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Superstore (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Mannequin"


Amy becomes obsessed with pranking Jonah after she discovers a mannequin that looks exactly like him.

When Amy (America Ferrera) and Garrett (Colton Dunn) find a mannequin that looks like Jonah (Ben Feldman), it doesn't take very long for them to start dressing it as him and mimicking his voice and actions. Sensing Jonah doesn't take teasing very well, Amy takes him aside, but her good intentions are immediately erased after Jonah refers to her as the employee least expected to be the life of the party. In retaliation, Amy ups her prank game, dressing the mannequin as a figure skater, a dog and a bride to a gorilla. Though he tries to take it in stride, Jonah eventually loses his cool and goes to extreme lengths - buying a sex doll that resembles Amy - to get her back.

Garrett, seeing Amy skirt her responsibilities so she can prank Jonah, calls her out on her "work flirt." Amy plays off Garrett's observation, but when Jonah confronts her and says he's realized what her behavior was truly about, she becomes flustered. Fortunately, Jonah tells Amy he figured out she was just hazing him.


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