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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

"Love Hurts"

A copycat killer forces Cat to seek answers from the man who held her hostage: the Park Slope Stalker...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Solving her dad's murder has been Cat's top priority, but the return of a formidable foe gave her new reason for concern this week. Luckily for Cat, she has Leo to lean on, now more than ever.

The Case of the Stalker's Return

Serving as a police correspondent is not always convenient for Leo, who gets interrupted by Cat's call as he's about to enjoy a little romance. Her voice shaking, she instructs him to meet her at Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

When Leo arrives, Cat demands Leo stay at her side. Esposito and Monica make their way over to Cat, explaining that based on where the body was found and how the victim was killed all signs point to the Park Slope Stalker aka Harvey Pearson. The Captain, however, confirms Pearson is still in prison. Inspecting the body, Cat identifies it as Pearson's wife Amanda.

Cat is visibly freaked out, but Baker says he needs her on the case because no one else knows the mind of the Stalker like Cat does. Cat reluctantly agrees, but only if Leo can stay with her 24/7. No surprise, she gets her wish.

Cat tells Leo she believes Amanda's death was a message for her. But before they can keep talking, Leo spies a man on a bike watching them. Leo and Cat slowly attempt to walk away but the biker takes off. Cat and Leo follow in Leo's cab. They lose him when Leo's way is blocked by a park bench, but when his cab comes to a sudden halt, an envelope falls into Cat's lap. It says, "I killed her for you Cat" - in the Stalker's handwriting.

At the precinct, Cat, Esposito, Leo and Baker consider why Pearson would want to murder his wife, who stood by him throughout the trial. They are interrupted when a woman bursts into the station, screaming that Cat is a whore. She reveals herself to be Gregg's mistress, Giada, and orders Cat to stay away from her man. Not having any of it, Cat nearly comes to blows with Giada, accidentally punching Leo in the process.

Cat has Jerry, Pearson's brother, identify Amanda's body. He claims to have had no contact with her, but Esposito says Amanda's landlady described someone who fits Jerry's description as Amanda's new boyfriend. Leo also believes Jerry was the man watching him and Cat in the park.

With no other option, Cat decides she must visit the Stalker. She asks Leo to come with her, saying she can't face the man who held her hostage for 48 hours alone. Leo gives in, despite his claustrophobia, but only if Cat holds his hand the entire time.

Upon meeting, Pearson tells Cat he misses her and the mole on her thigh. Cat counters by revealing his wife is dead. But her show of strength doesn't fool Pearson, who correctly guesses Leo accompanied Cat because she was afraid to come alone. Leo ends up doing the spooking, however, when he silences Pearson with stories of his own time spent in solitary and how it drove him to self-harm. Since Pearson is unwilling to be of any use, Cat leaves him with a parting thought: Amanda was seeing his brother.

Afterward, Cat and Leo meet with Gregg, who says Pearson could've used a dating site for inmates to communicate with someone on the outside. Cat takes this time to inform Gregg about her run-in with Giada, whom Gregg swears is not his lover. Back at the precinct, Cat and Esposito question Jerry about dating Amanda. He says he was only watching over her at his brother's request. Jerry further says Amanda was so committed to Pearson, she was preparing to sue Cat.

Shortly after, Cat gets an anonymous phone call that says a message is waiting for her at her apartment. When Leo and Cat arrive, they find the words "Who Will Be Next?" painted up her stairs - and Jerry's dead body, which drops from Cat's fire escape. The scene attracts a crowd of people, one of whom Leo locks eyes with flirtatiously. At the precinct, Monica reveals it was poison, not the fall that killed Jerry.

Cat visits the Stalker again, trying to understand why he'd have his own brother killed, but Pearson is shocked by Jerry's death. He points Cat toward a fan who approached Jerry during the trial claiming to be on Pearson's side, but he warns Cat if the fan was willing to kill for him, in the case of Amanda, he'd be willing to kill for Cat, too.

Leo, on the other hand, believes the fan is actually killing to protect Cat. Amanda was killed for threatening to sue Cat, and Jerry was murdered for being uncooperative. Leo asks to see Cat's fan mail. He discovers a series of love letters that become increasingly violent after Cat failed to respond. One sent just three days earlier reads, "I will kill for you and if you still don't respond, I will kill you and then kill myself." Another sent the day before says only "you," which Leo believes answers the question written on Cat's stairs.

Baker orders Cat into hiding at Leo's place, where her mother, Frankie, has also taken up residence to watch over her. Over dinner, Leo deduces that Cat's fan was probably in the courtroom during Pearson's trial, so Cat may have seen him or her. Cat and Leo visit the courtroom to jog Cat's memory, but it's Leo who does the identifying, recognizing Assistant District Attorney May Winters as one of the bystanders in the crowd outside Cat's apartment when Jerry was found.

To lure May out, Leo says Cat should kiss him to trigger her jealousy. A reluctant Cat agrees, but stops short several times. The plan nonetheless works, and when Cat exits the cab to get mouthwash, May sneaks into the backseat and points a gun at Leo's head. Cat aims one right back at May, but she threatens to shoot Leo on the spot. Instead, Cat drops her weapon, and May leads Cat to her apartment at gunpoint.

Tracking Cat's cell phone, Leo catches up with them soon after and finds Cat locked in a cage. While trying to unlock the cage, May surprises Leo from behind and stabs him. As Cat desperately tries to break out, May slits her own throat, as well.

Once free, Cat brings Leo to the hospital where, despite serious blood loss, he is saved. Leo's recovery is further aided by the arrival of his lady friend. Gregg texts Cat asking her to meet him at their usual place. She does, and surprisingly, arrives dressed for a date. Gregg promises to tell Cat everything about his tryst, but also reassures her Giada will no longer be a problem following her admittance to a psych ward. His vulnerability pays off when Cat invites him to dinner.

Are Gregg and Cat on the road to reconciliation? Will there be double dates in Leo and Cat's future? Even with murder mysteries around every corner, we hope next week's episode brings more happiness for Cat and Leo.

Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

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