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Supernatural, "Bloodlines"- It Was Just OK


Season 9 Episode 20


SAM AND DEAN INVESTIGATE MONSTER FAMILIES IN CHICAGO — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a case in Chicago, where they discover that various mafia-esque monster families are, unknown to humans, running the underbelly of Chicago. One is a family of shapeshifters run by Margo Lassiter (guest stars Danielle Savre), whose leadership is thrown into question when her brother David (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) returns home. The other reigning family in town is made up of werewolves, lead by Julian Duval (guest star Sean Faris). While in Chicago, Sam and Dean meet Ennis (guest star Lucien Laviscount), a man with a personal vendetta against the monsters. The Winchesters warn Ennis about heading into the hunter lifestyle, but Ennis refuses to listen and starts down a dangerous path...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




At a restaurant, a young couple – Ross and Tamara – sits and Ross tells her she’s beautiful. She asks him why they’re there and he tells her to hold that thought. He goes to the back to give the ring to the waiter to put it in a glass of nice champagne. The guy agrees but mocks him. Two other guys come in – Saul Lassiter and his muscle and they seem to scare Ross – the young guy.

They walk off into the back and enter a code for a secret door where there’s a party going on. Lassiter greets a girl – Mindy – and she says she liked him as a blonde. He runs his hands through his hair and then it’s blonde. He asks her if it’s better and says he hears they have more fun. Julian comes up to him and tells Lassiter to get his shifter ass out of here.

Lassiter ignores him and then tells him that you werewolves think you’re so special when you’re really just sons of bitches. They grab each other and start to fight. Lassiter asks if that’s all he has and Julian says he has so much more. He walks away and Lassiter calls him Old Yeller and asks where he’s going. The lights go out and a hooded man rushes into the club slaughtering as he goes.

Ross and Tamara walk onto the street and he tells her that place wasn’t them and brings her to a nearby ferry stop. He reminds her they met on a ferry at a 5th grade field trip and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He pulls out the ring box and she’s excited but then Lassiter staggers up bleeding and collapses. Ross tells her to call 911. He says to Ross – David, I didn’t have a choice. Ross asks who David is, but then there’s someone else there that grabs up Tamara and throws her into a wall and then finishes off Lassiter. Ross holds her and cries.

At North Chicago University, Professor Graham comes into the office and his secretary is surprised to see him since he’s supposed to be out of town. He tries to cover and walks into his office and closes the door. Margo calls but he doesn’t take the call. He plugs a flash drive into the computer and we see that the guy has changed to a young man – David Lassiter – Saul’s brother. He calls his friend and tells Matt that he has the answers to the math test.

Margo calls again and tells David that Saul, their brother, is dead. Ross tells Freddy – a cop – what he saw but they’re skeptical. He insists he’s sure and that a faceless thing with claws killed his GF. The cop says maybe it was a gang banger with a knife. Ross gets angry and Freddy says he’s just like his dad. He says if he goes off spouting nonsense, he can’t help him.

The Winchesters come in and tell Freddy they’re taking over. He asks why the FBI is there and Dean says they work with certain perp profiles. They kick him out and tells Ross they want to hear about last night. He asks if they’re going to call him crazy and Dean says – try us. He tells them his GF was dead and Sam says there was nothing he could have done.

Ross says the thing wasn’t human and asks what they’re going to do about it. Dean tells him there’s no such thing as monsters. He and Sam walk out on the kid. Freddy comes to see Margo and she asks if the ghouls are with them. He says he doesn’t know. Freddy says they’re not sure with Saul dead and she tells him to tell the ghouls and everyone else that she’s running the family now.

David is there and Freddy tells him he’s sorry for his brother. David asks what happened and she tells him Julian clawed out their brother’s heart and says she will make him bleed for that. In another room of their house, Margo checks out her men and all their guns. David asks what she’s doing and she says they’re going to war. She tells him to talk to Dad if he doesn’t like it.

Upstairs, Dad is in a coma. David says he didn’t know he was that bad and she reminds him he’s been gone for three years. He asks if she’s sure it was Julian and she says she has a witness that the mutt gutted their brother. He’s not sure but she is. She tells him that his ex – Violet – is getting married to one of the New York wolves to seal a deal. David says he wants Margo to be sure before she starts a fight. She tells him he ran away to be a human but says since he’s out, he needs to stay out. She walks away.

