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Season 4 Episode 3

"Two in the Knees"

His patience wearing thin, Logan questions whether Harvey has the stomach to hit Mike below the belt, leaving Harvey torn between staying true to his client or true to his friend...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



We open with Mike asking Rachel if she loved Logan. She admits she did (but doesn't anymore) and tells him she was the one who ended the relationship.

Donna tells Mike she's concerned about what might happen between him and Harvey if they go toe-to-toe. She mentions Harvey found the master tapes for his father's solo album and is working on buying them. Mike thinks he owes Harvey his best shot.

Logan checks in with Rachel to make sure she's okay with whatever he does. She says she's fine.

Logan tells Harvey that he wants to win at all costs, and it worried he won't play dirty since Mike's on the other side. Harvey promises he'll go below the belt.

Louis wants to square things with Malone. He feels like he owes him a favor. Malone says he wants advice from Jessica on an upcoming case. Louis promises to help.

Harvey attempts to get a banker to cut off Gillis' credit by threatening to take the rest of the firm's business to another bank. But Mike shows up and nixes the whole thing, countering that if the banker cuts off Gillis he'll be called in front of a grand jury.

Louis goes to Jessica with Malone's interest in her help. She tells him it's not her job, but Louis counters by asking her to do it as a favor to him.

Jessica and Malone talk and we learn the favor he asked of Louis was a completely bogus story. He seems to be trying to get close to her.

Logan wants Harvey to hire a PI and dig up dirt on Mike. Harvey thinks the real reason Logan's so fired-up is because he still has feelings for Rachel. Logan says if Harvey doesn't do it, he'll find somebody who will.

Harvey and Donna talk about his situation with Logan and Mike. She knows Mike's secret will be uncovered. Harvey doesn't think he has a choice and Donna suggests he "think of something that won't ruin his life."

Jessica and Malone attempt to place Louis in the middle of a faux debate. During the conversation Malone massages Louis' shoulders, making Louis think Malone is into him.

Louis goes to Donna for advice about Malone. She tells him to ignore him.

Harvey goes to Gillis and tells him he knows drugs killed his son. He then tells him Mike has a history with drugs, including as a dealer. Gillis goes to see Mike that night in his office and Mike is forced to come clean. Gillis tells Mike "we're done." Mike responds by asking his assistant to dig up as much dirt as possible on Logan.

Donna tells Jessica about Louis thinking Malone has feelings for him.

Louis tells Malone he likes him "as a friend." Malone tells him he's disappointed and thinks he should tell Jessica she should come back to the case.

Mike goes to see Harvey, pissed off that Harvey got personal. Harvey responds that he actually saved Mike by hurting him before Logan could get to his biggest secret. The two argue and Harvey tells Mike that he "made" him. Mike finishes by saying he has Harvey's father's masters. Mike leaves. Logan arrives and tells Harvey he wants proof that Gillis and Mike are done or he's going to go after Mike with his investigators.

Harvey leaves to try and get Mike to sign something confirming he's no longer working on Gillis' behalf. Donna stops him on his way out and says she thinks he was a jerk to Mike. She doesn't think there's any way Mike will sign something.

Malone tells Jessica the real reason he wanted her help because he doesn't trust important cases to associates. He tells her a story about one of his first cases where a bad guy got away because an associate missed something.

Harvey goes to Rachel for help getting Mike to quit the fight so he doesn't ruin his career.

Jessica helps find Malone exactly what they needed to get the charges against their client dropped. They get close during the process and he tries to kiss her. She pulls away and says she has too much on the line as a female in her position. He wonders if perhaps she's making excuses to keep them apart. She apologizes and leaves the room.

Rachel comes home and Mike confronts her with her deposition from Logan's divorce. She lied for Logan to back his story in the proceedings. Mike is upset she never told him. Rachel says Logan wanted to marry her but she said no, "because he wasn't the man I wanted to spend my life with." She tells Mike that he is "the one" and they embrace.

Rachel goes directly to Logan and asks him to stop the personal attacks on Mike. She reminds him that he lied to her about not loving his wife.

Louis figures out that Malone's story was bogus. He's furious and screams at him for an answer. Malone says nothing and Louis leaves angrily.

Logan goes to see Mike and apologizes for trying to win dirty. Mike asks for the truth and Logan says the real reason is that "I don't want to hurt Rachel."

Mike confronts Gillis in his parking garage. He says he's bought a few more percentage point in his company and will help him "with our without you." Gillis says he never wants to see him again.

Malone tells Jessica the Woodall subpoenas will begin the following day. "It's time for you to start earning your money," she says.

Rachel delivers Harvey's father's tapes on behalf of Mike. She lets him know she got Logan to back off.


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