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Taken Season 2 Ordered By NBC; Getting New Showrunner

Fans of the NBC Taken television series can rest assured that season 2 is on the way with a new showrunner soon to be announced. Based on the blockbuster franchise created by Luc Besson that starred Liam Nesson in the lead role as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, the new NBC series has thus far been overseen by season 1 executive producer and chief creative lead Alex Cary.

Focusing on a much younger Bryan Mills — as portrayed by Vikings star Clive Standen — who is forced to overcome an intense personal tragedy by enlisting in the CIA, Taken  aims to tell the story of how Mills became the nearly unstoppable man that Neeson portrays in the three films. As the show gained a modest following in terms of ratings throughout its first season on the air, the latest report has the show returning for season 2 without Cary.

According to Deadline, Cary has officially exited as showrunner as the show has been simultaneously renewed by NBC for a 16-episode second season. It’s undoubtedly unfortunate for NBC that they will lose Cary as the show continues to develop and grow, though with any luck, plans for fashioning the structure of the program into a procedural along the same lines as such network contemporaries as The Blacklist and Blindspot will work out well in the end.

Clive Standen as Bryan Mills in Taken Taken Season 2 Ordered By NBC; Getting New Showrunner
Besson will stay on board as executive producer as Taken begins to develop season 2 behind the scenes and actively seek out a new showrunner. With any luck, a replacement for Cary will be found quickly, to better facilitate the creative changes in store for the upcoming episodes and what the network likely hopes will go beyond even that.

Whether or not general viewers will be eager to stay on board with Taken as it moves forward into season 2 remains to be seen. For some, the idea of continuing to expand and expound upon the increasingly unfortunate series of events that perpetually befall Mills could begin to get older and staler as the show progresses. Then again, maybe Standen and the show itself (especially under a new showrunner) will manage to explore untapped depths of the franchise and character taking the series into places the films never dreamed of. On that note, here’s to hoping for the best from Besson and company.

Taken will return to NBC sometime during the 2017-2018 season.

Source: Deadline

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