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Spanish-language viewers in U.S. have new option with ¡Hola! TV


The lifestyles and reality channel ¡Hola! TV, which is owned by Spanish network Atresmedia and Hola magazine, begins broadcasting in the United States on Thursday after reaching an agreement with DirecTV.

Serving the U.S. market has been a goal since the channel launched in September 2013, ¡Hola! TV chief Ignacio Sanz said.

Expanding into the United States was "complicated" because it is "a much more mature market, competitive and tough," Sanz told Efe.

The solid ratings posted by the channel during its first six months on the air in Latin America, where it was one of the top 10 channels viewed on DirecTV's entertainment tier, helped seal the deal.

"DirecTV was able to see the channel's qualities, the value and offerings we bring, and they have been the first to launch the channel in the United States," Sanz said.

¡Hola! TV arrived in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela in late 2013, thanks to an alliance between Hola magazine, known for its coverage of celebrities, and Atresmedia.

The channel enters a market that already features popular English-language celebrity networks E! and TMZ TV, but executives said they planned to compete with "very different" programming.

¡Hola! TV avoids "yellow journalism," reporting "rumors" and "making celebrities look ridiculous," Sanz said.

"The channel tends to be more feminine than masculine, with women 18 to 45, who in the advertising world are the most desired audience, where tendencies start being formed, the consumption habits, and where there is the most buying power," Sanz said. EFE







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