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Sydney Swans chairman to meet Tim Worner

Sydney Swans chairman Andrew Pridham is expected to meet Seven CEO Tim Worner, amid media articles calling his position on the AFL club’s board as ‘untenable.’

With the AFL holding its execs, staff and players to high standards, Fairfax today notes: 

This is not about the fact that Worner had an affair with a staff member. Even though he was clearly her superior, the story is, after all, one of consenting adults. But like so many AFL scandals, more damage was done in dealing with the cover-up and by so many measures the financial handling in this instance smacks of hush money and old school boys’ club tactics.

Meanwhile Seven West Media yesterday won an interim injunction against Amber Harrison to stop her releasing confidential company documents.

On Twitter yesterday she even published Worner’s mobile number and engaged with SWM board member Jeff Kennett. Both responded with tweets yesterday.

Worner is expected to front the company’s annual results tomorrow.

SWM Board cleared him of any misconduct, noting an affair was a personal matter it did not condone.

NSW Supreme Court will consider the injunction matter today.

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