Julian pours a drink and asks the Djinn if he can offer him anything. The Djinn asks if he thinks the shifters will make a move. Violet comes in and tells Julian they need to talk. She asks him about Saul’s death and wants to know if he killed him. He says no, but he saw his body and says he died quick. She asks who killed him and he says he doesn’t know or care.

She asks why he’s meeting with the Djinn and he says Margo thinks he killed Saul and he’s not going to tell her different. He says there is a war coming and that Margo and their pack have been taking their territory. He says he needs the tattooed guys on their side for the battle. Violet asks him to stop and he slams her against the wall and tells her she’s a bitch in the pack and her job is to be pretty and silent. He says she doesn’t get a vote.

Ross walks off the subway. He goes home and to his closet. He opens a trunk of his father’s stuff. He pulls out a gun and then notices some bullets hidden underneath – silver bullets! At the crime scene, Ross stares down as the police work and lookie loos check it out. He recalls his GF’s last scream. He uses his dad’s lockpick set to creep into the secret room at the back of the restaurant.

He sees claw marks on a table and blood. Someone is coming in and he runs to hide behind the bar. The smarmy waiter is there with a mop bucket. He pauses and sniffs and walks over to where Ross is hiding. Ross jumps out and says he’s Chicago PD. The guy says – I don’t think so – and flashes fangs. Ross shoots him a few times but he keeps coming until Dean takes the guy out. Ross slumps to the floor in shock when he sees Dean and Sam.

Dean and Sam joke about cutting the guy’s head off and tell Ross this is a good time to run. He says he’s not going anywhere until they tell him what’s going on. Dean tells Sam to give him the talk. Sam introduces him to them and says they kill vampires, werewolves and bad guys. Dean says this creature sounds new and Ross asks about the weird guy he saw in the mirror and Sam says it’s probably a wraith. He says sometimes you can’t tell something is different until you see it in a mirror or lens.

Dean finds a cooler with meat in it and one is labeled Susan. They wonder what this place is. They say they need to see Saul’s body and Ross says he’s coming along. Sam calls him an innocent and says what they do is messed up and he needs to stay out of it so he doesn’t get hurt too. They walk off. Ross is fuming.

At home, he looks at a photo of Tamara while he researches Saul Lassiter. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Freddy asking to talk. He asks Ross what the thing looked like that he saw kill Tamara – his GF. Ross says it had almost no face. He asks Freddy to hang around and says his dad will be home soon. Freddy says that would be nice and that’s a hint to Ross that there’s an issue since Freddy knows his Dad is dead. He says he has a text but turns on his camera to look at Freddy on the screen and sees that his eyes glow green. He asks Freddy if he wants to see his jacket that the creature tore into.

Ross tosses the jacket at him and pulls the gun on him and says there is a silver bullet in the gun. He says he knows he’s not Freddy. He changes into David and says he’s Saul’s brother and wants to know what happened to his brother. He asks Ross if he knows what’s going on out there and tells him he’s in over his head.

David says Chicago is divided into five monster families and they own the police. Djinn, werewolves and other creatures. He says they try to keep human casualties to a minimum and if war breaks out there will be human and monster blood in the street. David says he’s the only guy trying to stop it.
[10:32:30 PM] Rachel Rowan: David looks at the jacket and says the claws are reflective silver and says that means it wasn’t Julian Duvall because werewolves get burned by silver. He throws the jacket at Ross who stumbles back into the closet which gives David enough time to run out of the house. Ross tries to give chase, but David is too fast.

Ross comes back in and goes back to his computer. He searches Julian Duvall. Sam tells Dean the coroner told him that Julian Duvall paid three grand to see Saul’s body. Ross is close by where they are. Violet comes out of her house and tells David he can cut the act. He was posing as a butler. He changes into himself and walks over to her. She asks if the butler is okay and he says he’s safe in a closet.

He tells her he came about Saul. He says he knows Julian didn’t do it and asks her to talk to her brother to stop the war. She says she’s just a bitch and he’s a runaway and there’s nothing they can do. She says Julian doesn’t want to stop the war. He asks when she started caving in and doing what they want and letting them sell her. She says she didn’t have a choice and he reminds her she had a choice but didn’t meet him. David says he was there waiting and asks where she was.

A creature leaps down from above and tackles David. Violet runs off. David fights back and the guy is perilously close with his silver claws. He touches David who screams and then Ross shoots. The creature leaps off him. Violet screams and David comes running. Sam and Dean are there and Ross tells them that David is a shapeshifter and says the creature took Violet. Dean says they need to go.

