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Season 4 Episode 10

"This Is Rome"

Facing the harsh reality of the brutal job market, Louis vows to fight Jessica for the right to keep his clients.  Unfortunately, the very by-laws he crafted for the firm stand in his way.

Elsewhere, Mike looks for a way around a law that may force the firm to drop one of their big clients, while Jessica gives Katrina a second chance despite her knowledge of Louis’s illegal activity.

At the same time, Donna convinces Harvey to pull strings to get Louis a job interview in Boston, so that the lovelorn attorney can try to reconnect with Sheila Sazs.  But despite Louis and Sheila’s feelings for one another, the problems stacked against them are greater than mere proximity, and when all is said and done, Louis is laid even lower than before.

Meanwhile, Louis’s suffering moves Mike to ask Robert Zane to consider hiring the former Pearson Specter Senior Partner.  But while Rachel commends Mike’s effort, she knows her father is going to want something in return.  Little do they realize that the something he wants has a lot to do with the big client Mike is trying to keep in house, or that Mike’s generosity may lead to an even bigger problem…[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Louis asking Harvey for a favor. He can't get hired at any of the big firms in New York without bringing clients with him and the bylaws and Pearson Specter prevent that. He wants to take three small clients that he originally brought to the firm. Harvey agrees to take it to Jessica.

Jessica quickly tells Harvey no, saying she's worried it will create precedent.

Mike, Rachel and Donna help pack up Louis' stuff.

Jessica tells Katrina she's giving her last chance.

Harvey gets a Louis a great new job offer, but he'd have to work in Cincinnati. This is unacceptable to Louis, who says he's going to come after the firm and his clients.

Louis brings Jessica a copy of the bylaws that say if the firm doesn't reach out to a client about a change in representation, the outgoing partner can pursue the client. Jessica doesn't seem worried.

On Louis' way out he runs into Katrina, she tells him Jessica had him contact the clients. He's got no leg to stand on.

Mike tells Harvey he's worried that how Jessica treated Louis concerns him that she won't want to keep him around for long. He wants a big job. Harvey tells him two pharmaceutical companies are merging, the result of which is their larger control of the industry means the firm would have to drop Harvey's client, VersaLife. He wants Mike to find a way around the law so he can keep VersaLife.

Donna comes to Harvey about Louis. She thinks there is another non-New York option for him.

Donna meets Louis as his favorite gun range. She suggests he work in Boston so he can be closer to Sheila. Louis likes the idea.

Louis walks into Sheila's office and tells her he wants them to get back together. She's concerned that he didn't leave the firm for her and that he didn't follow-through when he had the option to change his hours and work out of Boston. But most of all she doesn't think his stance on having children has actually changed. She tells him good-bye.

Harvey tells Donna and Mike that Louis never even showed for the interview in Boston. Mike realizes this means things didn't work out with Sheila and offers to pay Louis a visit.

At Louis' place Mike tries to make small-talk, including asking about a key Louis had had framed on his desk. In the end Louis says he wants to be alone.

Harvey goes to see Rachel's father Robert and asks him to hire Louis. He initially isn't interested unless Louis can bring him clients, but Mike appears to talk him into the idea, with Robert agreeing to an interview.

Mike tells Rachel the news about Louis and her father's firm. She isn't thrilled, since her father always wants something in return.

Louis interviews with Robert. Robert says unless he can break the agreement and bring him at least one Pearson Specter he isn't interested.

Katrina finds Louis at one of his former clients' offices. She tells him it won't work, but offers to give him another possibility if he's willing to bring her to Robert's firm with him.

Donna tells Harvey she's received an email from Louis that he's going after VersaLife. Harvey realizes this means he's there right now and head to their office. Louis is there and tells Harvey he's already poached VersaLife. The deal-breaker is that they weren't happy Harvey hadn't told them he wouldn't probably have to drop them as clients. Harvey is furious Louis would stoop to going after one of his clients.

Harvey tells Jessica about losing VersaLife. She knows that somebody on their ends must have told Louis to target them. Given the situation with Robert Zane, Jessica is convinced it was Mike.

Harvey goes to Mike, who assures him he didn't tell Louis anything about VersaLife. But he doesn't have a way to get VersaLife back, involving Walter Gillis.

Harvey and Mike meet with Gillis. They suggest he buy a division of VersaLife that deals with a new drug that targets drug addicts. Gillis is still upset, but Mike is able to convince him it's the right thing to do.

Mike goes to Louis' place and tells him about VersaLife. Mike once again references wanting to hear about the key. A devastated Louis asks him to leave.

Harvey asks Robert to hire Louis as a favor to him. Robert isn't interested, but Harvey tells him to think about it overnight.

Jessica tells Mike she's impressed with his work with VersaLife. She now knows who told Louis.

Jessica tells Katrina she can either resign or be fired. When Katrina realizes Louis didn't land VersaLife she weeps.

Mike and Harvey have dinner. Harvey runs back and forth to his phone, anxious to hear if Robert got back to him about Louis.

Donna finds Louis waiting in Harvey's office. He's figured out Mike didn't go to Harvard. The key Mike kept asking about was something a person with Mike's grades at the law school should have been awarded. Mike should have known exactly what it was.

Louis goes to see Jessica. She won't apologize for what she did covering up Mike's background, since it was to protect the firm. She realizes he wants something. Louis says he wants to be a name partner as the season ends.

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