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SUITS Recap: Mike vs Harvey Round 1 (USA)


Season 4 Episode 1

"One-Two-Three Go..."

Mike and Harvey adjust to their new paradigm. As they butt heads over strategy in Mike’s first foray into investment banking, their new attorney-client relationship may be short-lived. Meanwhile, Pearson Specter discovers that a disgraced former District Attorney may be pursuing a vendetta against Harvey and the firm...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Judging by his luxe corporate car, sleek new office and his very own “Donna” (a whip smart brunette named Amy), the job at Sidwell Investment Group is looking pretty good on Mike.  But while the now-former lawyer is enjoying the perks of his new gig, his altruistic approach to investment banking isn’t impressing a take-no-prisoners guy like Jonathan Sidwell.

At the same time, Louis learns that Eric Woodall has found a new job at the SEC, and that the disgraced former U.S. Attorney plans on sending SEC heavy hitter Jeff Malone after Pearson Specter to exact his revenge.  Louis plans to use the information to position himself as the firm’s savior (and perhaps the next managing partner), but when Jeff Malone himself walks in and offers to switch teams, it knocks Louis off balance – and puts Jessica in a conflicted position, personally and professionally.

Meanwhile, Mike sets his sites on Walter Gillis, a DVD mega-magnate whose company is ripe for plundering. But instead of hostile takeover, Mike is thinking amicable agreement, an idea that Harvey, now Mike’s hired counsel, doesn’t hold in high regard.   However, when Harvey uses Rachel to send the message that he isn’t taking his former protégé seriously, it sets off a chain reaction that will pit Harvey and Mike against each other, and neither one plans on backing down.

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We open with an update on everybody's love life. Mike and Rachel are still going strong, Harvey has moved on to somebody new and Jessica is dating somebody we don't see.

We see Mike take a meeting with a man named Walter Gillis. He makes a large offer for his distribution center and talks about the fact his company is in danger of falling to a hostile takeover. Gillis is uncomfortable selling his company without knowing Mike's plans.

Mike is confident that his acquisition of the distribution centers will make Jonathan happy. Instead Jonathan tells Mike he's unhappy he hasn't yet started making them real money. He thinks Mike is "hitting singles."

Jessica tells Harvey she wants him to meet with Logan Sanders, who is taking over for his father running a large investment company.

Mike meets with Harvey and tells him his plan is to buy Gillis' company and keep it alive. He hasn't bought the requisite five percent for a hostile takeover. Harvey thinks it's a terrible idea.

Katrina has found out for Louis that Woodall is sending Jeff Malone of the SEC after the firm. Louis thinks if he alerts Jessica and Harvey to this fact, then takes Malone down, it will help him become a name partner.

Louis goes to Harvey's office and hears him talk about not meeting with Logan because you never want to smell of desperation. Harvey tells Donna to give Rachel the rest of the day off. This is clearly a message for Mike that Harvey thinks his idea is terrible.

Malone shows up unannounced to meet with Jessica and Harvey. He tells them he's about to go after them on behalf of the SEC and wants to leverage that fact into a partnership with them. Malone's plan is to fight the SEC working for them.

Louis tells Katrina his new plan is patience. He thinks when Malone comes calling, Jessica and Harvey will come to him.

Jessica tells Harvey she doesn't want to hire Malone, primarily because she doesn't like his strategy. She thinks Louis can handle the SEC. Harvey points out that Louis didn't tell them Malone was coming.

Rachel arrives at Mike's office and tells him she's been given the day off. She wants to celebrate, but Mike is concerned.

That night Mike goes to Harvey's place and tells him he's planning to interview law firms the following day. He's putting Pearson-Specter on review. Mike tells him if he doesn't get on board with his Gillis plan he's finding a new law firm.

The next morning Mike tells Rachel that her getting the day off wasn't for the reason she thought.

That day at the office Rachel asks Harvey not to use her as leverage between him and Mike. He agrees with her.

Logan shows up unannounced to see Harvey. He's planning a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries and already owns the five percent needed to start the process. Harvey ends the meeting because of the conflict with an existing client. Logan dangles his company's billions in front of Harvey.

Katrina tells Louis about Malone showing up to meet with Jessica and Harvey. Harvey tells Louis about Logan Sanders and Mike. Because Mike formally put them in review Louis tells him he needs to drop Mike.

To motivate him, Katrina gives Louis a business card featuring "Pearson-Specter-Litt."

Jessica drops by to see Malone in his office. We learn they are dating. She's upset he didn't come to her before making his move. He admits that he probably didn't handle the situation properly, but says he wants to work at the firm and continue to see her romantically. She says it's either one or the other.

Harvey comes to Mike's office and tells him what is going on with his conflict. He says the only way he can continue with him is if he drops the review. Mike won't do it.

Harvey comes home to find Jessica there. She tells him she's seeing Malone. He advises her to decide whether she values the romantic relationship more than him working at the firm.

Mike tells Jonathan the only way he can compete with Harvey's conflict if with some money. He tells Jonathan to "trust me. I did my homework." Jonathan gives his approval.

Mike goes to see Gillis at his home. He has an offer to buy the company. When Gillis says he doesn't trust him, Mike references his Gillis' dead Phillip and the fact the company was a part of their relationship. Mike promises never to sell him out and Gillis says "Alright I'm in."

Harvey is waiting for Rachel in her office. He wants to make sure she's okay if the firm has a streetfight with Mike. She confirms her loyalty is to the firm.

Harvey tells Logan he knows somebody else is going after Gillis.

Donna hints to Louis that what Harvey told him earlier is bogus. Louis rushes to Katrina and tells her Jessica is hiring one person and they need to convince her it should be him.

Jessica offers Malone the job. He accepts and she says that means that night is their last together.

Harvey goes to Mike with a contract for him to waive the conflict he has because he heard Mike's offer first. Mike anticipated this and pre-signed one for him. The fight is on.

Rachel tells Mike the married man she once had an affair with was Logan.

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