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SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) - Will Juice Kill Gemma?!


Season 7 Episode 5

"Some Strange Eruption"

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Jax sits among the dead bodies strewn everywhere at Diosa, calmly smoking a cigarette. Happy is arranging for a lockdown at Red Woody productions. Quinn and Montez are checking on West with the guns at the port.Jax checks in on Nero, who wants to know what the club did to push Lin so far. Jax says he doesn't have an answer. Nero leaves to tell Charlie Barosky and the Stockton girls what happened. Jax stays to deal with the cops.Gemma gets a third call from Happy and finally answers, even though she's with Juice. She tells Juice only that there's "drama at Diosa -- whores will be whores." She tells Juice to wait for her and leaves him a blunt.

Getting out of the shower at Jarry's place, Chibs gets Happy's call. He doesn't tell her what it's about, but notes the joint in her hand and warns her she should probably get dressed.

Later, at Diosa, Sheriff Jarry is all business as she catalogs the scene. She's not excited to be presiding over the biggest massacre ever in the area, 16 dead. She warns Unser to pick a side, saying if they don't put a stop to the killing, the feds will.

Jax tells Jarry that Lila usually opens Diosa, but he's been filling in. She gives him a speech about not being intimidated by the MC and understanding that there's a code of silence, but if he doesn't find some way to cooperate, neither of them will survive the fallout.

Nero arrives at Barosky's bakery, ,watched by an Asian gangster. Barosky already heard about Diosa on the police scanner. When Lin's guys force their way in to talk to Nero, Barosky makes himself scarce, offering no protection at all.

Gemma arrives at Red Woody and quickly checks in on Thomas and Wendy. She comforts Lila, who's a mess. Bobby tells Jax that West is dead and Quinn and Montez aren't back yet.

Wendy grabs Jax to talk to Abel, who can tell something is wrong. Jax tells him some friends of theirs got hurt and they just want to make sure everyone's OK. Abel asks his dad if he's taking care of all the people, and Jax says it's his job to keep them all safe.

Lin joins Nero and rattles off Jax's sins, including stealing his guns, killing his guys and hitting his massage parlors. Nero doesn't get a chance to argue and then Lin tells him he found his guns in a port warehouse guarded by a member of SAMCRO. "If that's true, then he's been lying to both of us," Nero says.

Lin tells Nero he can either deliver Jax to him, or end up dead himself. He threatens Nero's disabled son to really drive home his point.

Around the table for church, the Sons run down who could have told Lin, only the club and Indian Hills knew. Jax wants to smoke Lin out. He wants someone to call Nero and get him to meet at Barosky's.

When the meeting breaks, Gemma pulls Jax aside to tell him her dad has taken a turn for the worse and she needs to go visit him. She says Unser can go with her for protection.

They find Jarry waiting outside the warehouse, waiting to talk to Chibs. He asks her to lay low and she scoffs. She explains that she only took their money to build trust because she knows she has to work with the "bad guys." When neither of them brushes off last night as a mistake, Chibs regroups and tells her he can't tell her anything but will try to get Jax to work with her on something.

She kisses him good-bye and tells him to be safe.

At his motel, Juice is getting restless and heads outside to get a candy bar. He sees the a newspaper with a headline about the killings at Diosa.

When an Asian man sees him in the parking lot and openly follows him to his room, calling out after him, Juice hides inside.

When Jax pulls up to Barosky's, Nero sucker punches him and tackles him. After it's broken up, Nero tears into Jax inside, and tells him about Lin's threats against him. Jax lets him rage, then tells him that the Chinese killed Tara and Gemma saw them leaving his house that night.

Jax tells Nero nothing is going to get in the way of him destroying Lin and Nero has to pick sides. Nero tired of fighting.

When Bobby moves on to the issue of who told Lin about the guns, Barosky mentions the guy he pays to watch the place at night, Dez. He doesn't give him a ringing endorsement.

Jax tells Nero he understands he has to do what's right for his family, but he'd appreciate a heads up on what Nero decides.

At Red Woody, Gemma is explaining to Unser why she needs him to go with her when they're called to check on Abel. He's holding a hammer and saying he'll protect Thomas. Then he starts yelling that he wants to go home and hitting the wall, making Thomas cry.

Barosky and the Sons drop in on his night guard Dez, who says he was on patrol and couldn't watch the place all night. When his answers aren't specific enough, Jax smashes some of his stuff. Barosky lets the Sons go, saying his reputation is on the line. Tig picks up a flute and tells Happy to pull Dez's pants down. (Happy: "You are so gay." Tig: "Just gay enough.")

They grab Dez and are about to give him a musical proctology exam when he starts talking, saying someone he didn't know called him on his personal cell phone and offered to leave him $2,000 if he skipped his last patrol. He's explaining that's all he knows when Barosky pulls out his gun and shoots Dez in the forehead, ending the interrogation.

