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Strong debut for TEN’s Spelling Bee!


Monday delivered more good news for TEN with The Great Australian Spelling Bee off to a great start.

The show debuted with 921,000 viewers, just narrowly behind Nine’s Hot Plate which lifted to 944,000 -its best numbers so far. That spelled trouble for Seven’s Restaurant Revolution. At 522,000 across its two episodes it began as a distant fourth in its timeslot.

Today scored its second-highest episode all year, pipping Sunrise by a mere 1,000 viewers -butLip Sync Battle dived in primetime.

In the end Nine won the night -just- while TEN & ABC primary channels pushed Seven’s into a humiliating fourth.

Nine network won with a 25.0% share then Seven 24.5%, TEN 21.9%, ABC 21.8% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News (1.24m / 1.22m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (1.06m), The Hot Plate(944,000), Hot Seat (624,000) but Lip Sync Battle plunged without its Voice lead-in (431,000).Footy Classified was 197,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.06m / 1.04m) led for Seven then Home and Away (793,000), Restaurant Revolution (522,000), Million Dollar Minute (513,000) and The Blacklist (356,000 / 273,000).

In addition to Spelling Bee for TEN, The Project was 744,000 / 512,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? was 661,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 630,000 and NCIS: New Orleans was 192,000.

ABC News (879,000) topped ABC’s evening then Media Watch (779,000), Australian Story(776,000), 7:30 (753,000), Four Corners (698,000) and Q & A (676,000).

On SBS it was Fat vs Sugar (376,000), The Island with Bear Grylls (254,000 / 230,000) and SBS World News (156,000).

7TWO’s A Touch of Frost topped multichannels at 277,000.

Today: 351,000
Sunrise: 350,000
ABC News Breakfast: 92,000 / 47,000

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