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Season 4 Episode 8


Mike is back at the firm, and while his return has elicited smiles from old friends, all is not well in the halls of Pearson Hardman.  For one thing, Jessica is not pleased to see Mike under her roof again.  And for another, Sean Cahill has stepped up his attack, and it’s clear by the search warrant he’s brandishing that he means business.

At the same time, Louis and Katrina do their best to cover up any appearance of wrong doing on Louis’s part in connection with Gillis Industries, while Rachel worries about what the future will hold for her and Mike.  But despite Donna’s advice, Rachel finds it too hard to give Mike the space he wants.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Harvey manage to block Cahill’s search warrant, but when the crafty SEC attorney makes it clear that he won’t let up until he gets his hands on their files, Mike and Harvey wonder if it won’t be easier just to give the man what he wants.  Little do they realize that their actions may be leaving them completely exposed…[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Rachel and Mike still staying in separate places. Rachel tells Donna that she's worried about seeing him at work under the circumstances. Donna advises her to give Mike space, emphasizing the point by telling her she slept with Harvey.

Harvey gets to work early and Jessica tries to figure out why. She knows the reason is that it's Mike's first day back.

Katrina finds Louis in the file room buying the Forstman document as far as can in the firm's storage.

? serves Jessica and Harvey with a search warrant for all files related to the Gillis takeover. Jessica tells him the chances of him finding what he wants before they get to a judge is remote.

Donna welcomes Mike back to the office and shows him he now has his own office. Rachel comes up but Donna doesn't want to say anything.

Katrina tells Mike exactly what Louis gave up in order to bring Mike back.

Harvey and Jessica have no trouble getting a judge to revoke Cahill's search warrant. After the meeting Harvey suggests just giving Cahill what he wants. Jessica thinks that's too risky and tells Harvey to get with Mike and come up with a plan to get Cahill off their backs.

Harvey shows Mike that he's now in his old office. Harvey assigns Mike the job of getting rid of Cahill. Harvey tells Mike Jessica isn't happy he's back and thinks this could go a long way to making her more comfortable.

Mike mentions Louis what he's working on with Cahill. Louis is vehement he needs to figure it out.

Louis is worried Cahill is going to find out what he did. He asks Katrina to help cover up what he did.

Louis goes to Forstman and tells him about Cahill snooping around. Forstman's not in any jeopardy so he doesn't seem to care what happens to Louis or the firm. He suggests the only way to protect himself is to frame Harvey for the tax evasion Louis carried out.

Rachel approaches Mike at the office. He isn't interested in talking. She suggests helping him with Cahill but he blows her off again.

Cahill approaches Mike with a deal: He says if Mike brings Cahill the files on his own he'll leave his name out of it. He then reveals that he knows Mike has been staying in a hotel.

Mike tells Harvey about the Cahill meeting. Mike guesses that perhaps Cahill never got authorization for that type of surveillance.

Katrina tells Louis she's buried the document. He tells her about the Forstman meeting and the offer of framing Harvey. Louis seems resigned to the fact he'll end up in prison if Cahill gets his hands on the files.

Donna is upset with Rachel for going to Mike. Rachel says her situation is different than the one Donna had with Harvey. This upsets Donna.

Rachel admits to Mike she lied to him about being assigned to help him with Cahill. She tells him how sorry she is and he says he needs space because all he sees when he looks at her is Logan. Mike thinks needs time to get that image out of his mind.

Before the hearing Mike tells Harvey he wasn't able to get proof of Cahill not getting permission. They decide instead to bluff Cahill with a fake list of the SEC's approval list. It appears to work, but that doesn't matter since Cahill has a request from Logan for all correspondence between him and the firm regarding the case. Logan agreed in exchange for immunity.

Mike tells Louis about the deal Cahill cut with Logan. Since this doesn't include Louis and Forstman, Louis feels like he's in the clear.

Louis tells Katrina the news. He thinks this is the end of his worries and wants them to take the rest of the day off.

Mike interrupts an argument between Harvey and Jessica about the former firing Logan with a suggestion they give Cahill all of the Gillis files.

Rachel drops by Mike's hotel room. She reminds him she got over him and Tess without ever completely getting the image out of her head. She says she wants him to decide if he loves her more than he hates what she did.

Harvey and Cahill go in front of the judge and agrees to hand over every piece of the Gillis deal. Harvey also files a malicious prosecution motion along with it, being confident there is nothing to find. Cahill nervously accepts the tradeoff. The idea is that when Cahill finds nothing untoward he'll out of the firm's hair.

Jessica meets with Mike and asks him why he came back. He says it doesn't matter why, because he's staying and the firm is where they belong.

Katrina tells Louis about Harvey agreeing to hand over every document to Forstman. Katrina's fix was to forge a document, making it look like Forstman's money never went offshore and Louis never got a piece. She points out forgery is less of a crime than what Louis did. But Louis realizes the result will to hurt Harvey, meaning he's essentially framing Harvey. Katrina leaves the document on his desk and leaves. Mike swing by and sees that Louis now looks miserable

Mike tells Harvey he thinks there is a problem. Based on Louis' mood changes he thinks Louis cut an illegal deal with Forstman. They put two and two together and Harvey say he wants to find out what Louis did.

We see Mike walk into Rachel's office.

The episode ends with Louis walking into Jessica's office and saying: "I made a huge mistake."

Synopsis is courtesy of MikeSaros/IMDb.com408_exposure_gallery_02

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