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Season 3 Episode 14


While Harvey and Mike have unpleasant work to do for one of their biggest clients, Louis faces a huge challenge and Rachel tries to collect on an old debt...

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Open with Louis and Sheila in bed. He's uncharacteristically calm the final day of a trial and he credits her love.

Rachel and Mike discussing the fact she needs to talk to Louis about his agreement to pay for her law school tuition. She's worried it will be awkward.

Louis is late for his trial. He misses a cab and has to run the last few blocks

Harvey tells Donna about overruling Stevie on the case with Louis. She thinks he needs to apologize.

Louis walks into the courtroom and goes right into his closing argument. It seems to go well, but then he begins to sweat and has to cling to a table to avoid falling down. He collapses into his chair and an ambulance is called.

Jessica talks to Harvey about her conversation with Mike and his realization there is a ceiling on his career with the firm.

During a client meeting with Tony Giannopoulos, Mike suggests what seems to be a logical solution for his desire to fire someone in his employ. His No. 2, Jonathan, agrees with Mike, but Tony isn't interested. Harvey doesn't seem to back-up Mike.

In the hall Harvey tells Mike he was more worried about losing Tony's business and though he agreed with Mike's suggestion, didn't feel it was worth pushing the issue.

Jessica tells Harvey, Donna and Mike that Harvey had a heart attack in court. Fortunately the doctors think he should be fine. The plan is for none of Louis' clients to find out what happened.

Mike tells Rachel about Louis's heart attack. She feels awful about her situation with tuition. He thinks she should talk to Jessica about it.

Donna goes to Louis' bedside. She asks him to cut back on his work.

Jonathan returns and says he wants to speak to Louis, who is his personal attorney. Mike say Louis is unavailable and Jonathan tells him he feels trapped with Tony, who has a history of not letting people move up. Jonathan has an offer, but Tony's non-compete means he wouldn't be able to continue work in investments. Mike gives him a precedent that should help him get out of his non-compete.

Rachel asks Jessica about her tuition. Jessica is a hard-nosed about it, saying Louis never said anything to her about and she would never have agreed to such an agreement.

Sheila goes to see Louis in the hospital. He proposes to her and she says yes.

Tony calls Harvey to his office, furious that Jonathan has found a way to break his non-compete. He blames Harvey and says if he doesn't figure out a way to get Jonathan back he'll fire the firm. Harvey goes on the offensive and says that he's not like all the other lawyers he's fired.

Harvey confronts Mike about what happened with Tony. He thinks it's related to the conversation he had with Jessica. Mike disagrees, but Harvey demands he fix the problem.

Rachel tells Mike about the conversation with Jessica, calling the fact he never told Jessica "humiliating." She's pissed Harvey lied to her. He thinks her problem is a legal one and she needs to find a way to enforce the verbal contract.

Louis returns to the office and promptly gives Harvey a huge bear hug. Louis asks Harvey to be his best man and he accepts.

Mike pays a visit to the man who offered Jonathan the job running his investments. Since the algorithm Jonathan used was developed while he was with Tony, Mike threatens to sue if Jonathan uses it while in his employ.

Rachel talks to Louis about her tuition situation, but phrases it in a theoretical way. He responds that the person in her scenario is basically screwed without having the promise in writing. The person could only sue the person, and not the company, but will likely lose.

Louis and Sheila talk about whether they should live in Boston in New York. She doesn't want to leave Harvard and he doesn't want to leave the firm.

Donna notices Rachel is struggling and they talk about what has been happening.

Jessica gives Louis a welcome back present, a framed picture of a few of the partners on a retreat. He loves it. Louis gets emotional and she tells him he's family.

Donna points out that Rachel didn't give Louis a chance to explain himself. Rachel is upset that he made her a "chump." Getting worked over by Louis makes her think she's not as clever as she thought she was. Donna has an idea.

Jonathan tells Mike his job offer has been rescinded. He gives Mike a guilt trip about the fact in ten years he'll still be in the same place he is now.

Mike goes to Harvey's apartment. He says he wants to "go legit." Harvey thinks it's a terrible idea, because he'd have to commit another crime (hacking the bar) to achieve his goal. Mike says he can't live his life this way anymore. Harvey thinks the only way he can do it is by going to a small town where nobody would ever connect him to New York. Harvey suggests he find a way to enjoy being in the big leagues.

Mike tells Jonathan he should leverage the fact he doesn't love his current job with Tony. That lack of conviction is probably costing Tony money and he should want to let him leave.

Rachel meets with Jessica, making sure Harvey is present. She tells her she'd like an advance on her signing bonus she will get following law school. Jessica doesn't like it, since she's already broken firm protocol once by waiving the Harvard rule for her. Rachel counters that that protocol has already been broken, as Harvey was given an advance before law school as well. Jessica has no choice but to agree to the terms.

Jonathan was able to leave Tony and offers Mike a lucrative job with his new investment corporation, but not as his in-house counsel. He tells him "you're in the minor leagues now, this is a chance to play in the majors."

Harvey tells Sheila his friends at the firm appreciate in a way that few people do. He doesn't want her to leave "his family" and she agrees to move to New York. He mentions kids and her face falls. She tells him she doesn't like kids. She says she'll never change her mind, "it's who I am." She's upset that after giving up Harvard for him he isn't able to give up something for her.

The episode ends with Donna demanding Harvey call Stevie and apologize.


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