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Survivor Finale: Who Was Named the Winner?

The competitors on Survivor: Cambodia–Second Chance have had their turn for redemption and another chance at victory, having lost previous seasons of the show. Unfortunately, only one person was able to make it to the million-dollar prize. Jeremy, Kimmi, Keith, Kelley, Spencer, and Tasha all went into Wednesday night’s finale with a chance of winning. Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy were the final three to make it to the live studio presentation. Ultimately, the committee selected Jeremy Collins as the winner.

Jeremy was able to pull it off due to some expert strategy and a compelling final speech. He saved an immunity idol for the last minute and played it right before getting three elimination votes. He won immunity again in a one-hand ball challenge that sent Kelley home before the live studio portion.

Usually the final committee meeting is a raking over the coals for strategy players that have wheeled and dealed to get to the final. However, Jeremy was able to spin it into an emotional affair in his favor. His speech about family back home had some of the committee members in tears and probably gave him the final edge over the competition.

Was Jeremy your pick to win? Who would you have picked instead?

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