At Red Woody, Unser chats up Rat, asking who might have killed the girls and where Jax is. He doesn't get much.

When Rat leaves, Wendy tells Unser about getting pulled over by Henry Lin on her ride with Nero and that Lin accused Jax of stealing his guns, but that Nero denied it.

Gemma is getting ready to leave with Unser when Nero comes in. He tells her he knows about the Chinese. He laments that he was trying to keep the peace while Jax was waging war, and now that war is coming to Charming.

When Jax comes in, Gemma leaves. Nero wants to talk to Jax.

In Juice's hotel room, he wakes up to someone knocking on the door and hides under the bed. The Asian man uses keys to come in and looks around. Juice knocks him down and tries to figure out what do to. When the man gets up and runs, Juice shoots him in the head, killing him.

Back at Red Woody, the Sons arrange a meet with Lin. Tig squares something away with Barosky, who wants another $5,000 for the personnel. Chibs comes in with a bag, ready to deal.

Nero sits down with Lin, explaining that Jax is going to call him to set up a meeting at the port, saying he'll give him the heroin back as a gesture of goodwill. It will probably just be Jax and Chibs. After the handoff, Lin and his guys will get jumped by all the Sons and a bunch of other guys. Nero tells him to bring everyone he has.

Wendy and Unser arrive at Juice's motel room and see the dead man in the tub. He shows them the newspaper. "We did this, Gemma. It must be one of Lin's guys," Juice says.

Unser points out the man has a set of master keys -- he works at the motel. The room was only paid through yesterday, the man probably thought Juice checked out.

Unser asks Gemma why Juice is scared of the Chinese and she tells Unser that they killed Tara and she saw them leaving the house that night.

Unser says he'll rent the room for a few more days and get the body out after dark. Gemma leaves with Juice.

Unser calls Jarry from the bloody spattered motel room and tells her that the club thinks the Chinese killed Tara and that Jax stole some of Lin's guns. He tells her to call Stockton PD and get cars to tail Lin, Unser thinks something is going to happen. Jarry wants to know his source, but he barks at her to get it done before more people die.

Lin and every single one of his guys drive up to meet Jax and Chibs, automatic weapons out. They force Jax and Chibs to their knees and when Jax says the drugs are inside the warehouse, Lin orders his guys to open fire.

When the warehouse doors open, they see the bag sitting there, and nothing else. Lin is ready to blast Jax and Chibs when they urgently protest that they were only following orders from August Marks. Jax suggests Lin take them to meet with Alvarez to plan a move against Marks.

When Lin asks where Jax stands with Nero, Jax says he hasn't seen him in days.

Lin isn't sure who to believe, but has his guys grab Jax and Chibs. A white van tails them as they leave the port.

A while later, the entire Chinese convoy is pulled over by cops. But then Lin hears Jax giving the police orders to zip everyone to the fence except Lin. They're Barosky's cops. They warn Jax he can't leave the bodies there, and Jax promises to deal with it.

Jax turns to confronting Lin over killing Tara. Lin, not surprisingly, has no idea what he's talking about. When Nero shows up, Jax tells Lin that he was the one who told Lin to bring all his guys. But first, Jax wants to fight. Lin gets in some good licks as the Sons note they don't have time for this.

Chibs gets a call from Jarry, warning him that Stockton SWAT is tailing Lin and is on the way. Chibs and Bobby have to pull Jax off Lin, who can only say: "What the hell was that?"

(Closing montage to trippy, slowed down version of "Age of Aquarius.")

On the road to Oregon, Juice is sleeping peacefully in the passenger seat. Gemma reaches in back and takes his gun, putting it in her purse.

Wendy puts the boys down to bed for the night as girls keep Nero's son company as he watches happily nearby.

Jarry calls Unser, thanking him for the lead. They got Lin on gun and drug charges. He says he's happy to help as he gets off the phone and finishes wrapping up the dead Asian man in the motel bathtub.

The Sons ride by one of Lin's places and mow down his guys guarding out front.

Juice wakes up enough to see they're heading to Salt Springs, south not north. She says a friend of Nero's is meeting them to smuggle Juice into Mexico. Juice sees Gemma's open purse and seems to put things together. He volunteers that he killed Darvity on Jax's order. He nearly OD'd later that night and Nero helped him, but in his drugged stupor, he confessed. Jax had lied about Darvity to Nero. He says that's why the club wants him dead. "I betrayed our king," he says.

Juice calmly says that's how he knows Gemma is lying to him, Nero would never help. Gemma goes for her gun, but Juice grabs the wheel. He runs the car off the road and gets the gun. When he asks if she was going to kill him, she can only say "I don't know." She means it.

He says he trusted her, but she says she couldn't trust him. Juice holds the gun at her head as she cowers on the ground crying and begging for her life.




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