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Season 4 Episode 5

"Pound of Flesh"

Things are getting uncomfortably close between RACHEL and Pearson Specter client LOGAN SANDERS, and the stress at work, school and home threatens to derail her. LOUIS helps DONNA prepare for the role of a lifetime – and she helps him face a lifelong fear. HARVEY and MIKE agree to a temporary ceasefire, but SEAN CAHILL turns up the heat when he accuses them of collusion. And Mike learns just how ruthless his new business partner really is...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Mike letting Rachel sleep in to 9am. She isn't getting any sleep between school and her work for Harvey, but it still furious at Mike.

Harvey and Cahill exchange threats in a court room. Harvey says he'll get him fired just like Woodall, while Cahill promises to be a much tougher foe.

Mike tells his assistant about a new plan that might help him win without actually getting in bed with Forstman and having to cut Jonathan out. Wexler, an investment company, will likely be selling some of its Gillis shares. Mike then goes to see Harvey and advises him to "walk away," making an offer for Logan. Harvey knows about Wexler and picks up on the fact Mike is trying to use the money for leverage.

Jessica tells Harvey she's wants to be the one to tell Malone he needs to come up with a legal (ish) way for them to buy Gillis stock on behalf of Logan despite the fact they are under a temporary restraining order.

Donna tells Louis she's back on stage doing Shakespeare. It opens that night and she's struggling with her lines. He's going to help her.

Mike tells his assistant he's now got no options. He has to go after the shares with Forstman's cash, meaning he'll be cutting out Jonathan.

Jessica tells Malone about Wexler and Gillis. He doesn't love the idea, since it's technically illegal.

Jonathan brings Mike into his office and compliments him on the good work he's done. He gives him a blank plaque on which he can write up what will be his first deal, or "tombstone."

Rachel gets a voicemail from Logan saying his board loved the plan they worked on together.

Harvey goes to see Malone. They argue over the legality of what Malone is being asked to do. Harvey basically tells him he has no choice.

Rachel asks Harvey for a day off. It doesn't go well.

While helping a nervous Donna with her upcoming play Louis admits to her that he suffers from stage fright. He helps instill confidence by complimenting her and it seems to work.

Rachel tells Mike about Harvey biting her head off when she asked Harvey for time off. They both say they want this whole Harvey/Logan thing to be over, but Rachel is clearly struggling more.

Malone tells Jessica and Harvey of his plan, which is getting a retainer from Logan that is equal to the number of shares they want him to buy. They like it.

Donna tells Harvey her experience on the first night was "amazing" and she gives him credit. Louis knows the entire play by heart and she asks if he can fill in for an actor who broke his ankle. He tells her the origin of his stage fright was peeing his pants on stage. She begs him, since if he doesn't help she'll lose the final two performances.

Mike meets with Wexler about the shares and learns they've gotten a similar offer from someone else. He's going to have them compete in a blind bidding competition the following evening.

Mike approaches Harvey in the bathroom. He knows what Harvey and the firm are up to and threatens to call the SEC. Harvey responds that it won't work, since by the time everything is sorted out the TRO will be lifted and they'll be right back where they are now.

Mike is told Rachel has been taken to the hospital. He rushes there and finds Harvey waiting in the hall. Rachel fainted because due to dehydration but will be fine. Harvey has already postponed the sale. She's sedated and Harvey suggests they wait across the street at a restaurant.

Over their first-ever steak dinner Harvey tells Mike he feels guilty for telling Rachel she couldn't have time off. He shows him a picture of Louis on stage. Mike is upset that Louis still hasn't forgiven him for his Shiela play. They compliment each other on some moves they've made.

A sweating Louis refuses to go on stage during the middle of the play. To get him to go through with it she starts hurting his feelings so he'll turn that into rage.

As Mike and Harvey leave the restaurant Harvey tells Mike to tell Rachel she can have the day off the following day. Cahill shows up from around the corner. He's been following Harvey. He thinks the what's happened is far-too convenient, Rachel fainting, just before the sale is made by Harvey's firm. This news is a shock to both Harvey and Mike. Cahill leaves and Harvey swears he had nothing to do with it. It must have been Jessica, but Mike doesn't buy it. Harvey promises to fix things.

Rachel has a dream where she and Logan are together and she confuses him with Mike for a second. She springs awake and Mike is there waiting for her.

Harvey goes to see Jessica. She doesn't care that he made a promise to Mike and reminds him their first responsibility is to the client,.

The next morning Rachel seems to be feeling better. Over Mike's objections she says she is going to go into the office to do a few things.

Donna basically admits to Louis that she tricked him into performing in her play to help with his confidence. He's grateful.

Rachel finds flowers on her desk. They are from Logan, wishing her well after the scare.

Harvey meets Mike and tells him he couldn't fix what happened. He says this wasn't what he wanted but he can't fight Jessica this time. Mike doesn't believe him, but Harvey responds by telling him he regrets what happened and should have trusted Mike when he first brought the takeover plan to him.

Mike tells Forstman he made a mistake and no longer needs his money. Forstman responds by telling him he knows Mike tried to leverage his money. Forstman has already gone to Jonathan to take his money. He tells Mike they are partners "whether you like it or not."

Harvey gives Donna some flowers and accompanies her to her final performance.

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