Dean asks David for clarification on the five monster families running Chicago. David explains that Violet is a werewolf but isn’t answering her phone. Ross says they can trace her cell phone. David says to bring him along and he’ll give them the number. Ross doesn’t like that but Dean says sometimes you have to work with the bad guys. David is offended by this.

Violet comes to and hears her phone buzzing. She’s chained up. She sees a bulletin board of photos and notes. The man approaches and asks if she thinks he’s a freak like her. He says he’s not. He pulls off his hood and then a mask and shows his face. He says he’s just a man. He rattles his Freddie Krueger claws at her and says they’re going to have some fun.

They trace Violet’s cell and David thanks Ross for shooting at the creature and saving him. He tells him he’s sorry about his girlfriend and that he lost someone too. Ross tells him that his brother said – David, I’m sorry, I didn’t have a choice. Dean tells them to kiss and make up later and says they have work to do.

The guy comes closer to Violet and tells her that his claws are silver and if she’s a monster the silver will tell him. He tells her that her brother and Lassiter ripped his brother apart. She tells him that Saul and Julian hate each other and wouldn’t hurt a kid. He says he doesn’t believe her and that he’ll leave pieces of her all over town. She says he’s starting a war and he says once freaks start killing freaks, the humans win. She tells him that’s not how it will work out and that many more children will die.

They hear a door and he pops his hood back on and goes to investigate. Dean tells Ross that he’s with him and calls him Romeo. Sam and David are a pair as well. They creep into the abandoned building. Dean creeps around a corner. David sees a shadow and pulls his gun then creeps off to follow it. David is attacked by the guy. Dean calls for Ross and David. Neither answer. David is tied up next to Violet and tells her he’s sorry.

The human comes in and says he has to make an example of him too but Violet yells no. He asks if that’s his GF. He pokes his silver claws into David’s chest who screams. Violet starts to go wolfy. She slices her chains and goes after the guy who screams as she attacks. David pulls her off him and tells her to stop. She does. His face is clawed up, but he’s alive. They hug.

The other three guys catch up just as the guy is sitting up. Dean asks what they missed. The guy tells Ross he knows him and says – sorry about your girl but she was in the way. He tells Ross he knows he understands because they’re monsters. Ross tells him he only sees one monster here and puts a bullet into the guy.

David and Violet talk and he asks if she’s all right. She says she will be and asks about him. He tells her Saul’s dying words were that he was sorry and didn’t have a choice. He tells her Saul never did anything to him and asks why he would say that. Flashback to her heading into the train station to meet David. Saul intercepts her and tells her that David will be there soon, but she won’t be.

She asks why he’s doing it and he says it’s his job to protect him and keep their bloodline pure. He tells her that everyone agrees that sticking to your own kind is right. He tells her if David runs off with a wolf, it will start a war. He tells her she can walk out of there alive or he’ll kill her. She tells Saul she loves David and Saul says he wishes that mattered.

Now, David tells her that he always knew Saul would have his back and asks what his dying words meant. Violet says she doesn’t know. She doesn’t want to tell him his brother betrayed him. She goes to him and kisses him passionately then walks away. He touches his lips then watches her walk away.

David’s dad wakes up and tells him that Margo wants war and that he has to stop her. David delivers the claw to Margo and tells her it was a crazy human and that the Duvalls are clean. He tells her he’s back to the family. She says she’s waited a long time to hear him say that. She smiles and the other embrace him. She tells him welcome home and hugs him but her eyes are cold and she’s unsmiling once he can’t see her face.

Dean and Sam pull up to Ross’ house to drop him off. They asks if he lives alone and he says his mom is out of the picture, dad is dead and sister estranged. Dean gets a call and says they have to go because Kas found Metatron. Sam says they can’t leave a city full of monsters. Sam tells Ross they’ll send other hunters and Ross says he can help. Sam tells him if he gets into it too deep, he’ll never get out. They drive away.

Ross says he couldn’t walk away because it’s his fight now. He says he has to start somewhere. We see him back in the man’s lair looking at the photos o the guy’s dead brother. He sees articles about the vicious mauling of the child. He has Tamara’s engagement ring around his neck. His phone rings from an unknown number. It’s his Dad’s voice and he tells Ross if he starts hunting the monsters, they’ll come after him.


On the next episode...

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