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Superstore (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Secret Shopper"

"Secret Shopper"

The employees try to discover the secret shopper sent by corporate to test them.

After hearing corporate sent secret shoppers to nearby Cloud 9 locations, the employees are on the lookout for one among them, especially Dina (Lauren Ash), who seeks out suspicious-looking customers individually. Mateo (Nico Santos), on the other hand, resorts to sabotaging his fellow employees in order to make himself look better. Garrett (Colton Dunn), sensing an opportunity to have some fun, tells Mateo the corporate plant could also be a fellow employee. Mateo quickly spirals and assumes Jonah (Ben Feldman) is the plant, even getting Glenn to believe it.

But while everyone's trying to impress Jonah, Jonah is doing the exact opposite with Amy (America Ferrera), who's not happy to learn Jonah received a perfect score on the corporate policy test. Making matters worse, Jonah questions Amy's decisions and goes over her head to Glenn (Mark McKinney) when she asks him to put charcoal in patio instead of grocery, where corporate says it belongs. Jonah again draws Amy's wrath when he refuses to hang flyers redirecting customers to grocery - this time, over the intercom.

Following a very public (and profanity-laden) fight, Jonah finds Amy in the stockroom, but instead of making amends, they again get competitive over who can work the forklift better. When both of them fail to operate it properly - and trash the stockroom in the process - Amy finally admits Jonah's test score bothered her because she thought it meant Jonah was smarter than her. In turn, Jonah reveals he ended up working at Cloud 9 because he flunked out of business school. Their tender moment proves short-lived, however, when Jonah accidentally turns on the forklift, sending it onto the store floor, where it knocks out the real secret shopper. Better luck next year, guys.


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