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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

"The Longest Night"

A raging storm leaves Cat, Leo, Baker and Esposito without backup as a gang wages war on the precinct, threatening to kill every cop inside...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Cat and Leo have come close to death before but this week's episode saw them fight for their lives - along with the entirety of Brooklyn's 125th Precinct. And the threat levied against them didn't just come from the outside. Read on to hear all about...

The Case of the Inside Job

A raging rainstorm has struck Brooklyn and Cat and Leo are headed to the precinct. She warns him that on nights like this all manner of crimes are committed. Her words are proved correct when just outside the precinct Cat spies a man attempting to rape a woman.

Cat brings him in for booking. While the rest of the city is experiencing a blackout, Cat explains that the precinct has an emergency generator. When the assailant gets aggressive during his search, Esposito restrains him with force. Cat orders the attacker to be taken to Monica so she can treat his wound while Esposito heads to the locker room to change his bloodied shirt.

When Cat looks up the attacker's fingerprint, she learns he was involved in a Queens heist where a cop was shot. Capt. Baker phones the Queens police department to learn more. Meanwhile, Leo tells Cat he's staying at the precinct because he needs Ronnie to bring him gas. But he's not the only one - Rhys stops by to visit Cat and so does Giada, who claims she just wants to talk.

Before Cat can lose her cool at the pair of them, she is interrupted by Sam, the detective in charge of cracking down on gangs in Queens. Sam informs Cat that the man she has in custody is Gabriel Hernandez, a.k.a. Styx, and that his gang, the Jungle Ks, is one of the most dangerous. Cat orders another cop, Lester, to take Styx to holding. But something goes awry and Styx shoots Lester, then comes charging at Sam and shoots him in the head. He's about to fire again when Cat shoots him first. As she stands over him threatening to end his life, Styx says, "If I die, you die, bitch."

With Lester dead and no one the wiser about where Styx got a gun, Cat sends Styx to Monica to be kept alive until an ambulance can arrive. When questioned by Cat, Monica says she didn't see anything because she was in the ladies' room, but that Esposito witnessed Lester's shooting from the locker room. Esposito says he saw Styx remove his handcuffs then shoot Lester. He also wonders why Styx didn't shoot him as well.

An examination of Lester's body reveals only a lipstick smudge on his shirt. Styx's decision to not shoot Esposito makes Cat think he was targeting specific cops. A search on the gun Styx used reveals that the gun was being housed at the precinct as part of the neighborhood's buyback program, meaning that a cop gave Styx the gun.

Monica says she thought there'd be no harm in leaving Styx alone given that he was cuffed and strapped to the table. When Cat presses her further about the timeline of events, Monica admits she also took a phone call when she stepped away. Thinking back on how Styx got arrested, Cat realizes the rape attempt was staged and that he wanted to be brought inside. She further deduces that Styx intended to shoot Collins; he just didn't know which cop Collins was and needed someone else to point him out.

To find the mole, Cat conducts an inquiry into everyone's whereabouts. Only four people don’t have witnesses to corroborate their location: Monica, Esposito, Lester's partner McLellan, and Hudson, the head of internal affairs. During his questioning, Lester reveals that he was looking to ditch Lester as his partner because Lester was being investigated by internal affairs. McLellan says Lester said he was having trouble with a Latina woman and that he needed money.

While Cat is busy interrogating, Rhys turns to Leo for help when Giada goes running out into the storm. Leo chases after them but is attacked by the Jungle K members stationed outside. They demand Styx be released or else they'll set the entire precinct on fire.

When Leo relays the news, Baker attempts to call for backup but discovers the phone lines are dead. Monica admits Styx could die at any moment if he's not brought to a hospital. While sitting with Monica, Cat notices a rubber band on her desk similar to the one Lester was wearing. Under Cat's steely gaze, Monica reveals she and Lester were having an affair. When she broke it off, he began threatening Monica and her family, alleging he was going to have Monica's brother arrested for dealing drugs. Monica maintains she had nothing to do with Lester's shooting, but Cat says she's just provided a motive.

Their conversation is interrupted when a barrage of bullets and a Molotov cocktail come flying through the precinct's windows. Baker orders everyone to arm themselves while Hudson takes a crack at Monica. Hudson finds there's no record of the call Monica claimed to have taken on her cell, forcing her to admit she went to see Lester in person. After he became violent, Monica fought him off and stayed in the locker room to cry. Hudson, however, doesn't buy her story, revealing that Monica's brother Mario was placed in jail alongside Styx's brother. Hudson believes that Mario took the rap for Styx's brother, so in turn, Styx repaid Monica by taking out Lester and she pointed out Collins.

Another round of bullets cuts the interrogation short and this time, Cat, Baker and Leo head to the roof to keep the Jungle Ks from breaking into the precinct. Baker is hit during the assault, but Cat and Leo manage to restrain a member who tells them that Styx had a mission to murder two cops. One was Collins, but the identity of the other was known only to Styx. The gang member also reveals that Styx received the gun from a while male cop who had a gunshot scar on his chest from a previous altercation with the Jungle Ks.

A chest check of McLellan, Esposito and Hudson finds no scar, so Cat examines Lester's body once again. He was Styx's accomplice. With one mystery solved, Cat and Leo address another pressing issue: Baker. His gunshot requires immediate care so to break out of the precinct, Esposito douses a cop car in gasoline and drives out in front of Leo's cab to distract the Jungle Ks. Esposito rolls out of the car just before it goes up in flames while Leo makes his escape with Baker in the backseat.

The next morning, the Jungle Ks are apprehended, Baker is treated and Styx miraculously survives. Confronting Styx in his hospital bed, Cat asks him who the other target was. The answer? Cat herself.

Is there another party that wants Cat dead? Or was Styx another representative of the Capella family? Could Cat's days be numbered? Make sure to tune in to next week's second-to-last episode of the season to find out what's in store for Cat.

Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

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