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Season 3 Episode 16

"No Way Out"

Mike is brought into the US Attorneys office for questioning by an Attorney who hate dirty lawyers. Meanwhile, Dana Scott re-evaluates her relationship with Harvey...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]





The episode opens with Donna wanting to celebrate Mike's decision to stay, with a bottle of scotch. She finds Harvey in a quiet, thoughtful mood. It is not Mike's fraud that is bothering him, but what Donna said about Scottie, that she is always "pissed at" him. Harvey wants to know from Donna, if she wants his and Scottie's relationship to succeed, or not. Donna only wants Harvey's happiness.

Meanwhile, Mike returns home to spoil Rachel's celebratory mood by telling her that he is not leaving Pearson & Specter. Quelling's words made Mike realise that he does not want to lose his ability to practice law. Rachel is not happy to hear about Mike's decision to stay.

The next day, Mike is taken to the U.S. attorney's office for questioning, but not for his Harvard or bar fraud. Mike is accused of conspiring with Harold Gunderson to settle Hessington case by bribing witnesses. Eric Woodall, the U.S. attorney, is targeting Mike because he wants to take down Harvey. He tells Mike that he does not want the dealer [Mike] but the suppler [Harvey].  If Mike is ready to push Harvey under the bus, Woodall is ready to cut a deal with Mike.Woodall deal making session is interrupted when Harvey comes knocking. Donna's friend at the Attorney's office, Stephanie, had alerted her about Mike being at the attorney's office. Donna had passed on the information to Harvey. Woodall warns Harvey that when they bring Harold in, Mike would have no choice but to point a finger at Harvey. Harvey walks out of the attorney's office with Mike.

Meanwhile, Louis informs Jessica that Harvey was absent at a client's meeting. Jessica wants to know from Donna where did Harvey go. Donna tells her that it is her fault that she did not cancel the meeting and Harvey skipped the meeting because there was an emergency.

Harvey finds out from Alison that she is the one who went to the attorney's office, as her integrity was questioned. Quelling had gone to her asking questions about the settlement between Mike and Harold. She also informs Harvey that she has fired Harold and she does not know what Harold knows.

Mike returns to his firm and updates Rachel about what had happen. He also reveals to her about Lola Jensen hacking and putting his name in the bar records. Rachel is furious to know that. She tells Mike that she is stepping out to get fresh air while figures out another crime to commit to get out of the situation.

Jessica also gets to know from Harvey that Mike is now listed in the bar records.  Harvey wants to ensure that Harold does not talk. Jessica tells him to find out about the person who wants to make Harold talk, as the man is coming for Harvey. Harvey has no clue about Woodall but he does know that he does not have any proof. If Woodall had some evidence, someone would have been arrested, according to Harvey. Scottie hears the arrested part of Jessica and Harvey's conversation, and wants to know who got arrested. Harvey tells her about the accusations and the attorney's office involvement.  Scottie believes the case only matters if the accusation has some merit. Seeing that Harvey is not denying the wrong doing, Scottie wants to know if there is merit in the accusation. Harvey does not answer her question, and Jessica tells her that they are handing it. This makes Scottie turn back on Harvey and walk out of Jessica's office.

Harvey follows Scottie. Harvey had promised her that he will do better, and Scottie demands to know what happened to that promise. She also wants to know, as a senior partner, if the firm has broken any law. Donna puts a full stop to the conversation. She wants to know from Harvey what she needs to find out about Woodall from Stephanie.

Outside, Harold meets Mike and tells him he has lost his job. Mike does not want to be seen with him, but Harold is freaking out. Mike finds out that attorney office called Harold, too, asking him to come in. Mike tells Harold that what he did was harsh, vindictive but completely legal and no one can prove anything as long as both remember that.

Mike is unable to get back inside his firm's building, as he and Harold get arrested for conspiring to defraud United States Govt.

Stephanie tells Donna that Woodall is coming after Harvey because he hates dirty lawyers. She also informs Donna that it took Woodall four years to win his last case, which mean he stops at nothing.  Woodall has got nothing against Mike or Harvey, but Stephanie tells Donna that he wins with nothing.

