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An Old Accustom’d Feast


An Old Accustom’d Feast

Season 1 Episode 8

"An Old Accustom'd Feast"

ROMAN AND EMERY’S RELATIONSHIP TAKES A TURN, VEGA TELLS DRAKE SHE’S SENDING HIM AWAY — Roman invites Emery inside the sector to celebrate Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday that celebrates the family. Emery asks Sophia (Brina Palencia) for tips on how to impress her mother. Vega tells Drake that with Zoe missing, they’ve tapped him to be their new undercover operative, which means he’ll be leaving town and getting his markings removed. When Roman goes to Vega and asks her to reconsider sending Drake away, she offers him a way out. Meanwhile, Eva approaches Julia with an offer. When Julia refuses, Eva takes her mission to a dangerous place. Finally, Grayson confronts Emery about her feelings for Roman...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


An Old Accustom’d Feast

This episode was centered around the Atrian holiday called Dinaskyu, which celebrates family and friends. Castor explains it to Emery as Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. For the first time ever, Atrians are allowed to invite Humans into the Sector to celebrate with them. During a steamy hall closet make-out scene, Roman invites Emery, but warns her that his mom isn’t excited about having humans in her house. Sophia ends up inviting Julia, and Roman talks Drake into joining them too.

But then Emery finally breaks up with Grayson. He saw Roman and Emery together at the hospital, and he also tells Emery that he knows she was with the reporter who wrote the story about his mother. I wanted Emery to explain more here, but all she can get out is that it was an accident and Grayson storms off. I was really afraid this would cause him to rejoin the Red Hawks. His father asks him to come home and I was glad Grayson stood his ground. But then his father mentions him leaving the charity ball with Drake, which Grayson obviously doesn’t remember. We see him later in the episode looking at video footage of when Drake and Roman returned Grayson to his house. Then at the end of the episode, Grayson walks into a Red Hawk meeting and tells his dad, who he’s talking to on his phone, that he’s ready to come home.

Drake receives an unexpected mission from Vega, who announces that he will be taking Zoe’s place now that she has disappeared. He’ll have to leave the Sector, have his markings removed, and live as a human in a new city. Drake knows he can’t turn the mission down, but without his knowledge, Roman asks Vega to release him. I really love these bro moments between Roman and Drake. It’s nice to see that they can still be friends even though Drake is technically a Trag. Vega says she’ll release Drake if Roman will release prisoner 337 from the Crate. I was expecting this prisoner to be someone terrifying and threatening, but it ends up being a pretty Atrian woman.

Julia is approached by Miss Benton, the Biology teacher, who offers her an internship of sorts. I was thinking during this scene that most teachers do not dress like Miss Benton. Usually they don’t wear short, skin-tight dresses every single day. But it turns out, Miss Benton isn’t really a teacher. She explains to Julia that she and her partner, Mr. Burke, are freelancers for a pharmaceutical company that is trying to understand cyper and that she only took the teaching job to be closer to Atrians. Julia rejects the offer to work with them, but later in the episode, Miss Benton blackmails Julia. Julia ends up telling her where cyper is grown in the Sector to avoid something terrible happening to her father.

During the Dinaskyu ceremony in Roman’s pod, Roman’s mother, Maia, is icy cold and refuses to participate in the festivities while Emery is there. I was surprised when she revealed that she never understood her husband’s hopes for integration and that she was only putting up with it. After Castor’s character was first introduced on the show, I thought it was weird how Roman and Sophia didn’t really trust him, but Maia seemed completely find being around him. If he never got along with her husband, why would she be comfortable around him all of the sudden? That makes more sense now. Maia finally stops being rude to Emery when Sophia exclaims that Emery is the girl who saved Roman on Arrival Day. Suddenly Maia completely changes tunes, becomes emotional, and joins them for the rest of the ceremony.

Just before Emery leaves Roman’s pod, Prisoner 337 leaves a mysterious bag on the door. Emery sees it, opens it, and takes out a device that wraps itself around her arm. She collapses and experiences some sort of vision. Roman later tells her that it’s like the black boxes kept on airplanes, but it records sensory data as well. She experiences the last moments of flight on the Atrian ship before it crash landed on Earth. I have always been extremely suspicious of Castor, especially in this episode because he suddenly seems to care so much about his people. He always seemed more concerned about himself, so that was a big red flag to me. I was shocked though, when Emery’s vision showed Castor killing the pilot of the spaceship. Prisoner 337, who does turn out to be Drake’s mom, was the co-pilot. Drake says he remembers human guards taking his mother away to the Crate, but if she witnessed Castor murdering the pilot, his mother had to have been taken away on Castor’s orders.


An Old Accustom’d Feast

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An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast An Old Accustom’d Feast

An Old Accustom’d Feast

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