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Season 3 Episode 13

"Moot Point"

With his secret seemingly safe once again, Mike looks for a way to show his appreciation to Harvey. The question is, what do you get for the man who has everything?  How about a case against A. Elliot Stemple, the man who beat Harvey three times in moot court back in their Harvard days and has been ducking him ever since.  Mike manages to fix it so that Stemple can’t weasel out of another face to face with his old college adversary.  But while Stemple may not look like much, the diminutive attorney proves more formidable than he first appears, and Harvey and Mike soon find themselves on the ropes as Stemple winds up for a knockout.

Meanwhile, Harvey tries to keep himself out of it when Scotty encroaches on one of Louis’s clients.  But as things get heated between the two senior partners, Harvey learns that his personal and professional lives are too closely linked to have it both ways.

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Open with Mike and Rachel in their apartment. He gets a Rachel a nice present and he wants to do the same for Harvey. She suggests he get Harvey "something money can't buy."

Mike tells Donna he needs to get Harvey something to know what he means to him. After telling him it's impossible, she comes up with an idea.

Scottie is introduced buy Jessica as the newest partner. She requests taking lead on an acquisition by a company called Franklin Currier. The company is Louis' client and he is furious when Scottie uses a technically in the bylaws (him being ten minutes late to a meeting) to take the transaction away from him.

Mike drops a folder on Harvey's desk. His present is a trial against A. Eliot Stemple, an attorney who beat Harvey three times in moot court at law school but has been ducking him ever since.

Louis asks Jessica where he falls in the pecking order in relation to Scottie. He thinks he's being screwed over because she's sleeping with Harvey. She thinks he's wasting an opportunity to try and bond with a new partner and change the way he's viewed at the firm.

Louis waits for Scottie in her office with a gift, saying he wants to be friends. But immediately after giving her the gift he asks for the case back. She says no and he declares war, instituting a clause that all new lawyers must have the attorney of record present during client meetings.

Harvey surprised Stemple by joining Mike at the their table. He immediately tries to remove himself but Mike and Harvey are ready for every one of his ploys.

Stemple pays Mike at visit at the firm. He gives him a sob story and asks for Mike to let him out of the trial. Mike declines, pointing out that his excuses (no family, mediocre career) are BS.

Scottie tells Harvey she intentionally picked a fight with Louis. Her goal is to gain a reputation outside of being his girlfriend. He's worried because Harvey just did him a huge favor. She admits to having done something sneaky.

Louis is waiting for Harvey, telling him he was up all night working on the favor he asked. Louis realizes that Harvey has no idea what he's talking about and Harvey has to admit Scottie sent the request using his computer. It was a trick to keep him awake.

When Louis returns to his office he finds that Scottie has sabotaged him again, by tricking Katrina into not writing the proposal for Louis.

At the deposition Harvey's client is saying that his microchip is equal to that of Stemple's client, but they are bullying clients into not doing business with them. Stemple offers a somewhat fair settlement, which Mike and Harvey realize is a tactic of Stemple's so that he can use it against them in court. Stemple then begins to tell Harvey's client about some Harvey's past cases to try and make him look bad. On his way out of the room Stemple whispers to Harvey that his independent analyst will say whatever he wants him to.

Unfortunately Stemple's admission isn't picked up by the camera. So Mike and Harvey decide to bluff with the judge by saying they have Stemple admitting wrong-doing on camera. It works and the judge forces Stemple to give Harvey access to the raw data from his independent analysis.

During the meeting with the client Louis sabotages Scottie. He figures out a contractor she was offering to the client and created the presence of malfeasance. The hope is that this will erode the client's trust in Scottie.

Stemple brings Harvey the data and asks him to settle. Harvey says no. The two of them rehash their battles from law school. Stemple even admits he had to cheat to beat Harvey at Harvard.

Donna suggests that Louis make amends with Scottie. She thinks Scottie has enough baggage being with Harvey.

During the next trial session Stemple's analyst says the performance of the chips is identical, then says he thinks it's possible Harvey's client stole the technology from Stemple's client. It's bogus, but the perception coming from a witness that Harvey called was what Stemple was looking for the entire time.

Scottie shows him she has cause to remove him from the bylaw committee if he doesn't leave her alone with the case.

After court Stemple admits to Harvey and Mike that he set them up. He intentionally made the claim after the deposition. He's been playing Harvey the entire time.

Harvey goes to Jessica and tells her he's not sure what to do next with Stemple. She tells him that he should do the opposite of what Stemple wants, which is to settle. Mike comes in and says that while Jessica's reasoning is correct, settling isn't the best course of action.

Prior to the next court session Harvey and Mike tell Stemple they are onto him. Stemple is hoping they would fight, so that during discovery he could get his hands on a special kind of glue that Harvey's client uses. This is corporate espionage, so they counter that Stemple drop the suit, admit to wrongdoing and pay them a large settlement. He has no choice but to accept.

Jessica calls Mike to her office. She's gotten a call from New York Lawyer wanting to talk about their case. But she wants to take him off the case entirely so that he doesn't get near the spotlight. Mike agrees.

Louis tells Harvey he figured out that Scottie intentionally went after him. Harvey tells him her reasoning, but Louis thinks he can't lose without losing his reputation as the toughest guy in the firm. He wants Harvey to use his power to give him the case over Scottie.

Harvey asks Scottie to give Louis the transaction. She asks for a reason, but Harvey won't tell him the nature of the favor Louis did for him. She asks if she's talking to her boyfriend or a name partner. He says she's talking to a name partner.


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