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superstore Shoplifter

Superstore (NBC) Full Episode - "Shoplifter"


Jonah looks after Amy's daughter, Emma, at the store, while Dina tries to catch a shoplifter.

After her babysitter cancels, Amy (America Ferrera) is forced to bring her daughter, Emma, to the store, even though that's against store policy. But when Glenn (Mark McKinney) calls her away, it falls to Jonah (Ben Feldman) to look after Emma, who unfortunately gets her period for the first time after Amy leaves. Determined to figure out the situation on his own, Jonah provides Emma with varying maxi pads until they both figure out how to use one.

Amy, meanwhile, is recruited by Dina (Lauren Ash) to help crack a shoplifter (Natasha Leggero) who refuses to confess. When good cop, bad cop doesn't work, Amy and Dina consult security footage for proof. What they find, however, is that the woman is innocent. Despite Glenn's apologies, the woman demands Dina be fired and threatens to call corporate. But as she's leaving the store, the alarm goes off and Glenn pulls a stolen DVD from the woman's bag. He agrees not to call the police if the woman agrees not to call corporate. Glenn's kind gesture is not lost on Dina.


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