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Suits (USA) Review - "I Hate Mike Ross"

Season 5 Episode 12

"Live to Fight"

Mike and Louis must identify an anonymous tipster in order to diffuse a damning piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Gibbs is not just after Mike, she set her sights on Jessica and Harvey as well.

*Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers* 

Donna Has Always Been Donna

How can you say someone is loyal to a fault when that person is Donna Paulsen? Unfortunately, we learn through a series of flashbacks that Harvey’s level-redheaded assistant (and, again, YAY for Donna going back to Harvey) has always had a blind spot for her father. When Anita Gibbs leverages Jim Paulsen to get Donna to roll on Harvey, we learn that Harvey was asked seven years ago to invest in a bad deal with Jim -- and that Jim was going to use some of Donna’s retirement money when Harvey declined to invest. Harvey threatened Jim that if he involved Donna in his shady business that Harvey would hold up his business in court into infinity.

Anita’s Coming After the Firm

Attorney Anita Gibbs continues to pull out all the stops in her efforts to take down Pearson Specter Litt, including backing Donna into a corner and subpoenaing every single file of the firm’s. Mike realizes that any deal he makes only brings Gibbs one step closer to nabbing all of them and tells Rachel he can’t negotiate with the fierce prosecutor. But when an anonymous tip from Harvard University suddenly becomes un-anonymous, Gibbs finds herself with the advantage.


Louis Learns the Truth

Someone from Harvard rolls on Mike, and Louis knows exactly who it is when he reads the anonymous letter: his ex-fiancé Sheila Sazs. Louis drives to Cambridge to confront Sheila, who reveals that she had kept herself anonymous because she was so ashamed for not catching Mike’s lie in the first place. During this conversation, Sheila realizes that Louis has known Mike’s secret for some time. Shortly thereafter, Gibbs tells Harvey that Sheila has come forward as the tipster, greatly strengthening the prosecution’s case.


Jessica Lawyers Up

Mike has leverage on Jessica, and Jessica has evidence on Rachel, so Jessica proposes that they all get rid of what they have that implicates each other. In the meantime, Jessica visits her ex-boyfriend Jeff and seeks his counsel for herself. Jeff delivers the affidavit to Mike that makes Rachel look guilty and -- since Mike’s not technically a lawyer anyway -- tells him he can destroy it himself. In the same conversation, Mike realizes that he’s the reason Jeff and Jessica broke up, piling onto his guilt. Meanwhile, Jeff’s counsel for Jessica is short-lived. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be her lawyer; maybe God has a plan?


Mike’s Guilt Is Mounting

Between Donna’s father being dragged into the U.S. Attorney’s office and Jeff and Jessica’s break-up -- not to mention that the entire firm is under fire and his wedding plans are in shambles -- Mike feels increasingly guilty about the long-reaching ramifications of his secret. He visits Professor Gerard to plead for his support, but Gerard is unwilling to lie in an affidavit saying that Mike was his student. Gerard does, however, craft a vague statement that gives Mike enough leverage to negotiate for Jim Paulsen’s release. The bluff is a minor victory, as Harvey has to withdraw Mike’s motion to dismiss in kind -- but everyone knows that affidavit would have never held up in court anyway.


Gretchen Comes Clean

Louis and Gretchen are off to a great start when it comes out that Gretchen not only knew his beloved assistant Norma, but that she also plays in Mrs. Fillstein’s elite Mahjong game on 81st Street. Things take a turn, however, when Gretchen comes clean about setting Mike’s arrest in motion. She was the one who tipped off Harvard Law’s alumni journal about Mike’s promotion that ultimately catches Sheila’s attention. We love you, Gretchen, but you really mucked it up this time!

suits season 5 episode 12

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