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Season 4 Episode 6

"Litt the Hell Up"

When SEAN CAHILL brings Pearson Specter client LOGAN SANDERS in to the SEC for questioning, HARVEY tries to put an end to the Gillis Industries takeover. But when MIKE continues to play hardball, LOUIS sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the day. Meanwhile, RACHEL must contend with the fallout of a moment of weakness...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Louis handing out gift to everybody. He has a special one for Donna, whom he asks to help him get back in Harvey's good graces.

Jonathan asks to meet with Mike. The SEC has called and accused him of colluding with Harvey. Mike tells him Rachel's health was the reason the sale was pushed. Jonathan wants to know if anything else is going on. Mike declines to mention Jonathan getting cut out.

Rachel flashes back to what seems like the first time her and Logan's affair became physical. In the present she's in a cab with his note in her hands. She goes to his apartment to tell him she wants him to stop pursuing her. He responds that something is going on and makes a move on her. He kisses her and they begin passionately kissing. She rushes out after a few seconds.

Donna tells Harvey that Logan's been brought down to the SEC.

Harvey arrives at the SEC to find Cahill sitting with Logan, who has yet to speak. Cahill asks Harvey about the collusion charges with Mike and it seems that was the only Cahill's real purpose.

Rachel comes into the office and lets it slip to Donna that she was with Logan that morning. She admits to kissing him for "too long." Donna tells her she can't tell anyone anything.

On their way out Harvey assures Logan he can't talk to him about the shares he bought. He wants to get Logan and Mike in the same room to end things with the SEC. Logan says he won't meet with Mike.

Harvey updates Jessica on Logan and Cahill. She wants him to end the takeover battle immediately.

Mike tells his assistant he's now in the driver's seat. She tells him Harvey called and wants to meet.

Malone tells Jessica he's not worried about Cahill. She wants him to double-check everything to make sure what happened with parking the stock is airtight. He won't do it, saying "either you trust me or you don't."

Harvey wants Mike to give him a number that will end the proceedings. Since Mike knows they now can't do anything with the shares, he has no interest in his deal. Instead Mike wants to buy Logan out. The only way he'll meet with Logan is if Logan guarantees he'll leave with Gillis Industries.

Harvey asks Rachel about her recent work with Logan. She tells Harvey that Logan's under pressure from his board and will need to end things soon or risk losing control.

Jessica takes Louis to lunch and asks him to go over Malone's work. She says she wants him to make sure they have no exposure, and wants him to do it without letting Malone know.

Logan confronts Rachel about her telling Harvey what's going on with him. He tells her he's going to be in a room with Mike, but assures her that he won't say anything. He thinks they'll still get together and doesn't want it to be because she and Mike are fighting.

Rachel comes home and suggests Mike let Jonathan hand the meeting. Mike tells her he holds all the cards and she says he should ask for "one more thing."

During the meeting with Logan and Harvey, Mike gives them the offer. Logan agrees to the offer. Then Mike adds one more caveat: He wants Logan to seek new representation afterwards so only he will be Harvey's client. Logan thinks they should let Harvey decide and that is agreed upon. But after Harvey picks Mike, Logan immediately reneges and says he doesn't think Jessica will let Harvey choose Mike, since Logan has so much business on the horizon. Mike says that means there is no deal and walks out.

In the hall Harvey assures Mike that if he lets him close the deal he'll make sure Logan is out. Mike won't do it, telling Harvey to get Logan to agree up-front.

Louis tells Jessica he found a small mistake in Malone's work. It means that the sale is invalid, which protects them from any legal liability. She wants him to tell Harvey.

Louis tells Katrina what happened with Malone. He hasn't been able to reach Harvey and is worried that if Malone finds out first he'll clean up his own mess. Louis has a plan.

Donna goes to Rachel, aware that she was probably responsible for Mike adding terms and blowing up the deal. Rachel says she thought it would be the best way to make Logan go away without anybody finding out. Donna tells her that it's being fixed because Harvey's going over Mike's head to Forstman.

Harvey goes to Forstman. He tosses him the keys to the Aston Martin they had previously fought over and say he wants Forstman to buy him out. He says Mike and Logan let personal things get in the way. Since Harvey is there asking to buy him out Forstman thinks that means he shouldn't do it. He then tells him the Wexler block of Gillis stock went back on the market a half hour ago and he bought it.

Mike finds Jonathan waiting for him in his office. He tells Mike about Forstman buying the Wexler shares, which means "we win." When Jonathan asks him to draw up an offer Mike suggests they team up with Forstman. Jonathan doesn't think they'd be able to convince Forstman. Mike says the way to do it is to give him a 100 percent discount on the Gillis deal.

A furious Harvey calls out Louis because he dumped the Wexler stock, removing the leverage he had with Forstman. He knows Louis' instructions from Jessica were to wait for his approval. Harvey tells Louis the reason he's not a name partner is because his judgment calls always seem to be wrong. Harvey tells him to "stay the hell out of my business."

Louis goes to see Forstman. He says he's there to give him Harvey "on a silver platter." Louis tosses Forstman proof that he hates Harvey. He's gone to Harvey's client behind his back and has the authority to buy Forstman out. He wants to score a win over Harvey.

Mike goes to Forstman with the offer. Forstman responds that he's already sold to Pearson Specter. This completely screws Mike, who is basically blowing the biggest deal he's ever worked on. Forstman says he wants Mike to work for him, and says Mike doesn't have much choice given the hit his reputation is about to take. Mike tells Forstman to "go to hell."

Louis goes to see Harvey. He tells him he lied to Forstman about having Logan's approval. The whole story he gave Forstman was bogus in order to score a win for Harvey. Harvey couldn't be happier.

Mike comes to the office to find out that Jonathan's found out about everything. Jonathan says he'll never trust Mike again and fires him.

Louis admits to Katrina that Forstman insisted on routing the transactions offshore to avoid taxes. Louis never reported this, which is illegal. He says he has no plans to do so, essentially because he doesn't want to disappoint Harvey.

Rachel tells Donna that Mike lost his job. Donna advises Rachel not to tell Mike what happened. Rachel disagrees.

We see Mike pack up his desk.

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