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Season 4 Episode 4


Having lost his partner on the inside, MIKE moves to a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. On the other side, HARVEY and LOUIS pull out all the stops to make sure they win this takeover fight, and things take a personal turn. Meanwhile, JESSICA and MALONE come face-to-face with SEAN CAHILL, the attack dog with the weight of the SEC behind him, bent on bringing the firm down...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with a furious Donna paying Mike a visit. She's upset he used a personal conversation against Harvey.

Harvey pays Woodall an early morning visit at his place. He claims that he was not responsible for the subpoenas, blaming a cutthroat named Sean Cahill.

Jonathan tells Mike he's happy he showed the initiative to buy more of Gillis's company. But he gives him a week to deleverage or he's fired.

Malone is upset with Harvey for going to Woodall's place. Jessica agrees with Malone and tells Harvey he needs to remember that Malone is in charge of these cases.

Mike tells his assistant Amy about needing to find a new investor. He wants her to get him a meeting with Tony Giannopoulos.

Logan wants Rachel to evaluate companies he's looking at for his next deal. She agrees but is unsure why he's asking her.

Harvey tells Louis he wants help with Mike, who they both know will be scrambling for funding.

Jessica gives Malone a suggestion for how to handle the SEC. He doesn't think he needs a "babysitter."

Amy shows Mike that Louis is trying to roll back the restraining order.

Jessica and Malone give Cahill a subpoena for malicious prosecution. They know his strategy is to drop the charges for clients once they leave the firm. Cahill tells them it won't fly because the SEC is going after three other firms the same way. During the conversation Cahill drops a bomb: Malone was about to be fired from the SEC when he left.

Outside Jessica is furious that Malone never told her he was going to be fired. He tells her it was bogus, that the reason is that he was refusing to go after Jessica's firm.

Before going into court Mike tells Louis he's sorry about the news that Sheila is engaged. Louis thinks Mike's using this to get him off his game.

Mike's ploy works and Louis explains to Harvey why he wasn't at his best. Harvey shows Louis that Mike invented the whole thing to rattle him. Sheila isn't actually engaged. Harvey is furious.

Rachel finds a red-eyed Louis in the copy room. He explains what Mike did. She thinks this might be a sign Louis should reconnect with Sheila.

That night Rachel confronts Mike about what he did to Louis. She's upset that all he cares about is winning. He reminds her all the lives Logan will destroy if he wins.

Harvey tells Malone he should take the stand. Malone hates the idea, but Harvey doesn't seem to be giving him a choice.

On the advice of the very smart Amy, Mike changes his tactic with regard to Giannopoulos.

The judge tells Cahill that if the charges against any Pearson Specter clients are dropped after they leave the firm he'll be facing jail time.

Rachel brings Logan five brand new options for his next case. He hates her ideas and wonders if she brought him a proposal he'd reject so she wouldn't have to meet with him.

Mike brings Giannopoulos a favor in exchange for him considering Gillis Industries. Giannopoulos sends him away rudely, without seeming to really consider his offer. In the lobby Mike runs into Louis. Louis had told him about Jonathan leaving on the advice of Mike. Mike apologizes but Louis says he'll never forgive what he did.

Donna tells Harvey about Louis fixing the problem with Mike. Harvey reminds her Louis created the problem in the first place.

Jessica and Malone go to Cahill an offer to drop their malicious prosecution case if he drops the subpoenas against their clients.

Mike approaches Forstman about funding. He isn't interested until Mike tells him he'd be about to screw over Harvey. It works and he pledges $230 million, but says there will be a provision that cuts out Jonathan once the deal closes.

Mike tells Amy about the provision cutting out Jonathan. Mike tells her that he's gone either way but it's better to be fired after the deal closes. She doesn't like screwing over Jonathan.

Rachel does what Logan asked in the first place. The two make up and go over the prospects.

Mike apologizes to Louis again, then tells him he got funding by using an enemy of Harvey's.

During the meeting Rachel tells Logan his idea weren't that great. He's worried he'll be in trouble with his board, but she has suggestions that could bail him out.

Louis admits to Harvey the reason Mike had the idea to go after one of his enemies is that he stuck the previous win in Louis' face. Harvey is again frustrated with Louis screwing up.

Malone and Jessica celebrate that Cahill has taken their deal. He apologizes for lying to her. Harvey walks in and tells them Cahill has been asking their clients for dirt. That's going to be his real play. Malone is upset he didn't see it coming.

Harvey pays Mike a visit in his office. He says getting in bed with Forstman is a mistake. Harvey thinks Forstman is shady, but Mike responds he has no other choice.

Rachel and Logan work late and find an idea plan she thinks will impress his board. Before she leaves they have a brief moment where he leans in to kiss her. She walks out before anything happens.

We see Mike make the deal with Forstman.

The episode ends with it seems that Jessica and Malone are getting together.


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