Since Harvey is silent on the issue, Scottie visits Jessica to know what is happening, as it will taint her as well. Jessica gives her the option to walk away. Scottie tells her that it is the non-compete that is stopping her from leaving. Jessica tells Scottie that Harvey and she made an impulsive decision to get her in the firm.  Later, Jessica informs a surprised Harvey that Scottie wants to leave, and that she accused her of some hurtful stuff. Jessica feels that they are becoming like Edward Darby, covering-up something or the other. Harvey says that they are not like Darby and if Scottie wants to go, she can go.

Woodall informs Mike that he has been arrested under patriot act. He is trying his best to make Mike talk against Harvey. There is also the fear of Harold breaking-down and confessing.  Mike and Harold are kept in separate adjacent rooms. The two hold on to their common tale. But, Woodall is slowly breaking Harold's defences.

Quelling comes to the firm accusing Harvey of breaking their deal, as Harvey has handed him to the bar. Harvey tells that Quelling may not have gone to the bar, but he started it and now the attorney's office is looking into him. The two have a heated argument and Harvey get a little physical, as well. Donna watches Harvey's violent behaviour.

Louis comes to Rachel, looking for Mike and informs her about Mike and Harold's meeting. Rachel gets worried and Louis demands to know what is going on. Donna informs Harvey that she cannot find Mike, and that she is unable to get in touch with him. Louis comes and informs both of them that Mike is under-arrest along with Harold.

Louis and Harvey head to the attorney's office. Harvey confesses to Louis that they broke a law when they made a deal with Harold, and that they have an exposure. Harvey wants Louis to hold Harold's hands and stop him from breaking down. Harvey points out that Harold may not like Louis but he respects him. Harvey wants Louis to ensure that Harold trusts him, and then shuts-up.

Meanwhile, Donna tells Jessica why she did not stop Harvey from hiring Mike. She knew what was inside Harvey.  Mike, as his protégé, has forced Harvey to protect him, and that has also helped him become the person that he is today. Donna informs Jessica about Mike and Harold's arrest. She believes that Mike would never turn on Harvey. Jessica feels that Harvey is in trouble, as well, because one does not know will happen in that attorney's office room.

Later, Donna finds Scottie writing a note in Harvey's office to tell him that she wants to have a talk.  Donna tells Scottie that Harvey is a good man, but not perfect and that he has changed. Scottie's problem is Harvey has changed too much, and that the change has happened before she got into the firm. Donna tells her that sometimes one has to take what one gets, or walk away.

Harvey and Louis reach the attorney's office right on time, just before Harold testifies against Mike. Harvey tells Mike that Louis is trying to convince Harold not to talk. Mike is shocked to hear that, as Harold hates Louis. Louis tells Harold to trust him if he wants to get out of the room. Harold is afraid that if he does not give-up on Mike, he will be in real trouble.

Rachel is staring, vacuously, out of the window.  Jessica walks into her office and tells her that she cannot concentrate, as well. She tells "we" need to have faith, as two of their star-players are on the field. The "we" surprises Rachel. Jessica tells Rachel that since she is going to be part of the firm, she is part of the family. And, the families stick together when the loved ones are in trouble.

Mike wants to discuss his defence strategy with Harvey, and tells him that he is not turning on him. Harvey reveals to Mike why he told his father about his mother's affairs. He wants Mike to turn on him, as Woodall wants to take him down and not Mike. Mike refuses to do that. Harvey tells him that he is giving him the permission to do that. Harvey reminds Mike that ever since he hired him, they have crossed lines at a number of times. He wants Mike to point a finger at him. However, that is not needed as Louis is successful in convincing Harold to not to testify against Mike.

Harvey tells Woodall that if he is the dirty lawyer, he is looking at the mirror. He warns him that he will file a case against him for malicious persecution.

Mike, Harvey and Louis get back to their firm. Rachel hugs Mike. Harvey tells Jessica that they are indeed becoming like Edward. Later, he tells the truth about Mike to Scottie. He confesses that he loves her, but he lets her go. Donna tells Harvey that he is a good man.

At the end of the episode, Mike tells Harvey that he is tired of putting people he care about in jeopardy, and that he has accepted Sidwell's job offer. He wants Harvey to give him the permission to go, the way he gave him the permission to point a finger at him.

Harvey extends his hand to Mike for a handshake. Harvey wants to take Mike out for dinner, as he is not going to see him anymore. Mike reminds Harvey that technically he works for him now, and thus he is not leaving.




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