring ex-military, is behind the murders, but when he's questioned, it becomes apparent Walter is going senile. Walter says he ordered the hits to eliminate foreign operatives working for people like Fidel. Cat realizes Walter is being manipulated by someone in his household, but is confused by his reference to Fidel since none of the victims were Hispanic. It suddenly dawns on her that Diego, not Chris Wallace, was the intended target.

Diego comes clean to Cat and Leo, saying he knew the killers were after him when Cat brought up the Rolex. He convinced them Chris was the escort so that the killers would believe they had murdered the right person. Diego was being hunted for overhearing Bryce bribe a Congressman with $2 million in exchange for the Congressman's vote on an arms deal. Diego recorded the conversation and then blackmailed Bryce anonymously for $500,000. Because Bryce didn't know which escort was to blame, he had them all killed.

Cat and Leo head to the Vandercroix residence to arrest Bryce, but Jeanette stands in their way. When she learns what her husband has done, she relents and directs Cat and Leo to the airport from which Bryce plans to flee. Bryce's plane is about to take off when Cat and Leo arrive, but Leo puts his precision driving on display and blocks its path.

Leo comes fully clean and returns the Rolex to Jeanette. She explains that she presented her escorts with watches as a nod to her first husband, Jason, who committed suicide. Despite Leo's feelings for her, Jeanette leaves after one last kiss. Making matters worse, Leo is greeted by a waiting Cat, only too happy to tease him for falling for a suspect.

With Cat and Leo both finding themselves single, could a romance blossom between them in the future? Or will Cat give in to her feelings for Rhys? We hope next week's episode helps our heroine make her choice.

Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

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