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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

"Double Identity"

When a maid is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, Cat and Leo work to unravel her true identity and keep a hit man from finishing the job...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1


After last week's episode, we were left wondering if Leo has developed feelings for Cat. He seemed to prove those suspicions correct this week, but Cat's latest love life development could leave Leo the odd man out. Let's dive in to...

The Case of the Maid in Brooklyn

Though he makes a living as a cabbie, Leo loves doling out free fares, especially to Frankie. During their drive, Frankie cuts the trip short and decides to walk the rest of the way from Prospect Park. Leo cautions her to be safe, but Frankie insists New York is not as bad as people think.

Her words are barely out of her mouth when a limo drives by and hurls bullets at a woman exiting a restaurant. Frankie calls 911 while Leo does what he does best: chase after the shooter. Unfortunately, the culprit gets away at a tricky intersection.

Cat arrives and learns from her mom that the victim is a housekeeper named Fernanda who works in the neighborhood. Doctors are able to save Fernanda, but when Cat questions her about her shooter, she reveals nothing other than that she is from El Salvador and that she has no family. Leo says the car from which she was shot slowed down as Fernanda exited the restaurant, meaning the shooter knew when she was coming out.

While Frankie heads to the precinct, Cat and Leo visit the restaurant and question its owner. He admits he received a phone call from someone posing as Fernanda's boyfriend asking to be called when Fernanda exited because he wanted to surprise her for her birthday. The owner says he had no reason to believe he was being conned.

At the precinct, Capt. Baker reveals Fernanda came from Venezuela on a student visa. She had an American sponsor, Machado, whom Baker recognizes as a notorious money launderer. Cat and Leo decide to visit Machado while Frankie and Baker grab "lunch," aka have sex, much to Cat's horror.

Predictably, Machado claims to be just a dry cleaner. He says he sponsored Fernanda because a friend asked him to. However, he promises to inquire into the shooting and report back to Cat. As Cat and Leo exit Machado's shop, Frankie joins them and recommends investigating why Fernanda was so excited about landing a job with her neighbor, Elaine.

When questioned, Elaine says Fernanda said her parents were dead and that she hadn't seen her brother since she was little. She also reveals that Fernanda liked to spy on the building's other tenant through a crack in her apartment door, tracking their comings and goings.

Machado calls then, and Cat and Leo return to the dry cleaner to meet him. But before Machado can disclose anything, a man with a gun enters the shop from behind and shoots Machado. His death prompts Gregg and the FBI to get involved. Says Gregg, the FBI is upset Cat's case got Machado killed when the bureau was preparing a case against him.

When Gregg looks into Fernanda, he discovers she changed her last name before applying for her visa. A search of her true name reveals that Fernanda was a detective in Venezuela who fled the country. As Cat and Leo ponder the information, Gregg takes a phone call and returns with bad news: The FBI has ordered him and Cat off the case. An undeterred Cat demands to know who gave Gregg the order and says she'll meet him for dinner when he finds out.

As Gregg leaves, Esposito breaks more bad news: Fernanda escaped the hospital when the officer stationed outside her room stepped away. To lure out her shooter, Cat, Baker and Esposito cover up her escape and station themselves outside her room. The hit man infiltrates the hospital not long after dressed as an orderly. When he realizes that the body in Fernanda's bed is actually a dummy, he enters into a shootout with Cat and Baker and makes his getaway.

Over dinner, Gregg reveals the CIA ordered the FBI and Cat to back off Fernanda's case. He also presents Cat with a present to mark the anniversary of their first date: a necklace. Cat is hesitant to accept it, but when Gregg suggests going for a nightcap, she surprisingly agrees.

The next morning, Cat awakes to find Gregg sleeping naked next to her. In her hurry to get dressed and leave, she knocks over Gregg's pants and finds that he carries their wedding photo in his wallet. Gregg catches her and offers to drive Cat to work, but she makes a hasty exit nonetheless. At work, Baker calls out Cat for wearing the same clothes as the day before, but luckily for Cat, no one suspects why.

As Cat finishes questioning another pair of tenants from Elaine's building, Michel and Anne Berman, Baker swings by and orders Cat to end her investigation. She chooses to ignore him, as always, and instead brings Leo with her to interview one last tenant, Jack McKinley. He says he moved into the building after his wife died and that his adopted son rarely comes to visit anymore. McKinley says he and Fernanda had no prolonged interaction.

Further researching the case, Cat learns McKinley has no credit history, or any history, before 2013. Cat and Leo also discover Fernanda's parents, anti-government activists, were murdered in a car bombing. Though his body was never found, Fernanda's brother is also believed dead. Cat realizes Fernanda became a detective to solve her parents' murder and that she's in Brooklyn to exact revenge.

Cat and Leo's return visit to McKinley's apartment finds that the place has been completely cleared out. Monica's sweep of the place turns up only a single fingerprint while Leo learns from the neighbors that McKinley left an hour after he was questioned. Gregg informs Cat and Leo that McKinley is a CIA agent, one the government is intent on protecting. Remembering McKinley's son, Leo realizes that the boy is actually Fernanda's brother. And that a man who looks just like him was working at the restaurant where Fernanda was shot when Cat and Leo went to interview the owner.

The restaurant owner confirms Leo's theory, saying that Fernanda came in looking for a waiter named Bobby. As Cat prepares to question Bobby, McKinley walks in, being led at gunpoint by Fernanda. She says she knew that McKinley would come see Bobby after he cleared out his apartment. Cornered, McKinley admits to Bobby that Fernanda is his sister.

As the five stand off, the hit man returns. But before he can shoot, Leo fires at him from Fernanda's gun. A check of his body reveals that the shooter is actually McKinley's CIA bodyguard and that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Fernanda and her brother are reunited, and McKinley and his bodyguard are sent to jail, though Cat knows the CIA will have them freed.

Cat asks Leo how he knew the bodyguard was wearing a bulletproof vest. He answers that he didn't, but when he saw the bodyguard point the gun at Cat, he knew he had no other choice than to shoot.

Leo's tender admission definitely catches Cat by surprise, but what's to come for the pair now that Cat has welcomed Gregg back into her life (and bedroom)? Will Cat be faced with choosing between her old love and her possible new one? With only three episodes left this season, next week's episode is sure to up the stakes.

Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

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Taxi Brooklyn - Season 1

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